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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY Lip Balm

woohoo, something that I always wanted to do. Lip Balm. Basically it's the easiest thing to do, yet it has so many functions and the raw materials are quite affordable :D

 Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax and Honey

Bought the Almond Oil, Natural Beeswax and the Beaker from Beauty360 at

 Added Vitamin E as well

Basically, I had my own way of doing it after refering to different websites (and also after many failures).
6 - 7 parts of Oil to 1 part of Beeswax 
A Little bit of Honey will do because honey doesn't mix well.
1 capsule of Vitamin E as preservative.
 Melt the beeswax and oil in microwave or in my case, in water bath.
Remove from heat and add in the honey and the contents of the Vitamin E capsule.
Mix well and ta-dah

See, my 1st try, the honey didn't mix, so it couldn't harden. 

Then the 2nd time, still the same problem.
Then 3RD TIME!!
My gosh I almost cried. Maybe I was rushing, I accidentally spill the contents into the water. Haizzzzz I used twice the amount of raw materials, hoping to finish in one shot. But clearly, the faster you want, the slower you get. 
The sad thing is not because I failed, but because I have to wash everything and My Goodness they are all wax and oils. So freaking hard to wash off. And the more i touch things, the more oily my kitchen gets. There's nothing that can wash off the oils except my Make-up Remover. Use almost half of the bottle to clean the wax and oils on the sink, the boiler, the beaker. Used super a lot of kitchen towel as well. TT.TT

Thank God, I made it at the 4th time!!! and the Oil was just enough to make 10 lip balms.

Bought the containers at Sasa and the Hello Kitty one from HOMES@1u

Decorating the lid.
Apparently, my friend suggested to call my lip balm brand JIAPHORA as in like Sephora LMAO

Basically, it's a very moisturizing lip balm because it has both Sweet Almond Oil and Honey, plus Vitamin E that heals wound. After my short "clinical trial", the balm really softens my lips, as in really soft. and a few days later, you can feel the moisture and there's less chapping.

Yay!! Feel so good, to do something I like and sharing it with others at the same time! Hope you guys will like it :D

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