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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Work Must Be Fun

time for a break from all da yummy post heheh....
It's July omggggggg
sorry please let me omggg again
Gonna go back to Pulau NTU soon TT.TT

Having mixed feelings now....
2 months was indeed too short :(
Gosh now the thought of working so far away from home haunts me all the time...
no more long holidays, no more spontaneous, "想回家就回家" trips back home
no more home cooked food haizzzzz

kk back to the topic haha
so what I'm up to these 2 months?
erm most of the time...working!
Yes yes yes!! For the first time I had a regular work! Though I'm only a temp staff la, but it's a full time job after all. My job is a rather simple one, Mon to Fri, 9 to 6...Yeap had a taste of being a white collar. and to be honest, I cringed at the thought of living like this for at least the next 30 years.And the thing is, my job is actually not that boring, but still, to go to a same place, doing the same thing everyday is just....

Well please I mean no offence or insult to hardworking white collars who work regular hours everyday to survive in this reality, in fact I thank you all and salute you guys for the effort.
My point is, through this work experience I realize, if it's going to be the same thing for the next 30 years, you really gotta choose what you like. 

I know some of you will say, what u want and what u need usually won't come in a package, especially when it comes to Fun and Work, (or Fun and High-Pay) these two never really seem to fit in together. But now I think it's really important to try everything you can to get a balance of both. If you had a high pay work but you're so sick of it/ or too busy/ or don't enjoy it at all, these negative energy will really cling on you and suffocate you eventually, inside out. 

You only live once.

The phrase that's keeping me alive and moving all these years. And after I worked, I realize this word should always be in your mind when it comes to any choices in life, especially job choices. Makes me think harder on what I want and how much I need to pay for it.

KK forget the emo part, just wanna share with you guys some interesting sites that I found regarding fun work place...

The List of Best Companies to work for in US 2014

A website that reviews company's working environment

Top 10 companies to work for in Malaysia

An article of Google's Office Googleplex!

World's coolest offices!! OMG I want those with a slide

In case you don't know what job you like, maybe you can consider any job in one of these companies above. Gosh I wanna work in Google!!!! omg omg omg hahaha
Photo Credits to their owners.

Hehe kk hmmm what else from my work experience.
One thing that kinda make me regret is I didn't really get to mingle with the people in my office. Yes for the first time I'll admit I was being anti-social. Sue me. Well I would say I was too shy and being the first time working in an office, I really had no idea what kind of interaction I should have with my colleagues and my boss.Okay I don't even know whether I should call them colleagues haha, coz I'm a temp staff afterall, and our work path barely cross each other since I only do one thing, which is telemarketing. We don't have much topics to talk about and I'll be gone in like one month time. Other people in my office are like mostly analysts, then some finance and IT people who sit around me, then there's HR and sales people.
I sort of have this mindset that my boss, IS MY BOSS, and I should be scared of him and I should talk to him like how we talked in the interview LOL and in fact I think of all the other permanent staffs like my superior/lecturer, I was too scared to speak casually to them since they are all elder than me. So yea, if I had a second chance, I will probably act like how I usually am....38. Now things are too hard to be reversed coz there's not much time left, and the people there are pretty used to me being an anti-social I suppose haha....better not surprise them now.

So yea, that's another important factor in a happy work place, the people around you!

Btw photo sharing....hehe Job Perks...
5-star buffet at Shangri La hotel
Yea sue me for acting like a kampung girl who never eat buffet before. But it was real long since the last time I had buffet and in fact, first time at 5 star hotel. Well not all the dishes are good larr, but some are rather unique and yummy.

Let me list out how many types of meat are there in this plate haha
Clockwise from 9 o'clock
Salmon, Beef with sausage inside, Pepperoni and Ham, Smoked Duck slices and Chicken Drumstick.
I love the braised beef with sausage, super tender and juicy. Duck slice was also awesome, with a thin fatty layer and chewy meat. 
The orange color pasta on top taste terrible, probably forgot the salt.

Desserts! Wuaaa check out the Blueberry Cheesecake with the Shangri La chocolate tag LOL
anyways they taste okay larr...I like the Chocolate Puff with Mango Cream inside. 

and a cup of coffee to complete the day.

selfie at the lobby, with the maze garden behind me. 

Okay enough about work.
what else about the sembreak? Well as you can see from my previous posts, met up with friends lorr...
and of course one of the best part of sem break FIFA WORLD CUP arr!!!!!

Haizz I thought I'm not that much of a football person, since I didn't watch any football match since the end of previous world cup. But when I watched one of the matches again, omg the spark for world cup ignited liao!!! Haizzzz but damn sad I have no Astro at home. Can't go out to mamak coz it's too late and my parents don't allow. and the even saddest thing, I can't even watch the ones showed on TV1/TV2!! Omg fml seriously, coz my TV has only the Hypp TV channels as we don't have the antenna. OMG damn emo, got TV oso cannot watch. I think it's due to some conflict of interest, Hypp TV's TV1 and TV2 will show something else when a match is being showed live on the usual TV1 channel.   

btw, just read about Neymar's injury, OMG gonna cry liao :( he's like my favorite player. haha yea I'm one of those girls who watch football partly because of the lengzai's haha... well There's still Germany team hehe and Messi and Van Persie haha.... anyway, I feel sad for Brazil, Neymar was pretty much everyone's target during the matches. 太厉害也不是好事。Hope Brazil will still play well when against Germany. 

omggggg My favorite players and their sons!!!!
Cute daooooo!!!!!!
Messi's son is sho adorable! Like mini Russell from Up. These two confirm lengzai's in da future haha omg this photo can make me scream for hours. 

 hmm that's pretty much I can talk about now...
more updates soon...

heheh selfie

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