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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i'm really thinking that should i just close my blog,
since it was frozen for so long,
n i dun really have time to blog.
or maybe, i'll just ignore it.
suka-suka then blog lor.
well today,
nothing much happened
i guess i've repated this line for more than 1000 times,
but seriously, i'm just an ordinary girl,
having an ordinary life.
in school, the only thing that i wont forget to do is LAUGHING!!!!
wa, to day my stomach damn pain weih.
during moral, we watched passion of christ,
honestly, it's really sad,
and i think half of the class cried like mad.
tears didnt really get out of my eyes,
but my heart felt really pain,
we didnt mange to finish the whole movie,
christine say the most frightening part havent show up,
i'm like wondering, if they've watched the whole film,
will their tears flow like river?? hehe.........
but after watching the movie,
i really thank God for everything,
thank you for forgiving our sins,
and thank Jesus who sacrificed for us.
Afterthat, classes are still the same.
Boring, but we entertained ourselves.
Christine n Jessie kena my SO PO virus oledy.
2 of them are really weird 2day. They laughed like hell.
N they keep tiru me.....
Nevertheless, everything run smooth today.
Thank God for Today.

Love Nuffnang


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