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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Go Lucky

 Lunch at Bayu Timor@Taman Megah after Parents Lecturer Conference
Daddy Mommy are quite happy with my results, so yeap, got nice food woohoo!!

Top Left : Rojak, super tasty, love the peanut sauce! The keropok is awesome! Must try this!
Middle Left : Dessert, Nyonya Kuih
Bottom Left- Tea that comes with the set lunch
Top Right : Rosella Drink
Middle Right : Mushroom Spaghetti, always my favorite, love the crunchy mushroom and cheesy pasta
Bottom Right : Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken, the sambal is good, total rice thief :D

Watch You Are The Apple of My Eye on the next day with Sheauwen, ChuanLing, and Pauline, after Malaysian Studies Exam (which i shaded B for every objective question)
Anyways, it's an awesome film, will write a full review IN CHINESE, soon...

Smuggled Snowflakes into the Cinema :D

Random haha.... @Auntie Anne's 
Thanks to SheauWen, for the yummy Seaweed Pretzel.

Yeap, still cant believe I actually got the tix...haha
I thought I got the wrong number when someone answered the phone.
My brother was staring at me with his mouth wide open when I was talking to the hosts LOL

Here's the episode of Quickie which I called in to win the tix.
tonton-home-channels-8tv-the 8tv quickie (2011) - 15mins-episode 300 - The 8tv Quickie (2011) - 15mins - Episode 300

After re-watching. I realize I sound REAL 38. guess i was too happy and didn't know what to say rather than "exactly" and "yea". Anyways, really REALLY wanna thank 8TV Quickie for giving me the tix. I know many people are dying for it, so I'll treasure the tix and enjoy the concert!! weeeeeeee :D

Owhhhh another awesome gift, from Nuffnang and TGV. 4 movie passes!!! woohoo, this is the perfect time mann, so many awesome movies coming up!!

 My gosh, Maths Lecturer is being really really nice. I feel really bad now :(

 Last week's Double Bday

Anyways, just wanna say thanks to those people who gave me all these freebies. I really appreciate it. Also wanna Thank God, for everything that I have now. I may not have receive a lot of Birthday Presents from people this year, but all these presents that you gave me
- Concert Tickets, Movie Passes, GPA of 3.88, Food!, Health, and Well being of my friends and family.-
are really really more than enough. Thanks for listening to all my prayers, for making everything come true, for helping me to do things that I always wanted to do. Really happy happy because of You. :D
But I don't know why, I'm kinda of afraid, afraid that you are gonna take something away from me.:(

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