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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Karaoke Session: Tang Music Box at Clarke Quay

They deserve a post hehe, it's The Brow's Karaoke session!!
Gawd knows how hard it is to arrange for a meet up, we've won iceskating tickets before and end up not using it at all coz there was barely any free time for us to do so, so yea you can tell how busy we were. The second prize that we won was this Free Karaoke Session for 2 person at Tang's Music Box and we die die must go though it wasn't exactly free though.

Had so much fun singing with them mannn!!! They are so crazy. Okay whatever happened in the room stays in the room LOL But really like how we can just sing along to any song and dance like nobody's watching. Sometimes karaoke is not just about you singing but to sing together out loud!

It's my first time visiting Tang Music Box which is located in the bustling Clarke Quay. My previous roomie have told me about it and I always wanted to sing over there but it's damn expensive goshh (if you compare to Msia haha)...
Even with our complimentary headcharge, we still need to pay almost 20 dollars each thanks to the Minimum Spending system that they have. But I would say there's still some value to it. Their rooms are bigger than TeoHeng's that's for sure. And they have a mini mart for you to pick whatever snacks or drinks you want. But of course, these snacks are sold at double the price you see in a normal mart. If you wanna buy your own food and eat them in K room, Teoheng is still d choice!

The Karaoke that allows you to do some shopping before entering. 

We ended up buying a few packs of the Green and Orange snack at the middle row which are the cheapest we could find. Once we are done with shopping, there's a "cashier" for check out and the staff will deliver the snacks to our room with plates to serve. 

Started singing awayyyyyyy.....super fun

yep there's enough room for selfies haha, unlike TeoHeng's LOL
Oh they actually use high tables with high chairs where you dun have to lift up your head to see the TV screen.

Idiots are us, Limin not in these siau photos tho :(

Something I found in the room, there's even dices for you to play some games. 

Anyways, it was indeed a fun night to destress before our finals! Really enjoy our 久久一次 meet up. Now I miss singing K with my friends...

Tang Music Box's Website: 

Alright rewind to 4 hours before singing...
Thankiuu roomie for accompanying me to the Xiaomi Service Center though you could have chosen to rest and come later. Had a light dinner with her in The Central, and plus some selfie time haha. 

my weird strand of hair in front

This was at Rolling Rice which looks like a canteen style Korean snack cafe. They offer korean snacks like different varieties of kimbap, spicy rice cakes, bingsu and bibimbap. 
Rabokki -- S$ 7.80
Kimchi and Bacon Roll -- S$ 3.80
Not a fan of the Rabokki coz it's too spicy for me and the soup lacks flavor. The fish cake are yummy tho!
The kimbap roll was nice, with crunchy and sour kimchi and rich salty flavor of bacon wrapped together. The mayonnaise layers up another fragrant flavor.  

The menu still has a lot to offer, If you like korean street food, do visit here. I would like to try out the different types of ramen here.

Check out their FB to find out more:

Rolling Rice @ The Central 
#B1-49, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street

Tel: +65 6222 0801

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