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Friday, February 26, 2010


I knew this would happen
I didn't blog for WEEKS??
yes homework are stacking up into a KLCC pile....
and there's this new PEBEL system that grades our homework and attitude....
everyone started to complete their homework for the 20% in our mid term exams....
and I'm one of them....the gia-si-gia-su girl....
yea.....lotza things coming up this month....
have to do lotza stuff....
but the major cause of my blog-absence is because of the stupid Streamyx line!!!

anyways....surprisingly the line is doing pretty well today,
and I just finished my Moral Project!!
what a nice day to blog....
so...I'm gonna blog about last-last week's holiday....

CNY baybeh.....
just as usual.... I went back to my parents' hometown and went on a vacation with my cousins....

Day 1 - Sat
Daddy's place @ Tangkak
Had reunion dinner lor
More fun this year....
played a lot with my really pretty and cute little cousins....
The same as usual...
We had our CNY must have routine...
hehe... u know what I'm saying...
I didn't win much,
Coz our banker was super lucky that day....
but at least I didn't rugi rite??
I didn't really take any photos, they are with my uncle...
I'll try to get it some day...

Here are some of the random pics I took....

Through My Window I can See...

I was kinda bored, so facebook-ed using my cousin's IPod Touch... Super cool weih!!

Cards and Money
Day 2 - Sun
We traveled down from Tangkak to JB
which is also my Mummy's hometown
had an awesome vegetarian reunion dinner
then my cousins and I gambled
and guess what's our wager??
Wang Wang Crackers
Then watched some CNY TV shows and pampered myself abit with a moisturizing mask... =)

Lou Sang

愿大家风生水起,学业进步!! 我们年轻人会越变越帅,越变越美丽!!
Day 3 - Mon
We went up to Bukit Tinggi for a 4 days 3 night vacation....
and sadly, my granduncle's car broke down, the petrol leaked
So, we had our dinner at 9 something
slept at 3 in the morning
and the sad thing is we forgot to bring pillows and blankets
and it was freezing (FYI : Now Bukit Tinggi is colder than Genting)
but I was too tired to care about my comfort....

Learned skating in the morning =)

A photo with my Uncle.... Who's the uncle?? The one on the left... FYI : He's 10 days younger than me!!! The jie jie beside him is his elder sister... looks very young rite?? that's why we call her jie-jie

On our way to Bukit Tinggi

Kereta kena tunda

Day 4 - Tue
we planned to go Genting's Theme park
but let me tell you the traffic was awfully busy
and the cable car station was literally dense packed with human...
and that place was hotter than Bukit Tinggi
so we went to Awana Hotel
and did what we've always did....
Snooker and Arcade
later we went back to our resort
and went to the swimming pool =)
hehe, now I officially love swimming!!

Day 5 - Wed
My uncle's plan was to visit Tasik Chini
and God knows what road we've taken....
It was like some super creepy road, with no sign boards but land slides everywhere
Thanks to my uncle's Blackberry Google Maps!!
But the whole journey was simply amazing larr...
very countryside feeling, trees and waters everywhere...
feels like we're on the other side of the world
and Thank God we made it to the lake...
We took the boat ride around the lake and the wind was beating on every inch of my face....
It felt like as if my face was gonna have holes....
After that, we didn't go home, thanks to the google map
we went to Kuantan and it's like super east edi....
And surprisingly, none of the Chinese restaurants were open
Hello? it's already the 4th day of CNY??
then we found this East Coast Mall and had our dinner inside...
shopped a bit as well....(My Window Shopaholic Instincts =p )
reached home at 9 or 10 something

I think the main attraction is the lotus flowers really beautiful
(this was my fave pic!)

They dropped us at a Orang Asli Village - Tanjung Puput

This young lady said :
Joseph will you marry me??

It was the funniest thing on that day!!

Day 6 - Thu

had our breakfast at mamak....
then went to this small farm at the back of a restaurant, right beside the river...
It was really nice....the small little veggies looked adorable!!
Then we went to the river beach which is right beside of our resort
I fell down when I was climbing on an obstacle cliff
super ugly...
wished I had the photo...
then we bathed our feet in the cold and soothing water
超爽的!!Syok ah!!

Must take a picture with my friends - Roosters!!

Actually, We were standing on a balance beam Mimicking the Super Trio Show's Game =)

Went back to my home sweet home =)

I really love the resort
Love the cool breeze
Love the river beach, love the golf course, love the swimming pool.
Love the trees, the flowers
The greens with the reds and purples
Love the taste of the air ;
But what I love most is the people around me
Wished my parents and my brother joined us too!
I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me
-Truly Madly Deeply, Savage Garden-
My Greatest Inspirational Song

Love Nuffnang


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