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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Cosan's Coffee @ SS15 Subang

Part 2 of TGIF with the chui shui buddies...
Coffee talk at SS15
Saw a beautiful photo of this cafe on internet and I knew I must come here once. Thanks to Gavin, driver of the day hehe, I was able to step outta my usual PJ Damansara niche and visit the vibrant and happening SS15 area. It's friday night so you can imagine how jam packed the place was. We, okay I mean I, was too kiasu that we couldn't find parking and ended up parking at a super far place. Walked quite a distance and on the way, realize there's loads of coffee shops in SS15, almost every 20 m can find one. Most of them look really pretty and I even thought that maybe we shouldn't go so far for the one that I want, but once we found it, I knew it was a wise decision to choose this cafe. 

Cosans Coffee @ SS15

This stylish hipster cafe will definitely be one of the best hang out spot in PJ. It has every elements that youngsters nowadays like, graffiti, artsy, vintage, chic and classy. 

The cafe consist of a indoor and outdoor area. The outdoor seating area covers along a lane beside the shop, I never been to NY but it kinda look like a cozy coffee shop that I saw in US TV series haha, probably due to the red brick walls, wooden tables and chairs, and graffiti. Heheh for some reason, I really like the NY-ish main entrance. (Photo above)

The NY Broadway-ish Sign board

The place was really crowded! we were sweating from all the walking and wished we could sit inside, but too bad, we got no choice. Our seat was good enough coz it's outdoor and we can talk as loud much as we want :P

Hot Mocha -- RM13.00
Very rich and slightly creamier texture than other mochas that I had. Nice aroma and it's not bitter at all. The serving here is definitely bigger than other coffee shops, which explains the higher price. 

Premium Hot Chocolate -- RM12.00
Nice, moderately sweet with rich cocoa flavor. This is for non coffee drinkers.

Affogato -- RM13.00
hehe fave of the day! In love with the super aromatic and rich espresso that instantly fills my whole head when I tasted it. The amazing thing is, it's not bitter at all! I mean it's not the irritating type of bitter. Just the insanely delightful aroma of coffee. Now kinda understand why people like espresso. Anyways, the sweetness of ice cream comes after that, adding texture and also tones down the slight bitter aftertaste. 

Complimentary water served

I don't know how many times we refilled the water. And the fact is there's 5 of us (Tingwei and Leon joined in later) and we only ordered 3 drinks. 

And there we enjoyed our Friday night, saying goodbye to assignments and work, temporarily haha...
Talked about all kinds of funny stuffs, and u see la u see la, how they can just sit around a phone and main until so happy! 四个人围着一支手机玩小绵羊的游戏。笑一下,喊一下,骂粗口一下LOL

very grateful to have them after my stressful week...

Photo with Daph
haizzz wanted the guys to take photo for us, but damn funny, they were scared of cockroaches on the street and don't dare to take photo for us. OMGGGGGG 世界变了!

yeap da outdoor cafe area that I really like
but we didn't sit there coz it's kinda hot 
unless u ordered something cold. 

My photos didn't really show how pretty this place is larrr
But once you're there, you'll love it. It's really the perfect place to chillax, chat, watch the people walk by and enjoy a nice cup a coffee. I think it will be great to come here at night. 

Cosans Coffee
No 30, Jalan SS15/4,
Subang Jaya, 47500
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

There's another outlet at Solaris Mont Kiara, check out their website for the exact location:

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