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How to use the Food related labels

Since I realize there really is people who read about my food experiences so I might as well do it nicely so that you can view the food reviews according to your wish.

Anyways, just wanna explain abit about the food-related labels
1. The one with a dash, e.g (Food - PJ)
After the dash is the location/area of the restaurant.

2. One special one is: Food - Chain Stores
If a post has this label it means that the food that you are looking at is available at multiple places, not just the address that I provided in the post. Usually I will attach the food's website in the post so that you can see the list of the outlets.

3. For the ones with a colon e.g (Food : Vegetarian)
After the colon is the category/type of food

4. Finally, another special one
Food REvisit
well the posts with this tag means I've already been to that restaurant before and talked about it in my blog.
well usually I seldom go to the same place twice, so if you see this tag, this usually means that the restaurant's food is definitely better and worth second visit.
Also, for posts with this tag, I might not mention the details of the place (e.g location) so if you are interested with the food with this label, do search for it in my blog, I would have written down the details in the previous post.

I will also write REvisit in the post to specify which restaurant exactly it is, since I usually blog about multiple restaurants in one post.

Yeap, enjoy, TQ hehe

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