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Thursday, November 30, 2006


okay.....i din blog diz dayz....
coz i feel like sleeping everyday...
secondly...noth 2 blog bout
well.....2day i've remix my music... happy....i oledy think of how 2 remix it
with adding beats n ader instrument
but my recorder n mixer gt prob!! angry....den my hse out of electricity again!!
den i gt noth 2 do...
n i learned 1 thing...
how 2 self tune
i'm quite bad in diz although i'm in grade 4....
like sarah....she is oni grade 3......but she can self tune u noe...
wah....i sangat malu larh....
i've planned 2 attend vocal lessons...
since i'm bored in hse..
sure hav 2 find sumthin 2 do mah
my mom let me go...but my dad objected...
bcoz of 1 thing--money!!
my dad say vry wasting money...
but my mom still let me go...
she is comin wif me 2....
n mayb i will attend camps...
mayb gonna attend da youth n children broadcaster camp....
i'm quite intrested....
duno whether my dad let anot
n i oso duno wat date larh...
o mom let me go 2 genting wif my cousin at 15th dec...
loong time nvr go oledy....
i missed da thrilling moments
hehe....datz all 4 2day

Saturday, November 25, 2006


2day i skipped pandu puteri 2 go my aunt's graduation ceremony......
we bought a bouquet of flower at da lst minute
den gave her a hug
n take loads of pic
i'll upload it later
no battery edi
my aunt finished her ACCA
is account thingy...
my bro is going 2 diz oso
so...diz yr is da 31st
den my bro's graduation will b da 35th
well.....den go 2 sungei wang n time square shopping
bought earrings....
my cousin sis bought 1...
i bought 4 pairs i think
all oso vry nice lerr
den our legs were extremely pain
den ate dinner
den came home
n on9-ed
datz all

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


kinda long time i din blog
diz is bcoz noth 2 blog wif!!
esther juz went home
she came 2 my hse n made pizza
n played comp
da pizza rite
okay larh
we've sprinkle lotza cheese
den we played da sims
i duno wat happened wif da sims 2
when i play in d morning
everything was okay
n i passed da final exam 4 my sim
den....i'm still installing casino
very fun game
u r da manager of da casino
n u have 2 achieve d objective
pass few days
start from....
SATURDAY-went 2 gathering......da games were kinda lame....we talked a lot wif each ader......we enjoyed telling ghost stories.....but da ghost stories bcome jokes at d end....haha
SUNDAY-stayed at home....n stik-ed 2 d comp
MONDAY-gt piano lessons.....den went 2 mcd n discuss bout da board......den me n hui qian think bout nxt yr's project....
TUESDAY-sleep a lot.........n rest a a lot............
so dat all....

Friday, November 17, 2006


2day...i duno y...
i feel like everything changed
even myself
i duno wat is goin on
it seems like diz holiday is kinda troublesome
i'm still thinking of who, where, what i am
i'm totally confused
y life could b soooooooooooo bored??
i almost tak tahan oledy
anybody can help me get out of this??
well 2day is super bored
2moro is gathering...
havent think of wat game
jessie will b coming 2 my hse
den hav 2 fetch yuelynn
datz all
bored ^.^"

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


okay....diz days i'm thinking of games 4 gathering
so ma fan u noe
coz 2 many ppl larh
fui swen says scared ppl dowanna play....
den diz n dat.....
yea...i oso thought bout diz
but me n fui swen will figure it out larh
currently still thinking of games
they want water games
so yea....
den it seems like da games must b in groups
so yea....think of wat games..
den it have 2 b games dat will talk bout their life
so yea...
giv sum ideas larh
short post....

Sunday, November 12, 2006

CAN I JUZ SLEEP ALL DA DAY?? d afternoon...
went out 4 lunch
den went 2 kl
guess where i go
i went 2 kl sentral again!!
coz my mom says she wanna buy earrings
den there r cheap n nice ones
den we went there
bought earrings n clothes
walau....damn cheap la weih
den we went other places n walked 4 a while
den came home
watched tv
n played comp all da timee
den life goes normal again
den datz all
2moro hav 2 go mcd AGAIN
i tak boleh tahan oledy
i wont b eating lunch at mcd
it was like almost 2 days i eat once
well 2moro we will talk bout da hiking laporan stuff
den me, kahying n hui qian will go earlier coz we hav 2 buy our board stuff
2moro morning gt piano lesson oso
so fan larh
i think datz all....
i hope i could sleep all day

okay......sry 4 d lack of post
coz da past few days i'm doing my guides theory work
letz start from thursday
well....doing theory work
go 4 commitee meeting
slept at 12
den friday
da whole day doing htery work
but i still cant finish it
i slept at 2 sumthin 2 finish all da stuff
den saturday
is da hiking day
i woke up at 6.30
we were rushing 2 finish da log book
den da miss michelle oni say no need 2 pass up 2day
i was like
wat?? i slept 4 oni 4 hrs bcoz of da log book
den u say no need pass up??
den we have our teams
estee, chian hui, hui qian, kahying, hillary n me r in da same group
we have pacer, bearing drawer, map drawer, recorder n da task achiver
i'm da bearing drawer den kahying is da map drawer
we must always stick 2gether...
well....we had lotza prob wif da map....
i think we argued a little bit....haha
but everything was settled after da hiking is finish
well....we went 2 kl sentral by lrt
den our journey starts from kl sentral
1st we went 2 national musuem
we hav 2 find dennis
we tot is a human
mana tahu it is a fire patrol car
den we went 2 planetarium negara
freom dat n kahying was lost
duno how 2 draw
coz da map is wrong
we tot a planetarium is da memorial
den we stopped drawing 4 a while
den we reached memorial tunku abdul razak
we hormat-ed infront of da memorial
den we walked 2 musuem polis
den lake gardens
we went 2 da green house
den da track was kinda slippery
den kahying, chian hui, hui qian n kahying almost fall down
i think chian hui kena
den we went 2 find da fountain
n da travellers palm
den went 2 tugu negara
so nice la weih
it juz looked like a palace
well duno y i feel like after da renovation
da tugu is larger
we pose like da tugu negara wariors
it was our task
den we go all da way back
den we ate our lunch at kl sentral
me, kahying n hui qian ate mcd
esther they all ate at secret receipe
but da bill costs 20 bucks per person
den me, kahyin n hui qian walked around da whole kl sentral
we shared on buying anything
den we r late scold
den we went back 2 skul
we discuss bout our hiking
we will meet each ader at mcd
den me, kahying n hui qian will b incharge of our board
den went home
afterwards i'll b goin 2 kl again
my mom wanna go shoppin la
so...ya....c ya tonite

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


okay....yesterday i din blog
coz my mom was way angry bout my results
i dun dare 2 open da comp
well yesterday was kinda normal
without da comp was sumthin weird
den 2day
we went 4 guides test again
we did da panggilan test
me, mag n munling 1 group
actually we suppose 2 b working in pairs
but there was 1 more ppl dun hav couple
den we 3 do 2gether
den went back 2 class
talk bout guides test
hav 2 take lotza badges
gonna b so bz
den pn.lim asked us 2 take off da curtains in da kh room
n wash it
den da stupid washing machine gt prob
da water leaked out
den we hav 2 clean da whole place
so letih
but vry fun
esther stepped out her 1st step 4 not being a 'dai siu je'
den went back 2 class.
boredness comes again
den i saw sum of them cried at da last period
den suddenly me n esther felt we r so idiot
coz we din cry n we r still laughing
mayb bcoz we can c each ader at sat
sum of them cried seriously
so sad......
den came back
esther says 2moro got commitee meeting
well my 'peranan' is 2 replace sook ven again
at mcD
n erm...i gt sumthin lame
i gave my teddy bear a new name
i wont say it out coz is 2 lame
datz all.....holidays starts

Monday, November 06, 2006


okay......2day spending da whole skul time on pandu puteri's test
tie-ing knots was kinda fun
we had sejarah test...
is kinda ez lahkay
den got teori test 4 knots.....but i 4gotten all
den i pontenged skul..
i suppose 2 go back 2 class coz i finished d test
since esther they all havent
den i stay there larh
we played at da gim
den we talked bout sook ven
i juz wondering wat is heppening 2 her
when she noe i called her...
den he purposely off da phone
wat is goin on??
esther made sum complain bout her...
munling did so....
da point is kinda worry bout her
currently sms-ing wif her
she still havent tell me apa yg berlaku
den we go 4 test again.....
me n munling discuss
bout da batches dat we wanted 2 take 4 queen's guide
we took da same so we can do it 2gether
okay.....sook ven gave me answer
she say is bcoz of boredness
fine.....den u leave us at da skul??
back 2 it.....den went back 2 class
got our samudra
i look weird in da class pic
den came back from skul
n tell my dad bout da 7 km hiking
i din tell my parents we go there by lrt
if i say liddat
they sure dun let me go 1.....
i dun hav da recruits camp t-shirt
den i suddenly felt so left out
i cant wait 2 go 4 hiking
datz all....
2moro is r.k.a day
my results.....purata is 71.....den my position is 17
haha......opposite tagboard gt sum da tagboard is connected 2 my d ader blog 1.....
soo....... SMILES FROM -JW-

Sunday, November 05, 2006


PICS IN MY HOLIDAYS....well i feel like posting them

Me n my cousin bro.....Joe

Cousin sis---Vince

It's Me.....i look weird =)

Vince, Joe n Meeee

It's us.....da perfect partner!!

Me in da Haji's house's swing

My cousin sis in da swing oso

Da giant pin outside da bowling alley

Vince wif a toy flower

Me in toys'r'us

Vince n Carmen

Da middle 1 is my another cousin sis

2 of us again

Sweet Memories......<3

Saturday, November 04, 2006


okay.....2day i woke up early
but is still consider late
coz i got guides activity
den when i reached there
everybody were crazy reading notes
coz got da sejarah test
1st we played da permainan kim
argh.....we hav 2 touch things.....
smell......n eat n hear
da est 1 was kind of disgusting
coz they gave sugar.....salt n pepper n da ginger oso....
den we went 4 da hearing 1...
den our gruop was da 1st 1 hu go back 2 da starting point
den kye ling go n fool esther's group....
keep giving da wrong direction
den we practiced panji-panji
n studied 4 sejarah
den we went 2 canteen n ate our lunch---fried rice
den......hav sejarah lisan test...
i made it kind of silly
den michelle vry geng man....
she told everything...
den ms.liew was giving me presure coz michelle did it soo well
but i muka tembok....
den we did da panji-panji
we changed our clothes
den go 2 block D
me, mag n esther is in 1 group
well we chose a bad place coz ader groups' smoke all come 2 our direction
den esther went home
oni me n mag
i tak boleh tahan da smoke
mag vry geng man
den raining....
they used da raincoat n shade da fire
finally we cooked sumthin 2 eat
den came home
watched tv
came on9
datz all.....
2day was fun

Friday, November 03, 2006


well...wat i can say is
2day is real bored at skul
but fun at yuk chai
i juz go roughly
da detailed ones
visit my xanga larr
2day went back 2 yuk chai...
saw their performance
den went 4 band
until 1 sumthin
den i came home
feel like sleeping
den sudenly esther called
den i hav 2 go 2 skul
den when we reached skul
noth do
helped teachers 2 do those laporan work
den writing all da day
den went 2 apd room
watch bring it on
but we watched till half way oni
gonna continue next monday
den went back 2 class
we gt permission 2 go next class
den we played illegal games
den came back
go on9....
i lost my tenderfoot batch
but luckily i contacted beatrice
den she borrow me
thx a lot girl!!
den 2moro gt queen's guide business
my camera no battery oledy.....cant show da pics
datz all....

Thursday, November 02, 2006


2day was kinda bored
sook ven din come 2 skul
i think she is sick
esther brought pictionary
but nobody wants 2 play....
coz nobody likes drawing
we played cluedo
dat was kinda fun
2day was da 1st time i play it
we watched john tucker must die at da apd room
damn funny la weih
den 2moro sum of them wanna watch horror films
mag wanna watch rob-b-hood
i wanna watch...
da baby damn cute la
but i hav 2 buy da dvd
my dad allows me n my bro 2 watch jolin's concert
coz is kinda near 2 my hse
is at stadium petaling jaya
my bro was crazy
he wanna buy da vip ticket
i say he gila larr
but got discount u noe
but still need 280 sumthin per person
i think i'll go 4 da 180 bucks 1...
dat 1 my dad will buy 4 me
4 my bday present i think
esther gt flu 2day
she is really suffering
when we watch john tucker must die
she cant tahan da aircond although she sits infront
we shared a chair
o ya
4got 2 mention
pn.sumathi belanja us eat mcD, drinks, chocolates, agar-agar n lotz more
i got take sum chocolate
but finally all been taken buy somebody
i duno hu took it la
after skul....came back
go on9
datz all 4 2day
2moro goin back 2 yuk chai
i nt sure whether i'm goin 2 skul onot
i wanna watch movie larh
but i oso wanna stay 4 da band
it depends on sook ven larr

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


2day.....i woke up quite early....
not bcoz of my bday
is bcoz i have work 2 do......
reached skul.....
everybody said happy bday 2 me....
well of course i'm happy
but i din expect so many ppl noe my bday
when i reached class.......
christine came in n hugged me.....
den ader girls oso said happy bday 2 me....
well.....we played boaggles at 1st....(was my spelling correct??)
den we played master mind....
well jan yi, mag n brenda were playing like crazy
coz diz game tests a bit of ur understanding 2 ur friend
den went 4 recess.....
ate mee.....
den we tipu pn.lim dat we din bring kotak jahitan coz we dowanna 2 work
den esther, me n sook ven played master mind....
esther's was so ez 2 guess.......
den we played boaggles again.....
we laughed a lot....
i feel like i'm da loudest...
i noe i m....
den after skul.....
fui swen asked me dat did i always go home earlier.....
i left esther alone at there
den i larh.....esther's sis 4got 2 fetch her......
i dun really wanna leave her alone...den
fui swen n amelia splash me a little little bit of water....
coz fui swen is out of water
den amelia lerr...
when she wanna splash me....
her father splash a little little bit oni.....
den my dad brought me 2 da cake shop....2 buy cake
well i saw 1 cake.......da deco is 2 piece of chocolate wif da teddy bear picture on it.....
damn cute la weih.....but i dun like da cake
so i bought chocolate mousse cake at last.....
well...i noe i should upload sum pics.....
i promise i will upload 2moro......
sweet memories 4 2day
n thx 4 those hu gave me bday wish....

Love Nuffnang


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