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Friday, August 05, 2016

JB Cafe Hop 3.0: Mickey Mouse Themed Cafe, M2Escape @ Mount Austin

Owh yes! Back with cafe hopping at JB! All thanks to the cousin brother who made his way home from US after two years. Glad for the catch up and just can't believe how time flies. Apparently my previous JB cafehop post was pretty easily found on Google and it became one of my most viewed posts on my blog. We're excited to put our faces on Google search again haha...   

Have four cafes to intro and we'll start with this special one that stands out from all the boring hipster cafes nowadays. 

M2Escape @ Mount Austin
M2 stands for Mickey Mouse (which I think is because they can't use Mickey Mouse directly), and the cafe doubles as an Escape Room facility and hence the Escape in its name. Not sure why they wanna combine this but I suppose this cafe has a focus of providing both games and food to its customers, hence an attractive gathering place for families, teenagers and people like us who needs a break from all the hipster cafes haha. So as previewed in its name, the cafe has a Mickey Mouse theme, it is NOT a Disney authorized cafe or something, so it's not as magical as I imagined. But you definitely can see the cute details, the black and reds, all the Disney plushies, Minnie's polka dots here and there. I'm sure kids will love it and adults will enjoy reconnecting with our favorite childhood cartoon.  

The cafe is located on the first floor. This is right outside of the entrance.

Us at the entrance, looking happy but we weren't actually. Was pretty disappointed by their service initially. They were having a full house and the waiter (a not so polite one) asked us to wait but we had to wait outside of the cafe. Will it kill for us to wait inside? I'm complaining coz the stairs area was very humid and hot and it certainly didn't felt like we are being treated as customers. I checked out the interior, it is small but I guess there's still enough space for 4 person to stand. Just thought they could be more considerate and their waiters really need to be more polite. We went in the afternoon as well and they had full house too. The waiter just coldly say "we're full house now" and did not say anything like please come back later, it almost felt like they wanted to say "don't come back again thanks"

 Finally inside, the pretty interior did made us feel better haha.

The cafe offers main courses, desserts and coffee. We were only there for cakes and drinks. Price, I think it's the same with other cafes in JB. The food may not be superb, but we're paying for the Mickey presentation. It's not a lot but having little mickey characteristics still makes me squeal like a kid haha. 

Oreo Cheesecake 
This is surprisingly good! Creamy, not too sweet and the delicious oreo crunch. but kinda pricey (RM12.90) for such a small piece

Coffee Tiramisu
Star of the restaurant
Bittersweet tiramisu with a Mickey Mouse twist
The Tiramisu has a strong coffee taste, pairing with the ice cream adds the right amount of sweetness. 

Passionfruit Smoothie

Hot Mocha 
The only beverage with Mickey Mouse art

Salted Caramel Latte (left)
Taste very milky but I love salted caramel

While enjoying the sweet treats, the cafe has board games, card games and group games that are free for customers to play. Lucky enough we got a seat at the couch which has a bigger table for games. 

no matter how many times I play this, i still get a heart attack when the head pops haha 

Mickey Mouse version Monopoly

loads of Mickey props for you to take your we-fie

Total Damage: Around RM70++
Still love this place despite its normal food and not-so-good service. Compare to hipster cafes where I usually have to put up a "hipster and cool" attitude, I can be more kiddy and goofy here. If you are looking for a place to hang out with your family or maybe your childhood friends, this would be a great place to enjoy food and games. If you want, you can even go for an escape game. The cafe is also a popular venue for kids' parties :D

7-01, Jalan Austin Heights 8/8 ,
Taman Mount Austin
Johor Bahru 81100

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