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Friday, August 17, 2007

i'm superly high today!!
i really feel like writing down my feelings n expression......
well, we had our AGM today,
yes, i gt my first aid badge,
and, the new COH of 2007/2008 was announced

Unit Leader : Ng Mun Ling (she rocked)
Asst U.Leader : Chew Kar Mun
Secretary : (4gt lerrr) i think is Chin Shen
Asst. Secretary : Sabrina
Treasurer : Amirah
Asst. Treasurer : Lee Hui Qian
Drill Mistress : Zi Qian
Project Director : Yuen Yeng (so po)
Quarter Mistress : Felicia & Mun Yee
First aid Director : Pei Wen

Coy Leader : Hilary (for sure is her la)
Asst. Coy Leader : Sook Ven (i damn happy man)
Secretary : Esther!!
Asst. Secretary : Li Jiet (a cute girl)
Treasurer : Seow Jing
Drill Mistress : Erin & Jo Yee(my mui mui)
Project Director : Magdelene (magmag)
Quarter Mistress : Jia Wen (me) & Ashikin
Aft. Rep : Su Jin (a really nice n hardworking girl)

As you can see, i'm super freaking happy that sook ven's our ACL. Today i damn high becoz of this. And i'm still in my QM place, n i'm vry happy oso, but i lost her, my best partner. Sad oso lerr, honestly, i felt like crying when she's announced as ACL. But think positive, she "naik pangkat". Hehe, well, normally i bully her during work(joking la, but everybody seems to think i bully her a lot ~.~"), but now she my "upstairs", wa, sure kena screw by her (jk oso ^.^). Actually, i kinda expected this.
O ya, this girl's burfday's comin, next tuesday. we gt marching practice so i'm gonna celebrate her bday, n hilary's as well. Our new UL munling, expected coz she really deserves it. Conclusion : i'm very happy with this new COH. And another thing about today's AGM. The last time we call Kyeling as our Unit Leader . And we're saying goodbye to the form 5's. Erin & Sook Ven cried like waterfall. Really learnt a lot from them, and i really enjoy the moments we spent together. What i can say is, Kyeling is really a great leader. She managed to lead us, n we've made so many achievments.

N erm, i jus came back from the restaurant near my hse, went to c badminton match.
This was my fave team n they lost!!!! Koo Keng Kiat n Tan Boon Heong. I really gt a heart attack when it is the match point. They played more than 21. Really 'sengit'. I'm really 'gan jiong' n i keep praying. But they still lose. The whole competition is totally out. Those who gt 2nd in ranking were all out already. Very 'bao leng'. Malaysia gt no more games except the last n only 1 in men's doubles. I liked this team too. Hope they will win since they won the no.1 ranking team today.
Really hope they'll win.

Love Nuffnang


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