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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Study Green :D

Exams over!!! Fuh.....
I wont say I studied hard, in fact I was just TRYING HARD TO STUDY (do u see d difference??) Yea, I dunno what freaking number will appear on my papers...
But Who Cares, who cares and WHO CARES?? It's over :D
So i thought it's time to update my blog abit
hmm....I'm just gonna share some random stuff when I was in study period...

Well basically,I realize I pretty much put in some Go Green efforts in studying :D
Yeap, I'm studying and saving the earth at d same time LOL

 Recycled my used ledger and journal books in form 4
which I abandoned them after I dropped accounts.
I realize there was quite a lot of pages left, so didn't bother to buy a new note book, used this instead :D

Printed my past year papers on the other side of used papers.
Daddy got this big fat stack of wrongly-printed answers sheet, so used it to print the physics papers.
And guess what, I finished the BIG FAT STACK.

This one is interesting, Recycled Pen!!!
It's not used pen la, it's just the pen is made up of recycled materials.
Also from daddy, where his friend gave him one whole box of these recycled pens, also due to printing error.

It's very cute and also, because it's made out of recycled fibre, it's very LIGHT and very smooth to hold. The ink works fine as well.
I have loads of this, if u want one, tell me or leave a comment :D

This is what exams do to me...
Dark Circles, Bad skin, Pimples popping out and totally Tired!

Yea I was suppose to sleep before exams, but can't help to apply a mask before I sleep. Trust me, it makes u less tired and helps to relieve some stress la (at least stress on your face) Anyways, this Garnier's Aqua Defense Intensive Hydrating Mask is a good one. Love the texture and my face looked less...dead. And the gel-like texture is very cooling!! Love it!! :D

Anyways, a thank you to my college buddies who studied with me during the time before exams.
Learned a lot from you guys!!
JiaChee, Brandon, SheauWen, Jinyun, Daniel and Pauline.....and also d beta-ians
Thank You!!

Well I wanna say thank you to Mummy here,
for not bugging me to study, not that she didn't bug me at all, at least she didn't nag all the time. And also, for buying me one box of Essence of Chicken although the exam only last for 3 days. And and and, for making healthy drinks like barley and chrysanthemum tea and also energy boosters like 泡参茶. And also nagging me to take vitamin C so that I wont fall sick. Thank you Thank you!!! :D   
Oh oh and thank you Daddy too, for always reminding me to drink my essence of chicken LOL

Friday, June 24, 2011

Back into K-Drama

Why does all the awesome k-drama have to come out at the times where I'm having exam?????
I told myself to study hard but when Thursdays come, all this willpower just crumbles into dust in one second.
And this time, who did this?? City Hunter

City Hunter
Currently airing in Korea.
It's such an awesome tv series I tell you.

I wasn't very impressed when I know the story will be about revenge and stuffs. But when I know Lee Min Ho is the main lead, hehe...definitely shouldn't miss it la. But after watching the first episode, totally fell for it man. Not because of Lee Min Ho's good looks (but it's still one of the main reasons XD), but the whole story line is just so interesting. I must give credits to the writer, a story full of conflicts and interesting relationships issue. It's not wholly about revenge, but it talks about justice, guilt, dreams and sacrifice and of course, Love.
The complicated yet interesting relationship between the characters is the best thing i tell you. Most of the characters are inter-related and they all have a responsibilities towards each other and there's a lot of hidden truth and secrets between them which makes the story very fun and full of ups and downs. But I can assure you, it's not like those over dramatic and sad-sad story. There's a lot of comedy and lively acts as well. Oh at the same time, this series has a lot of action scenes. Which is so "yeng", especially Lee Min Ho's action scenes!! Really wanna share this awesome film with you guys!

 The Main Casts:
Lee Min Ho (right2)
Park Min Young (centre)
Lee Joon Hyuk (left2)
Hwang Sun Hee (left1)
KARA's Goo Ha Ra (right1)

The story takes place in Seoul, 2011. Lee Yoon Sung is a talented MIT-graduate who works on the international communications team in the Blue House. He plans revenge on five politicians who caused his father's death with his surrogate father Lee Jin Pyo and eventually becomes a "City Hunter." 

Yea I would like to add my synopsis as well LOL
It's not just about revenge. It also tells the story between Yoon Sung and NaNa(by ParkMinYoung) where Yoon Sung has feeling towards NaNa but can't express it, in order to protect her form harm. Yoon Sung kept his City Hunter identity as a secret, nobody knows it but SaeHee (HwangSunHee) who was always his life-saving angel. So yea the storyline goes about how Nana and others like YoungJoo (JoonHyuk) slowly uncover his true identity. And also there's a debate about whether to crown the City Hunter as a Hero or a Criminal, whether they should accept his way of punishing the guilty ones. YoungJoo was Saehee's ex-husband, the reason they divorced was because YoungJoo only cares about his work. Both of them still have feelings towards each other but at the same time YoungJoo is also interested in Nana as well.
So yea, told u the relationships are very interesting!!

Hot Guys and Pretty Girls
Where can you find a better cast???

Here's the trailers :

Lee Min Ho is gorgeous, don't u think so????

Thursday, June 23, 2011



Exams coming....
Stress is building up, piling up, adding up
It just never go DOWN...
Thanks to all these friends who made my stressful before-exam-week less....stressful :D
Actually they totally cheered me up
Yea, it was friday. I was suppose to study for d whole day. So d day b4, when Jessie asked me to go out for lunch, I said NO to her...but BUT i just couldn't tahan anymore...So I decided to screw it and go meet my friends. :D
Which was totalleh A wise choice larrr

Anyways, we had lunch at Malacca Street SS2 and next, we went BOWLING!! 
Courtesy of Sheung Jien. Thanks a lot!!

Esther, Jon and Carmen (Me)

SheungJien, Erin and HanRui

The Actions and Moments

eh look here larrr....

 Love these people! :D


Went to celebrate Fiona's Birthday Yesterday, at ou.
Had a long chat with her....wish there was more time for us LOL!

So today's the 23rd of June
It might be some ordinary day to you, but today is someone's BIRTHDAY
A very special someone...
Happy Birthday Fiona Ong!!!!
One of my best BEST friends in high school!
and also my Starbucks Buddy.
Thanks for being such an awesome friend.
Words can't tell how awesome are you, but the memories between us do! :D
Form 4 and 5 would have been like....a monochrome without you....
Thanks for always sharing good stuffs and interesting experiences with me!
I learned a lot from you, seriously.
You're now 18, so I hope that you'll have an awesome and colourful life ahead.
and most importantly. stay happy and healthy :D
Love you Loads...

Oh another shout out to my friends...
College Friends this time...
JiaChee, Brandon, SheauWen, Pauline and Daniel!!!
Thanks for studying with me all these days....
We are gonna screw nail the exams!!!

Something RANDOM
 Finally Had D.I.Y  French Manicure!!!
I didn't bother to apply the pink color coz it's so hard to apply evenly...
But have to cut those nails very very soon...
Piano Coming T.T

Monday, June 20, 2011

Brilliant Nasi Lemak @ Kepong

Yummy, Yummy and YUMMY!!!wua long time never dine out with my family edi...
Good thing that my mom decided to try out this Brilliant Nasi Lemak House which she read about in the papers...
So yea, we went all the way to Kepong to taste this unique Nasi Lemak
and of course, it's DELICIOUS!! or else why do u think it appear on the newspaper???

So, here's what we ordered

Nasi Lemak Set -- RM 16.90
The set includes this yummy nasi lemak and also a desert(see below)
As you can see, the Nasi lemak has sambal, a Fried Chicken, Stuffed Sotong and also Sambal Shrimp as well as eggs, cucumbers, anchovies and peanuts.
Awesome right??? My Favorites all together.
The sambal is okay, abit spicy for me (I have very low tolerance to spicy stuff). 
The Fried Chicken -- *Thumbs-up*
The stuffed sotong is quite interesting, i think they stuffed the sotong with fish meat paste. Taste really good. And the sotong's texture is really nice, not like the usual ones which are sooo bloody hard to chew. The Rice taste really good too, love the texture and also the scent.
But mind you that the rice is kinda small portion.
My parents ordered 2 extra bowls of rice and shared this dish.

 The set comes with this homemade dessert.
It's quite nice la, after eating all the spicy stuff, u definitely need something to cool down.
It has loads of stuff in it: Nata De Coco, Cincau, Snow Fungus, Lychee etc etc...

I ordered Nasi Lemak with Rendang Pork -- RM 7.90
In Love with it!!
I didn't know pork can be so yummy when cooked in rendang style!!!
It's not too spicy which i really like!
This is something creative and unique.
I'm sure you can't really find this anywhere....
Try This out!!

 Sambal Crab Meat Rolls -- RM 5 (around there, cant really rmb, sorry)
Inside the Roll
This one taste OK. It's very crispy but again, it's abit spicy for me.
So I scrape off the sambal, and it taste really good LOL.

 Sour Plum Juice -- RM2.60

 Milk Tea -- RM2.20
Always my fave drink whenever I eat Nasi lemak :)

 Vince promoting their 2nd branch :)

 See??!! Daddy adding rice!!!
so yea, it's really yummy!!!

I think the price is quite reasonable larrr....
The environment is quite okay, got air conditioner, GOT WI-FI summore.....
So It's quite worth it to dine in there :D

Brilliant Nasi Lemak House
10, Jalan Metro Perdana 8,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
52100 Kuala Lumpur.

Went to Ou after that......took some random photos ;)

 Starbucks!!! Green Tea Frap and also My Beloved Java Chip!!!

Vince treat me coz she had this Buy One Free One voucher from Cleo Magazine.
Thank You CLEO!!

 Random... Cute, don't u think???

Went to Lotte Mart to buy this Starbucks Double Shot Espresso and Cream for my Brother.
The double shot espresso AWESOME-FIED the coffee!!
Better than any nescafe or boss....
BTW this 200ml coffee cost RM 7.50...
good thing that it taste awesome, if not arrrr....... T.T

Actually I ended up buying something EXTRA from Lotte Mart :
 hehehehe Vita 500
The Vitamin Drink that is endorsed by SNSD aka Girls Generation.
The moment I saw d bottle, i just couldn't help but buy it.
And for a start, bought Yuri's Bottle!!!
This imported vitamin C fibre drink costs RM 5.00.
I think i should buy more for my brother since he's sooo lack of fibre and vitamin C.

 French Manicure Kit from Sally Hansen -- RM 44.90
Rimmel London Nail Polish in Coralicious -- RM 11.90
Finally I used my RM50 Parkson Voucher, that voucher has been sleeping in my purse forever!!
I didn't really know what to buy from Parkson coz I'm not a very big fan of the goods over there...
Like the previous times, I spent the voucher on Nail Polish...
Vince started using d Rimmel polish, and according to her, the brush is really good. Easy Application and it dries in 60 seconds.
For the French Manicure.... it's not as easy as i thought it would be....
takes a lot of practice.
But I'm getting better at it, after all, the nail polish are great and the guides are very useful!

Okay, one more week to internal exam...
I just remembered that I have to score a GPA of 2.85 to maintain the scholarship.
gosh.....kill me kill me!!
Okay i guess I'll only blog next week.....bye  bye!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Super Short Food Review -- Toaster Box

I know this food review might be a lil' too short....
but who cares, I just wanna share some good food here :D

Toast Box @ 1utama

Okay so went to 1u Last Friday for my weekly "hang gai' session with Vince aka my cousin. She haven't had her lunch yet so we went to this Toast Box, which is located at the 2nd floor. Yes I know, Toast Box was there forever but I haven't try food from there, because I haven't been to ou for like at least 2 months, yea, since college started, no more shopping T.T Anyways, I had my lunch so I didn't order anything, whereas her, instead of ordering toast, she ordered a Lontong.  Which is a smart choice hehehee *Digi-wink*

Lontong -- RM 6.80
I never know Lontong existed, sorry sorry, I know I sucked as a Malaysian. But Good thing that I discovered this awesome dish man... Love it Love it!!! That's why I love and hate Malaysia, so much awesome good food to eat but end up making me so fat haha :D
Anyways, yea according to Wikipedia, Lontong is an Asian dish made of compressed rice wrapped inside banana leaf that is then cut into small cakes as staple food replacement of steamed rice. I'm grateful to whoever that invented this, it's so yummy weih. The curry taste so good, it's kinda spicy the taste and the scent is just soo goooood!! *Thumbsup* I can't really explain how good it is, so just go try larr, Lontong at Toast Box.
Usually those traditional food like, nasi lemak and rojak, that is served in all these cafe's are not that nice compare to those homemade ones. But surprisingly, this Lontong from Toast Box taste really really good!! I'm now a fan of it, I'm gonna eat again next week!!!!!

Anyways, this Toast Box is yet another awesome yumcha spot la. There are other food choices as well, like toasts, eggs, noodles and so on. The place is also not that noisy, and it's between the shops, so you can just sit there, and look around and stare at people. Well that's what I like to do :D

The beverage in the 1st photo is just Tea -- RM 2.60

Check out the Toast Box's Website!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Needs Motivation to Play the Piano -- MPYO

Orchestra Buddies :D

Short Update : Went to the MPYO's (Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra) Chamber Concert on Monday with my darling high school buddies!!

This was my second time watching the MPYO's Chamber concert, last time was in 2009. And I remember how crazy I was back then after watching the performance. I played the piano a lot and I passed my exams that year!!
So I knew I had to go to this Concert, I definitely needed some motivation....

And I definitely needed to meet up with my old friends ;)

The performance was great! The pieces were really beautiful and awesome. Especially the ones that involved Piano hehee.... and also Clarinet. I miss playing clarinet man....  Miss those days in the band...
Anyways, here's a list :
Oh erm, this is the 1st time I see a Harp Performance in Orchestra
Harp is just.....beautiful. The melody and the tone is just nice :D
yea as usual, their final piece was something fun.
Travel Notes by R.R Bennett, 
the piece just translate the different situations in different vehicles into music. I can really SEE A PICTURE when they were playing, it's just awesome!!
This one is performed by the NUS Students.
Trust me, Live experience is still the best!!!!

Yea I guess the orchestra really did motivate me, all the musicians who performed were great and looking at them makes me feel that I suck in music. But they will definitely be role models to me. Wish i could be like them :D I played the piano for 2 hours in the morning, I guess that's a good thing right? since usually I can never sit in front of a piano for more than 10 minutes... 

One and a half week of hols gone.....
Seems like I didn't do any thing....
I was working last weekend in Tesco as promoter, selling carnation milk.
My AwesomE supervisor didn't tell me that I had to cook!!
But thanks to mommy's advice, I manage to cook yummy omelets :D
I am really broke now, so I might be working again this coming weekend....
but before that, I guess I have to stick to my piano 1st.... GTG ByE!!

Love Nuffnang


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