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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Stuff Your Face Cafe @ Bangsar Shopping Center

Daph decided to pay me a visit at my work place
Well I wasn't sure where to take her for lunch coz my area, there's only one shopping center and God knows how pricey the food is. I usually bring my own lunch to my work place or I just simply don't eat.

Since she's dropping by, kinda googled BSC, only to find super expensive food, most of them at least 30 bucks per meal. Finally found this simple little cafe, hidden at the 4th floor of BSC beside a children's ice skating rink and playground.

Stuff Your Face Cafe @ Bangsar Shopping Center

When we reached there, the place was empty, probably because of it's rather remote location LOL But as we were waiting for our food, there were actually more customers coming up and in fact, some of them are actually mothers who were making reservations for a children's party to be held here. Yes, no doubt this is a wonderful place to celebrate your precious children's birthday, with all the children playground, arcade and skating rink beside, it would be awesome.haizzz 现在的孩子真幸福。Plus the cafe looks very cosy and warm, with white color furnishings and home like decor, great place to just rest and relax. 

Spaghetti Carbonara RM18.00
Doesn't look exactly nice, but it's actually quite tasty!
Loads of cheese that burst into yummy and rich flavors in my mouth.
Not too heavy coz the sauce it's not that thick and rich, just a mild taste of creamy flavor. Crunchy bacons and mushrooms adds texture and more flavor into the spaghetti. Nice.

Soba Aglio Olio RM20.00
Quite a special fusion dish I must say! Looks abit like "Wat Dan Hor" but the taste is actually both western and oriental. Soba has a lighter and softer texture and but also crunchy, and the sweet sauce is rich with a little bit of heat. Very refreshing flavor in my opinion.  

Cappuccino RM8.00
Both of us ordered the same drink. Simple and full bodied cappuccino by Lavazza. 

Lunch date of the day : Daphney!

The simple yet pretty interior. 

Well after finishing our food, we decided to head out to the balcony area and have a look. Love the place so much, it's like a secret hideout for people to sip coffee and have a good view of Bangsar 
Okay, I admit not exactly good view larrr since it's all just concrete jungle, but just a place for you to view from high and observe some peace. 
really love all the white color chairs and tables. 

There's some nostalgic items on set, ice cream truck? and a scribbled Blackboard.

Not bad right the view!!!
I can imagine myself drinking a latte and stare into the distance.

Looks like a comfy balcony of a home

Hope I can go back there soon. 

By the way, there's no tax charges for this cafe. The prices stated above are nett prices. 
Well slightly expensive I must say, but it's Bangsar Lerrr......yeap BANGSAR LERR!!!!
Less than 30 bucks for both food and beverage and nice ambience, 偷笑liao lorr!!

Stuff your Face Cafe 
@ Bangsar Shopping Centre
4-09 Jalan Maarof, 
Bukit Bandaraya, 
59000 Kuala Lumpur

Let me whine, let me whine....
Haizzz speaking of lunch at my work place....
I actually enjoy my job and also very satisfied with the pay
But the drawback is.....Lunch is just too expensive over here!
So far I only dined out twice, once dabao and once at the food court. 
Believe it or not, the "zap fan" (3 dishes) at the food court cost 9 bucks LOL
Kinda had a heart attack when I was at the cashier haha... 
I know u will say 9 bucks is quite reasonable but imagine eating them everyday?
There's this Jason's Food Hall which is like the ATAS people's super market, they offer the cheapest food but still, it's considered as expensive for me. I can't afford to have them everyday. 
So yea, I brought my own food everyday and sometimes I even forgot and skipped lunch. 
Which is really not good coz I end up eating so much in the evening and have gastric problems. 
Believe it or not, my belly is now 2 inch fatter due to this irregular meal times.
Really don't encourage people to do the same mistake as I did. 
Must take breakfast and lunch and eat less in the evening. 
Omg every time I try to wear my jeans I'll break a cold sweat coz it seems like I can't fit into them anymore. and True enough now my shorts are like tight fitting edi LOL

Haizzz....hope going back to NTU can help me to slim down (which I don't think is possible haha)

Extra: 6 2 10 Nasi Lemak & Grill at Aman Suria

This was after one of our movie nights on Friday, it was around 10pm already, and they are still opened. Hopped in and had our dinner like a boss, yes really a boss, coz we're the only table left at that hour. 包场arr!!!
The food here is actually quite good. Sorry didn't take individual photos for each main course. 
Daph ordered their Spaghetti Bolognese RM15.90, Ting and Gav both ordered their signature Grilled Chicken with Brown Sauce RM15.90.
While I had a nice and creamy carbonara.  
Photo credits to Gavin

Spaghetti Carbonara -- RM17.90
compared to stuff your face one, this one has more of a mushroom soup type of sauce, The spaghetti was softer with milder flavors but the cheese on top adds extra aroma and taste to every bite. 

yeng lerr!!! Only us arr!!

It's great to dine outdoors, even better when you have the whole place to yourself!

By the way, 6 2 10 is famous for it's Grilled chicken, grilled steak and Nasi Lemak
Price is quite reasonable, all our meals are below RM20 per pax. Portion is also quite generous. Will come back to try their Nasi Lemak!

6 2 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak 
C-21, Jalan PJU 1/45, Aman Suria 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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