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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Australian Students in Malaysia's High School....What happens....

What a wonderful day with the Aussies.... *smile smile*
So today we had another group of genuinely-came-from-Australia-students to visit our school
unlike the last group, today's students are actually Secondary College students
so their age is pretty much the same as us, ranging from 16 to 18....
and unlike the last time where I didn't talk to them at all, I'M ONE OF THE FACILITATORS TODAY!!!!!
OhMyGosh I must say 1000 times of Thank You to Pn. Norna for giving me an opportunity...
she's just so cool and said yes right after I asked you la teacher!!
hmmm so snapped some photos...
Awaiting their arrival - ANTICIPATED!

The Lion Dance welcomed them...
Hmm.... I'm quite sure
this Lion is trying to flirt with the girls...

Tea time with our Malaysian Kuih-Muih and Fried BeeHoon and Teh Tarik

Pn Surita's beautiful daughters
OMG they look really really alike!!

Malay Speech given by the Students' Representatives

Slide shows...

Dance class on-the-spot...

Batik technique workshop...

My Group....with Shannen and Audrey

Our group members...
Lauren, Sheridan, Laura
Matt and Lachy
(I honestly don't know how to spell his name but it's something like that)

Thanks for coming!!!

They were really really nice...
they gave us lotza souvenirs!!
Eh Shannen, I want your Kangaroo!!!!

I'm in love with my Koala Bear
Thanks Courtney!!

So basically our schools have really REALLY Big Difference....
They have their own school uniform
They take 5 subjects only,
They don't learn art since after primary school
They don't have co-curricular activities
Their school hours starts at 9am
I bet their school has lockers...
I bet their school has a cheer squad
I bet they can bring their phones to school
etc. etc. etc.

And I really like their answer to this question....
What do you like about Malaysia?

I think I really need to polish my English....
honestly I can't really understand what they were saying and I bet they can't understand mine as well
My English is super broken and super Rojak style...
My Dad warned me before I went to school
Jiawen, Talk Slower...

sorry,  I failed at doing it....

Anyways I'm really looking forward to this friday's visit....
Hope I'll have more guts to talk to them....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Teacher's Day Performance ... Here comes the Pink Panthers

Wow I just realize I haven't blog about teacher's day
That day was a total blast
I must have some problem to not blog about it, anyway
Yes I performed for the last time in our school's teacher's day
well this time is dancing instead of singing
well if u ask me, singing is more of my thing
but this year's dance was nothing but awesome!!
Yeap danced with my awesome friends...
SzeTing, Jessie, WeiNian, Kah Hou, Carena,WeiYuen, Shannen, YinYinn, Carmen and YunLynn

We're posers la...

The Panthers Getting Ready to Glam and Rock the Stage!!

Got the look with the help of all these babes....

All the pro people show-off-ing....

Taman S.E.A's Dance United Club
With Pink Panthers, Seventeen and Alpha Crew

Photo Credits to Carena Lim (1st and 3rd) and also Michelle Lee

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Window Shopping

My once-in-a-thousand-years-Saturday-without-Tuition
Went to Sunway Pyramid with my girls....
well they wanted to shop but obviously I'm not gonna do the same thing due to my
current financial status : BROKE, BLOODY BROKE
I thought that since I don't have tuition I must spend some time with my friends...hehe
Window shopping was fun, but it kills me when I see my fave item on sale...
argh....damn sad, I didn't buy clothes for like....who knows how long
probably 4 months....
 Quick Break @ Baskin Robins
Finally, ate my Kit-Kat

The spoons are adorable rite?? 
oh I love Ching's Ice Cream : Rum and Raisins

Audrey San having her Chocolate-Mousse-Moment
(Photographed by MiuYinn)

Back to shopping...
talked about prom dresses too!! xD
can anybody tell me how u pronounce the word???

Lame Shots
Janie : Cute
Audrey : LOA la XD
(Audrey I'm sorry if you see this after searching your name in Google)

Yumcha @ OldTown White Coffee
I guess I'll always be stuck in OldTown when it comes to Yumcha
This is the first time I have 5 Nokia users around me
I can't believe I'm the only one using SE...

Food... Not Bad =)

@ Marrakesh Street

The Lion Head is suppose to be behind me but somehow it disappeared due to the over-slow shutter speed.
But I love this photo.
Thanks to my super-pro-co-photographer Miu Yinn!

Why did I keep the bus ticket??
hmm....bcoz the bus gave us wonderful memories...
haha it's our inside joke...
we did something funny yet serious at the wrong place...haha
only the people in the bus know what we did
and sorry to the people in the bus for enduring so much pain from us... =)

Before this, Oxford and Cambridge English Language Event @ Sunway UniCo

Oxford and Cambridge English Event

I'll think of this as a class outing since it's an STRICTLY-FOR- BRilliants event.
Haha....we're the invited guest...
for the 
@ Sunway University College

as the event name suggest, it's a wholly english event
participated by 20+ schools in the state and also from Ipoh.
So 7.15am - On our way!!

Somehow we're one of the earliest to reach the venue @ Multipurpose Hall
so what to do, take photos la duh...

Then we changed from taking photos ------ TAKING LAME PHOTOS

Then the event started and there's this public speaking competition.
My personal fave would be the SMK DJ guy who was very much a professional entertainer.
(Maybe that's the reason for why he didn't win)

After that was the campus tour....
well that place was like a maze man...
even our Student Ambassador got sesat-ed

@ The library, Kitchen, Dining Hall and also the looks-like-Secret-Recipe Cafe

Next, Effective Writing and Communicating Skills Lecture
 @ Lecture Hall
Class, Public and Interview speaking and also Appropriate Writing...
I must say Ms. Darina was really really good!
Thanks for the Kit Kat!!

Lunch Time!!
I'm still overjoyed about the Kit-Kat-winning-incident...haha
She wanted us to guess what book did those quotes came from.
And I was really really starving...
Then I saw the words "I've never given much thought......die"
I REALLY DIDN'T GIVEN MUCH THOUGHT so I just raised my hand.
Then I was surprised with my answer.
Then the next second I recall that I just randomly watched Twilight on Friday.
and I didn't know why out of a sudden I would watch that film???
maybe, the Kit-Kat is waiting for me since friday... =)

Back to the MPH
They gave an entering-Oxford-and-Cambridge talk
which I thought was utterly pointless coz I'll never ever get into these Uni's
except dreaming
Then they announced the winners.
And our BRilliant Christal Wong got consolation prize!!
damn geng!!

Waiting for the bus to come....

Bye friends....

Anyways I thought that the Event was a whole lot of fun.
Knowledge, Skills, Fun, Friendship
And I'm sure every one of us got closer to each other as we unite to represent our school.
BRilliants rocks!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back to school, Facing the truth....

I don't know why but somehow I'm still very not satisfied with my exam results...

I know I'm better than some other people, but 
Your biggest enemy is always yourself rite??
and this time my results dropped like dunno how....
I was telling myself to be grateful but somehow the change in numbers are seriously getting the best of me...

Ok let's see :

My Bloody Exam Results

Hmm... the ones that I'm really really happy would be my BM and Moral.
Finally there's an bloody A!!
But apparently, the teacher gave high marks to others also...
which makes no difference in the purata....
Then there's History and Physics which I'm really proud of...
I improved without counting on the Bloody Tips lerr...
but same thing, others got real high marks as well...
Then there's Bio and Chinese...
Bio marks really broke my heart weih...
I tot I'll get something near 70...
I worked really hard for Bio but somehow I still did a lot of unforgivable careless mistakes....
crazily pulled down my average marks.....
Chinese a.... (speechless)

I was pretty emo through out the day
probably because I was too tired after Teacher's Day's dance rehearsal
I was staring blankly at my exam papers all the time during Chinese class...
okay, I need to stop feeling sad...
It's over...
But I'm pretty sure I will screw up trials coz I'll be having piano exam
Hopefully my SPM will be better....

anyways, I'm having dance rehearsal for the past two days,
very tiring, but now I think I really love dancing!!
hehe... choreographed some moves as well!! xD
But sini pain sana pain....
hope I can lose some weight haha...
but obviously it's not gonna work
coz I just ate rojak for my extra lunch...

okay I'm crapping...
but i still need to crap about something blue...

I didn't know what to choose so I picked the only blue thing I found in my recent albums
Intensive Sparkling Eye Mask
Bought it from Sasa at 3.90 only!!
It has 3 pairs in it..
quite worth it rite??
But honestly, it's not really working.
I can't feel anything after applying it.
The sales girl wanted me to buy 2,
Thank God I said NO!!

Love Nuffnang


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