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Friday, September 11, 2015

Quick Update

Hey readers! I'm currently in Kaoshiung, Taiwan!

Gosh to be honest, when I first landed and stepped out of the airport, I really had this surreal feeling. Well in the past, I've always wanted to travel abroad, and there many times that I thought I really could travel to some other country but well, in the end there's always something that stopped me :(

I have given up dreaming and told myself it will be at least 25, or at least when I start working before I travel to another country other than MY and SG.

So I still can't believe I'm in Taiwan, this exquisite island, that speaks mainly mandarin
Still can't believe I'm in Kaoshiung, this port city with loads of brightly lit shop lots, loads of motorbikes.
Still can't believe I'm in NSYSU, a red-bricked university, a campus next to the sea (and thus the bad signal), a rather simple yet huge campus.

Anyways after only two days, I must say I don't think I'm someone who can travel well on my own!
I'm really blur with many things. And there are things that I have to get used to over here.

Just wanna say a Big Thanks to God. I believe it was Him who prepared for everything i needed.
Thanks for giving me friends that I can depend on. Really wanna say thanks to the friends over here coz I'm really clueless about the procedures and thanks for letting me tag along while we move around the complicated roads of Kaoshiung to settle our admin procedures and get the necessary things done. I couldn't imagine if I had to do it all alone. Coz things are really different here.

Well it's only two days, and I must say this place is truly a new setting, a one of a kind experience, I'm both exited and worried, but I shall be grateful, for these 3 days were smooth ones and I had lots of fun. Thanks to the people I'm with. :D

Sneak peek of one of the places we went :D
Will update as soon as I can.

At the meantime I still need to post about all the previous stuff haha
Gosh never have enough time to blog.  

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