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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Year 3 at a glance

*Wrote this long time ago, but didn't have the time to compile the photos.Here it is, everything from the past academic year.* 

Seldom blog about my university days coz I was too caught up on trying to record down all my travels in Taiwan and Korea. Well my life is not just about traveling of course, just feel like my blog has too much of travel post, as if travel is the only thing I care about (okay I admit almost all the time it is haha). Hope you readers don't get the wrong idea that I'm just constantly traveling. I have a life you know haha, and it's actually quite an ordinary one but please bear with me :D

Guess I shall start off with last year's FOC!
It's the third time, and as usual it's still a bucketful of exhaustion but truckload of happiness! Still part of the main comm and it's great to be working with all the passionate people. Well though things aren't smooth sailing and there's some conflicts here and there, I guess the success is still the most important and fulfilling thing. Got to spend more time with my OG, but I guess I still act like a freshie haha, kinda shy to talk to everyone. Glad that most of the freshies are fun and friendly.

with the Maincomm Family

My OG Talos

Oh BTW!!! Did I tell you I was in a short film??
OMG now that I think of it, I just gave my Youtube debut to Tan Tek Wui, walaooooo!!!
I'm not the main character la of course, but it was still quite a fun experience, working with a bunch of friends. But I must say, filming a short clip is harder than i expected. It's tiring seriously, gotta apologize to my friends and the crew coz I was showing my tired and impatient face most of the time. Seriously salute actors now, it's really no easy job. The film is called Dream Catcher.

Then there's Earthlink camp again, where we went to Pulau Ubin. I guess it's one of the most kampung place in Singapore that you can find. Really looks like granpa's house :D Didn't get to explore the island though, hope I could be back again soon.

Few weeks later, decided to head back to SG again for two important events. First would be NTU Fest! My campaign from Earthlink was featured as one of the NTU projects to be showcased to all the public. Felt kinda proud tbh haha...though it's not some ultra-awesome campaign. There was music, food, games and the location was at The Promontory. Good times indeed.

My Campaign was featured as one of the NTU student projects! 

Went to SG Night Fest as well.

Second event was MSA's Merdeka Night. Well I guess it will be the last MSA event for me since I'm going into OFF mode already. I figured I might as well attend and enjoy with most of my friends around. :D

and then...I'm off to Taiwan!!

Well I guess I don't have to reiterate how much fun I had in Taiwan. But I guess I was just posting the travel part, and left out the actual LIFE over there. Well in short, the four months was one hell of a roller coaster ride. There were moments of joy, times of helplessness, days of fun and minutes of anger. I'm thinking of writing a post about Taiwan's life anyway. So just in short, it's the unfavorable times that made me truly treasure the happy memories made and the kind people that I've met from the bottom of my heart.

Back in NTU for Semester 2! Lemme post the photos first...

Catching up with the darlings after leaving them for 4 months. 

OMG can't believe we were champions for MSD's Dodgeball 
Thanks for the awesome teamwork guys!!

The long awaited FOC Maincomm retreat
great to be hanging out with the bunch again

Level 3 for Korean! Damnn it's not easy but we had a daebak sunsaengnim

Unnis and Dongsaengs from the class

with less CCA commitments, I thought life was gonna be easier. But damnnnnnnn.....reality kicks in and I found myself dreading over the word INTERNSHIP. Allow me to whine abit here T T I know there are many out there who are also facing this problem, and some of you might think I'm just being a cry baby. But hey, I just wanna say, it sucks when you just can't get what you want no matter who that person is. Everyone deserves to feel terrible about not getting what they want pls! And yep that's me :( I've been going to many interviews and damnnn there's just no offer given to me. Don't bother telling me why I didn't succeed, I know it well. But the feeling just feels terrible and you can't help but to doubt yourself. And I would be very honest, I genuinely believe that certain people are luckier. Btw I wanna apologize to some friends for saying that they are lucky. Now that I reflect on it, I think it's actually offensive. If you are one of them, hear me out hehe, I said you're lucky because I feel that I'm unlucky, but never have I felt that you guys don't deserve what you receive. So please don't feel offended. I'm truly happy for the opportunities you guys earned. I know my luck sucks, but never would I view your opportunities as being cheap, worthless or disrespectful. And to those who think I'm being whiny, well just let me whine la haha, I know I'm not the worst but still....just let me behsong haha...

Well I don't stand any chance at big corporates but was lucky enough to attend assessment center at LEGO. Awesome office and great experience in case solving. 

Anyways the time came to start my internship. Turns out it's not as smooth sailing as I thought it will be, but I'm glad I landed safely and the best part was definitely the journey. For those who think you can't learn much from an internship: No, even if it's not an internship you wanted, you will definitely still take away something that will definitely help you in the future. Tbh I wasn't expecting much from my internship, but now that I look back, there are definitely things that you can't experience or can't visualise through your textbook.

Awesome bunch at e27, rocking our world-class tech conference.

Fellow Interns weeeee

haiz I have so much to whine when it comes to the real world. Lots of frustration, but I guess you just have to accept it anyway. I know I can't get everything in my way in life, but it just sucks when 75% of it are not in your way. if it's just 50%, I would have felt much better righttttt...

I have a theory: when it comes to bad feelings, or Dis-Utility, The marginal Dis-Utility is increasing, unlike the usual rule of diminishing marginal returns. There's no upper limit of feeling terrible, really. (Unlike joy, you get what you want, but one person, can be only THAT happy.) Okay la I guess sure got people figured this out haha. Guess I'm too late to really experience this.

Anyways...I guess living life is also learning to accept rejection and failures. I'm over with the acceptance part, but now it puts me into another struggle...what can I do next? I swear year 3 is really a year of continuous cycle of encouraging yourself to dream big and doubting yourself the next moment.

Oh's like a sharp stab into my rib every time I realize I have one more year in university. The past year was.... I wouldn't say perfectly awesome... but rather a very life-defining kinda year. It's like a year where someone just strongly smack you on the back and you had to suddenly grow up and act like an adult. Many things happened, many people passed by. Sometimes things are just so unacceptable that it's like I'm fighting with myself more than I'm disagreeing with others. Doubting myself is the worse part, but in the end, I guess I discovered more and learn to appreciate that everyone is essentially different, and so am I.

Anyways, (switches to the optimistic self) year 3 was still one hell of an awesome year. Still a happy girl with a bunch of memories :D

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