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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chili's Grill and Bar Restaurant @ 1 Utama

O Yay! Finally, the food review!!
Gosh there's a lot of them coming up. Honestly I cant really remember the chronological sequence. So I might as well start with my fave first.

It's Chilis Grill and Bar Restaurant!

I Believe this name is no stranger to people living in KL. As there are many branches throughout  KL in most of the major shopping malls. Okay, I know, shame on me, that I've never dined in that place. Anyways finally, have a chance to do so. I must say the food served here are sort of unique in a way and of course it's delicious!!

Btw, I'm so sorry, this was a while ago, so I couldn't remember the price. But I remember the bill totaled up to be around 45++ something.

Ice Lemon Tea for both of us.
It's refillable! But it took us some effort to just finish one glass. 

French Fries
delicious, with lots of pepper and salt. Crunchy and tasty. 

  Southwestern Quesadillas
This is like awesome. The flavor is just unique!
With sweet onions and chicken. It was amazing!! The tortillas are crunchy and fragrant. With a smudge of sour cream it gives a refreshing taste!
Didn't know sour cream could be this good!
anyways, this portion is kinda large for one person, good thing that we shared. 

Anyways I can't wait to try out the rest of the menu.
So many more mouthwatering dishes. Will try them out soon.

Chili's Grill and Bar Restaurant @ 1 Utama
S311, 2nd Floor,High Street
1Utama Shopping Centre,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel : 03 7725 7277

For full list of Chili's Outlet Locations, go to their website :

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dad's hometown, Tangkak

Photos sharing as well....
just to show how this place has changed after two years
I hadn't go back to my dad's hometown for the past two years, yes not even CNY.
Kind of miss this place, the nostalgic buildings, the street lights, the array of textiles sold in shops...

Delicious old school kopitiam breakfast to kickstart our day before heading to Cheng Meng. 
This was @ Lok Pin Hotel, a Nostalgic Hotel Building since 1961.
LC 117, Jalan Muar, 84900, Tangkak, Johor

This is Wantan Noodles at my dad's kampung hehe...
This is only half a portion...
Yes people are very generous over there.
The wantan are small cute yet delicious. 

Went to Lagenda Forest Park, somewhere near Sagil. It was a really hot day, somehow, being in a forest really cool things down. Enjoying the cool air and comfortable dose of sun. 
It's a place for family or company gatherings and also team building as there are chalets and camp sites. 

See those glowing leaves that are blue in color?
Apparently they are used to treat jaundice in babies.

 There's a small animal farm too
Meet Bujang the Porcupine. So adorable awwwww!!!!

After that, went back to Tangkak Town and started looking for the famous Tangkak Beef Noodle
Seriously, don't underestimate the crowd.
The standard Beef Noodle I suppose.
Because we weren't allowed to ask for anything else, there was only one item on the menu. The only choice you have is u can choose for kuey teow or bihun.
Anyhow, this standard was is already enough to satisfy my tastebud.
The soup was amazing, so rich in flavor yet refreshing. 
Spring Onions and Herbs together and the essence of the beef!!
The beef strip's texture was tender, seriously no difficulty in chewing at all.
Yum! Too bad I couldn't order extra :(

Yea, sold proof of the crowd. 

 Told you that they are famous!!

Restoran Kuang Fei : Tangkak Beef Noodle
20, Jalan Solok,
84900, Tangkak Johor.

Finally, a photo with the father, 
who drove me around to show me his childhood memories. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Outing with the classmates after our war

Photos sharing time
this was from my trip with the classmates...
well most of the photos are selcas n just US
haha coz we din do much in Genting
thought we had enough time to do all the fun stuff but turns our we were wrong!!
But anyhow, with the friends, and genting's atmosphere, there's no dull moment.

Another reason to why there weren't much photos
coz most of our time was spent at a place where photos are not allowed. 
Yes, it was our main objective of the trip since most of us were still underage. Yea some just short by few months, n some, like me, short by a year haha...
always wanted to do this, coz when the moment past, you can never do it again
Yes You Got It Right, I'm talking about entering the casino (while I'm still underage)
Most of my friends in PJ they had already done it, making me like the only one out, so I dare not ask them to do this with me haha...
anyways, all of us made it. But of course, there were fail attempts before all of us made fact there's one who only made it once haha, you know who you are young girl! :D
but so far, I can conclude that most of us look old enough...
went to the Genting's Casino first, then the Starworld @ First World
Entering the casino was an eye-opening experience
Breath taking i must say, the place was huge, massive! It's like adult version Genting Theme Park
And there's so much to observe, the people, the games, the behavior, the expressions. I can literally feel everyone's desire in the air. It was entertaining enough to just see how the people play.
Anyways, other than that, we walked around, took photos, enjoyed the cool breeze and went to the indoor arcade as well. Then had coffee break at Starbucks (a must-do)

Okay, next post will be about Tangkak trip.
and also food!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Continue from where we stopped...

I'm so sorry!! I've been MIA for more than 2 months
and please understand It's not really my intention to do so.
The weeks after CNY holidays were crazy, okay if I'd known better english, there's probably some better word that could describe the complexity and insanity of those days...
Thanks to CNY holidays, we kinda procrastinated our work and everything have to be jumbled up in one month's time, from assignments, to presentations, to event planning, to mid-term. There's no single day where I can just watch my movies like nobody's business. There must be something to do. Nevertheless, I guess I wasn't exactly lifeless things still happen hehe.


So first of all, still in the course of CNY
Gathering with mckl bunch

I Truly Missed these people...
Really happy that all of us made the effort to meet up :D

the main event after CNY
an event which was managed and organized by our very own group of friends...
Appreciation Day Photo Taking Fund Raiser.
We were giving instant photo taking service to our uni's students...
with the aim of raising funds for an orphanage and also to let students keep photos as a token of memory (which is very rare nowadays since all photos are digitally stored)
Well the event turns out to be more successful than we expected
Thanks to those who supported us! Especially the classmates :D

Photo background done by me n sharon!!
for me, an art-illterate, i'm already happy with my creation hahaha :D


Celebrated roommate's birthday

Attended USTAR singing competition finals show
with the classmates and cousins :D

Volunteered in a secondary school prefects camp as a mentor to the kids
haha yes i just used the word kids, they were all little brother and sisters to me...
My group of mentee 
We got 2nd Place :D

The mentors and facilitators which comprise of students and teachers of UTAR KL and Sungai Long.  

Went back to Dad's hometown, Tangkak, for Cheng Meng...
will have a seperate post about it...
it's good food + nature and some father and daughter bonding time :D

Sheauwen - The college bestie's farewell as she continues her studies in Singapore!

April was pretty much calm, which is exactly the forecast of a storm!!
I pretty much spent my time TRYING to study....but obviously i failed. Lecturers were rushing to teach whatever they can...however, still managed to have some fun with my dearest classmates... :D

Finals starts at the end of April and continues until the first week of May
and yes, I have two exams landed on 2 public holidays, pity me :(
Microecons was right after the GE, and I didn't study at all just to watch the live results of GE
anyhow, i thought it was worth it haha....eventhough i screwed the paper.

so, after the exams, the classmates and I went to our long awaited one day trip!
yeap, the after-exam-stress-release-bonding-playing-rule-breaking-and-play-like-a-boss trip!
Will post about it in the next post...

Here's some extras of me and my awesome unimates :D

At Connaught Pasar Malam with the dear ones
having the delicious cold noodle! 

Dinner time! 


 Relax Day at Station One Cafe
with live music...

and darts...
and a bunch of good friends who are willing to share this moment of joy together.  

Photo Taken from the Finale Speech @ MBPJ Stadium the day before Genereal Elections
went with my dad n mom
amazed and overwhelmed by the crowd
heightened spirit, love the atmosphere, never felt so 1 Malaysia before!!
yes, all races were together for one objective! It felt like a party where everyone just wanna join, play a part and share their feelings.

Love Nuffnang


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