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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Review: Descendants of the Sun. Why the fever?

just feel like shouting out some thoughts here, before I go into mugging week 
haha some of you might think this is another post to fangirl about Song Joongki 
Well, it's not all wrong hahahahah

but....I think I'm gonna fan girl for Song Hye Kyo more hehe
hands down awesom-est acting 

Just in case some of you don't know (I suppose there's none), Descendants of the Sun is pretty much the hottest and most famous Korean Drama for this year, up until now. Just to give you an idea how insane the craze was (in Msia and SG's case at least).... 

First: You will not swipe your Facebook without noticing someone fangirling about Song Joongki or someone posting DotS related news. I swear I wanted to be one of those people haha, but I thought I shall not spam peopls' news feed further LOL. 

Second, there's at least one mandarin news about DotS on chinese papers everyday. I'm not exaggerating. Almost every Chinese paper I read have it and it's so insane that even the smallest news made it to the paper. Mostly Song Joongki's news, but there's also like prediction of the drama outcome, comments from directors or crew made it to the papers too! Can you imagine haha 

Third, you will find at least one person watching DotS on their mobile devices in the MRT. 

Fourth, you will walk past random people in Uni and hear them talking about DotS. (and yes I'm pretty sure one the random people is me hahahahahah)

Fifth, now that it has ended. Everyone will be saying how empty they feel. 

I swear this craze is one of the most heated one. Is like Song Joongki became every girl's boyfriend haha. and became every guy's enemy too (nola just joking) 

[Minor Spoiler Ahead]

Personally, I think this drama was quite a successful one. Not my favorite, but it surely deserves all the attention. 

Written by one of my favorite K-Drama writers Ms Kim Eun Sook who also wrote tearjerkers like Secret Garden and romance comedy like Gentlemen's Dignity, DotS's storyline was really a fresh and interesting one that triggered people's imaginations and expectations. Gotta say this Army Captain and Doctor combo is just too genius of an idea. Not many people can develop stories from such a background but she created so many beautiful scenes and heart warming lines. 
I think it's really smart for her to choose this topic, since it's rare, and I doubt anyone had any expectations before we watch. Whatever story it tells, we didn't see it coming, and so we love it. Yes, we didn't see a baby-faced army coming, we didn't see a baby-faced soldier who can joke coming, we certainly didn't see a baby faced-humorous-and-knows-how-to-flirt soldier, coming. I swear I didn't imagine the first episode to be an army soldier using his army tricks to impress a girl. Thought it was gonna be some serious melo. 
Unlike the recent K-dramas which usually have a backbone storyline that holds the story, this one doesn't exactly have one but the story was able to progress with plots that incorporates action, drama and lots of humor which constantly keeps us on the edge of our seats. I like how every episode has it's complications and a climax that really pulls people to keep on watching. 

But I have to say, towards the end of the series, I feel like the story was kind of rushing. It's like all the problems were easily resolved by miracle. (Spoiler: Is it even possible for someone to recover within a day after several gunshots with a cardiac arrest?) But maybe it's a good thing too, or else it would have been suffering for us to bear the sad moments.        

Characters and Settings

No need to say, this is the best part of the show haha. I keep on saying this is 史上颜值最高电视剧. And when people ask me how I think of the show, I always answer. It's pleasing to WATCH, like literally. 很好看 The visuals are just 101%.  I guess I don't have to reiterate on how impressively good looking all the main actors and actresses are, their costumes and stuffs. I have to say the setting was brilliant seriously. It was filmed in Greece omg... A mesmerizing place, with story-book like skies and sea together with the ruined-beauty of some ancient buildings that endured history. And you placed two of the most dignified people in the world over there (Soldier and Doctor), isn't it a glorious and beautiful scene? I guess most people forgot the fact that Soldier and Volunteering Doctors are tough jobs while watching the show haha. 

Plot and Scenes
Gotta comment a little bit about the sub-plots and certain scenes. I really like how the series has a lot of comedy in it, despite it being a melodrama. I guess it really changed the mood of the viewers watching the show. 
But at the same time, I do like some of the plots that triggers some debate between the two main characters. I guess the "Country or Me" issue defined most of the stories in the series and it's really an interesting topic to present. I like how they expressed their concerns and emotions. The complicated debate between Love me let me go or Love me stay with me. Well even though this was obviously one of the main issues, but I wished the writer developed more in detailed on this topic. It might be draggy, but I would like to see a more realistic struggle. It felt like they got their way too easily. 
Btw, even though I love the second couple in the show, I thought their story was just cliche, is like the writer just wants to make their lives miserable for no reason. I wished more details are being shown in their relationship, to me it was just two of them loving each other very much, but why? how they kept it together, what was keeping them strong. Is like "I love you and so nothing is gonna change. My dad is the only thing between us."

On another note, I do like some of the issues regarding moral and ethics. One of my favorite scenes and line was Captain Yoo telling Doctor Kang to save the person because you are a Doctor. "I will kill him as a Soldier if I have to. Do your job as a doctor." I think Onew did well in portraying the doctor who ran away from a survivor during a rescue. Sometimes we have to make painful decisions in life, one way or the other, we will suffer emotionally.

Yay fangirling time!! Personally think Song Hye Kyo did a great job. Her acting OMG. I cried in the last two episodes. It's like Secret Garden all over again. (I suppose Hyun Bin was really a match with her haha) I cried because of her expressions! I swear I really didn't feel like crying when the bad news was told. I didn't cry at his last words (Sorry Captain). But damnnnnn those heartbreaking scenes really made me cry. There weren't even any lines man, just her and her acting OMG. Oh Kim Ji Won was equally awesome on that part as well. Two ladies, making me cry so bad. While I was watching, I can't even believe I started tearing and my heart pounded as they sobbed and then I realize I wasn't breathing LOL was totally absorbed by their acting. This is where you realize, the real main character was Dr. Kang. 

Okay la not that SJK wasn't as good as Song Hye Kyo. Congrats on his transform from Flower Boy to Tough Guy look. He took on this role really well. Is like a perfect mix of everything. The baby face but tough figure, his warm laughter as the joker and his stern voice as the big boss, the struggling personality of a savior and a killer, the man in love and the country's man, all these were portrayed with clarity. Never gonna forget those eyes that can melt you down instantly haha. You know how people always say certain man only appear in drama but not real life, NO I dont think so, I think this guy only appear in DREAMS haha. It was another level of perfect.    

Jin Goo sshi I didn't forget you. You are so adorable. I really like how he portrays like this very loyal and responsible sergeant that seems like he doesn't care much on the outside, but on the inside he's just a soft guy who cares and thinks so much about MyeongJoo. 暖男 arr!!

Okay conclusion. It's really worth watching, and I kinda wished they extended the show a little bit more. The fresh storyline, the interesting characters and the right dose of action and comedy in a romance drama. More importantly, the visuals!!

Bye Descendants of the Sun. You were really awesome.   

gotta end with a fangirling remark:
Oppa 쳐다보지마

p/s: They have AWESOME OST.

pps: CHEESY ALERT They have lots of super cheesy lines. My gosh especially 单身狗 like me almost cannot tahan the last 2 episodes.  

ppps: Tbh, as much as I love Dr. Kang's character, but sometimes I can't help but to dislike it when she acts like some naive-dumb girl in front of Captain. But I suppose this is the 好天真好不做作 quality that every female lead must have. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Food Porn Tuesdays

In the same situation as the previous post. Listening to decision analysis. Was thinking whether I should make Tuesdays a Food Porn post kinda day thanks to this 3 hour window I have. But damnn I guess it's too late, this is already the last seminar LOL

Well this blog would be going into hibernation mode soon. Hope these yummy visuals will keep u entertained while my blog ceases operations heh

For this week, these are photos taken at PJ Uptown (Damansara Utama)

Cafe Lafayette 
Aglio Olio and Salmon 

Cafe Lafayette


Pork Chop 


Food prices in PJ is freaking me out recently. Despite my occasional splurge on insta-worthy meals, i still prefer good old yummy cheap eats. Here's one of my favorites in DU:
Annie 1
My favorite Wantan Noodles and Teh C

Just an add on, actually I tried the Deep Fried Mozzarella at Cafe Lafayette and i think it's worth recommending. But for some reason I didn't take a photo of it. Here's my friend Jingwen's instagram post of our meal that day. See the golden brown slices with cheesy strands on the right? Yep just try haha. 

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Thinking of Food

In the middle of the class, with no intention to listen and hoping the lecturer doesn't catch me swiping my phone. 
Just a Sudden urge to post food pics. But damnnn this blogger app needs alot of improvement. Can't post large photos and limited tools. Urghhhh
Anyways, here's some yummy treats from my trip to JB in February. Will update on the shop details soon when I get hold of my laptop.

The Brew Orchestra 
Magic, Matcha Latte and Garden Salad

Atlas, Coffee Embassy 
Mocha (with impressive latte art, see the layers?)

Atlas, Coffee Embassy 
Blueberry Waffles

Atlas, Coffee Embassy 
Breakfast set: Sauteed Mushroom is heaven

Chicken Satay with ketupat

Mutton curry with rice

small reunion with cousins at Daiman 云華宫

Signing off with a zz photo 

Friday, April 01, 2016

Cheese in the Trap 奶酪的陷阱 Review: 人情世故就是复杂

很久没讲关于戏剧了,相信认识我的人都知道,我是韩剧迷,没错我就是那种典型喜欢看帅哥美女,喜欢浪漫喜剧,喜欢常常会让人少女心爆发的韩剧 科科。可是最近看了一套,我认为是我看了那么多韩剧以来,真的打从心底想推荐给别人看的韩剧。也是我认为我看过最有特色之一的韩剧。

先说说这韩剧的名字:“奶酪的陷阱” 一开始听到这个名字还觉得有点莫名其妙,什么韩剧会有那么滑稽有趣的名字。后来也很现实的查看一下男女主角是谁,老实说...不是我想象中的无敌男神女神组合。之后又读了剧情简介,更莫名其妙。我记得我在网络看到的简介是说,这是关于一个女主角发现了外貌出众,性格善良,人缘极好的男主角的另一面。lol 乍看之下,还以为这是吸血鬼故事之类的哈哈,但事情并不如此,只是纯粹一部改编自网络漫画的现代大学爱情故事。 后来想想,这故事好像没有很吸引eh,somok 是男主角的另一面? 哪一面那么特别o?




我相信每个在大学念过书的人,都会感同身受。这部戏,把大学生活中的人,事,物,和当中人与人之间的矛盾,问题,和相处,很贴切地叙述出来。 看了会发现,很多我们在大学,一定会遇到的人和问题。看了会让你思考,其实人与人之间,真的很多利益上的冲突,你觉得我自私,我觉得你过分,但我觉得我公正,你觉得你没错。人活着,不可能做到大公无私,也没有所谓公认做好人的方程式。只有每个人,各自心中对好人这个词的定义,你不符合,你对我来说就不是好人。最后,大家只是看哪个定义比较被多数人接受。






话说回来哈哈,应该是要写评论,怎么最后变反省文哈哈。ok 总结,这个戏,真的很值得细心去体会。反映了很多人与人之间的复杂关系,也让我发现其实每一件事里,每个人都有他们那一面的故事,而我们往往,只愿意听一面。这是一个让你看见每一面的故事。我觉得,上过大学或出了社会的人会比较能欣赏这部戏的精髓。

这部戏,真的很不同。没有一般韩剧里,男女主角美丽的误会为起点,没有完美的男主角,没有完美的女主角,就连男配角也有自己的故事。没有轰轰烈烈的爱情,没有很多怦然心动的桥段,没有花言巧语,没有刀枪不入的友情,没有毫无摩擦的家庭,没有飞上枝头变凤凰的剧情,更没有羡煞旁人的大学生涯。我可以告诉你,男主角,FAR FROM PERFECT,外表看起来是完美高富帅,但其实很多不为人知,但是很真实的一面。看完了你会觉得男主角是那么多韩剧里最差劲的一个哈哈 。但现在韩剧都是把主角完美化,现实中哪有完美的人?是时候看看比较写实的男主角啦haha 女主角,平凡得来,又很有魅力, 而魅力在于她的不完美,她不是100%的善良,她更不是那种你是男主角所以我不管你做什么都爱你的人,她有她的挣扎,这是她的真实。

ohmygosh 想到就想哭哈哈,有很多很感动的剧情!


“我们分手吧。我希望我在能够好好爱你的状态下,再和你见面。”  这是哪种分手,哭惨了...

“谢谢你,我能为你做什么?” “别把戒指摘下,也不能弄丢。” LOL 你女朋友送你戒指,你问她要什么当回报,她竟然告诉你不要摘下就好。感动死了...

各位姐妹们,看吧,我相信我们都是洪雪 haha

Love Nuffnang


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