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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

What to eat at Timbre + , harmony of music and food

If you want me to name what did I gain from Internship at Block 71, gotta say one of them is all the yummy food at Timbre + haha. Been here for like 4 times omggggg

Every evening, I would walk past Timbre +, a semi open-air food court-restaurant hybrid with strong artsy vibes. The containers, the graffiti, the food trucks, the low hanging lights, the rockstar stage...everything just shouts HIPSTER

In the day time, Timbre+ functions more like a food court with local food stalls selling affordable meals for the working talents around JTC Launchpad. At night, it transforms into a classy food hall that caters delicious restaurant style dishes and awesome live music for anyone who wants an enjoyable night after work. 

The live music was awesome, almost mesmerizing actually. Really indulged in all the awesome tunes and hearing music live was certainly a whole different experience from listening from your Youtube.  The energy from the artists was just contagious and it's hard to resist swaying your head to the beat. 

I was there for the Fridays, and have seen this band performed 4 times
They are Super Sonic
Really awesome singers, no i mean awesome entertainers!

Now one of the main parts: FOOD!
Gotta love their food trucks, awesome variety, and in fact many unique offerings from every vendor. 
Buzzers so that you don't have to queue. 

Friday Night with this....TGIF is real haha
Beer, Wings and Fries....

From Two Wings: 
See their menu here
Salted Egg Yolk Fried Chicken from Two Wings (6 pcs) -- S$8.90
This is so goooooooood. Well it's pretty salty tbh but I LIKE IT. The amazing aroma of salted egg yolk and curry leaves. I'm not someone who enjoys eating meat with bones, but the flavor is so strong that it sinks into the bones of the wings, chewing down to the bones was delightful seriously. 

New Chili Crab Flavor Fried Chicken on the left (also at S$8.90 for 6 pcs)
The 12 pcs Salted Egg Yolk Wings together with Onion Rings, Luncheon Meat, Popcorn Chicken and 2 Ice Lemon Tea was a Squad Set -- S$29.90
Chili Crab flavor wasn't very impressive though. The Onion tings were tasty!

The World is Flat by Tanuki Raw
Check out their menu here
Truffle Sweet Potato Fries - S$11
this is so damn good, MUST TRY THIS
tbh I never fully appreciate the flavor of truffles until I try this
Love the intense aroma and how the sweet potato kind of complements it.

Next the Pizzas!
Their Pizzas rock mannn, generous amount and variety of toppings on each pizza
it's pricey, but it's really worth a shot
in fact I had them almost every trip here. 
Fat Samurai Pizza (Slice) - S$9
I know it doesn't look appetizing haha
it's loads of toppings on top of thick charcoal bread crust
If I remember correctly, there's duck, beef, bonito flakes, loads of onions and more hehe
Basically a marriage of pizza and okonomiyaki

Old Skul (Whole Pizza) - S$36
Lots of mear, including yummy pepperonis and juicy mushrooms with fragrant mozzarella cheese
The pizza crust was more like normal pizza crust

on the right: Butcher's Love - S$42
Lots of mushrooms and ham. 
Love the pastry crust, it's almost like roti canai haha 

Other choices at Timbre +
Cajun Chicken from Big Bern's American Grill - S$12
pretty spicy, the cheese kind of toned down the spice

Garlic Oil Shrimp Spaghetti from Dancing Crab Shack - S$8
This is yummyyyy.... Love the crazy delicious aroma of the garlic oil. 

Some other food I had (without photos)
Kush's Skewers: Pretty pricey, it's not bad but not sure if it's worth it. see menu
TukTuk VieThai's TomYam Fries (S$5.90): You will love it if you adore spicy food. Love the strong tangy taste in the tomyam seasoning. 
Dancing Crab Shack's Fried Rice (S$10): WTF 30 ringgit fried rice, but it's pretty good I have to say. Pretty generous bits of crab meat and love the fragrant aroma.  
Food Anatomy's Pasta Bowl (S$5.50): Simple and delicious with toppings of your choice. 


Impressive range of beers and ciders at The Bottle Shop
this is just one sixth of the shop
Those bottles and their pretty

Root Beer and other bottled drinks from Damian D'Silva (4 for S$14)

Guess I don't need to explain more, just go there and experience for yourself. The surroundings, the atmosphere, the crowd, the music and the food just make one awesome dining experience, in my case, four. Coz my friends love this place and keeps coming back haha...

Timbre +
73A Ayer Rajah Crescent
JTC LaunchPad @ one-north
Singapore 139957

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