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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Movie Review: Inside Out

Hope it's not too late to post about this movie now.
For those who haven't watch, you really should!
Well let me clarify that this movie may not exactly be the "greatest movie of all time" type but it certainly falls into the recommended list because I guess you've never really seen any movie like it so far.

I remember watching a short film on Youtube one or two years back which is called Brain Divided and totally fell in love with the cute animations of two "opposing nerves" in our brain. And not much later Inside out trailer came out with FIVE emotions lol. Totally love how they portray the mom and dad's mind. This was really one movie that I anticipated.

But part of me still doubts, it's an animation afterall, how awesome could it get? But the fact that this movie is an animation is exactly why the movie rocks.It takes you into your head. I read this phrase from a review of the movie. "It's not quite anything you've seen, but it explains everything you've seen."and I totally agree.

Just a short summary here, the story revolves around Riley, a 11 year old girl who was a joyful child and loving daughter to their parents until her family moved to a new place to start a new life. The story tells Riley's story through her 5 emotions in her mind. Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust. This five emotions are responsible of deciding Riley's reactions and create memories. 5 of them have been working well but no one has ever fully understood what is Sadness' role in the team, not even Joy. Because of that they have been trying to prevent Sadness from sabotaging their "Keep Riley Happy" mission. And there came the day where Joy and Sadness accidentally caused the core memories to be displaced and both of them were taken away from the headquarters to the long term memory section of the brain. 

The reason why I love this movie so much is because of how it portrays how our mind works. Most of the characters are inside our head. It made every aspect of our mind into a living character or a setting. Really love how all these settings and characters make so much sense, for example there's Forgetter, and I love how they use Dream Productions to explain how and why we dream. N there's literally a train of thought that travels around the mind! However the main focus was more on emotions rather than other brain functions like learning.

But afterall, the best part about this movie is, it's the first movie to tell (and explain) you that it's okay to be sad and cry because that's human nature and sadness is also the beginning of joy. We always try to deny that we're sad because it shows that we are weak and vulnerable. But hey, there's always a reason for us to feel sad and it's because that we care about something and it will affect the way we think. Sometimes, it is all these moments of sorrow and breakdown that forms the turning point and allows us to learn to pick up ourselves and grow stronger than who we were. I had an emotional  breakdown during the movie when I came to this realization. Really touching. And I believe many people felt the same way too.

Really recommend this movie to you people!! It's a beautiful animation with so much fun yet meaningful in every sense.

By the way thanks to brother for treating me to the movie!! :D

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