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Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'll marry you for sure.....

Please come back......
I really need you
the days without you were excruciating
and it seemed like ages....
OhMyGosh......can you just come back to me?????
I really really want you back..............

My Dear Voice

I really didn't know how much I love my voice until I lost it
Humans are always like that, you never appreciate whatever you have until you realize it's gone....
I couldn't talk for days, let alone sing
and I feel like I'm gonna die now.....
2 days ago, when I woke up and realize I can't speak at all
it felt like the world is gonna end to me
I can tell you that I'm not exaggerating, that was exactly how I felt....
and then when I start to listen to music, it punched my heart so deeply that I couldn't sing along with that song
and that was when I realize how much I love singing and I'll do whatever it takes to just sing....

It's been a week already, and I can hardly speak now...
gosh....I can't stand this anymore....

I told myself if I got my voice back, I'm gonna marry my voice
I swear I'll be committed to my vocal cords and do whatever it takes to protect it, to love it, to appreciate it
I'll never lose you again....
and I'm gonna sing like there's no tomorrow =)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I'll sing like there's no tomorrow

Statement : Holidays started and I'm not studying.

anyways, nothing much happened
went shopping with Audrey on monday hehe....
oh wait I should use your full name,

haha.....Audrey, a really awesome friend of mine, she searched her name at Google, due to her loa-ness, only to find out that my blog was on top of the list and I wrote "Audrey San Ee Mei ffk-ed us" lol! 
she was so upset and kept complaining this to everyone in school LOL!
okay now I guarantee it will be something different audrey...
well today's her birthday as well so I might just write this BIG :

anyways, shopping was really fun except the empty-handed part
well didn't have any cash with me so went window shopping only
but gosh, sales are basically EVERYWHERE
and saw many nice clothes....eeeeeesh.....such a turn off to shop without money...
bought earrings and a nail buffer
Earrings from Vault

Nail buffer from Daiso

It's not that shining after all
shouldn't put too much hope on a 5 bucks tool snapped some shots in changing room

Well yesterday was kinda suffering
I lost my voice in the morning
and I really felt like the world is gonna end....
went to the doctor at night.....apparently I have a very very weak heart
The doctor have to poke my fingers to let the blood flow through my ice-cold fingers.
Kena poke like crazy and blood was everywhere
my doctor said I was very brave and asked me if I want to study Chinese Medicine...LOL
I would definitely think about it but when he told me the cost of it....
haiz....just don't think about it anymore....
 phone pic, it's kinda blur
see the red spot?? yea, imagine I got poked for twice on each finger...
this was the last cotton ball that I used so not that bloody after all....

woke up this morning an my throat is getting worse, skipped physics tuition
but later I have a 5 hour add maths exam to face.....haiz...

Happy Birthday again Audrey San Ee Mei!!
Thanks Thanks *100000 for being a really supportive friend...
Thanks for being the one to tell me to step up on stage lol!!
Thanks for being the cheerful and syok sendiri one......Love Ya!!
You're awesome okay? Never think that you're not!!
Remember our deal?? we'll go manicure and pedicure together when we grow up!!
Happy Sweet 17!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Holi Days...... eeeeeeeesh.....the true pain begins

OhMy is the first Sat of our 2nd MidTerm Holidays a.k.a before-exam-holidays
Went to some SPM Chinese seminar which was held at the Klang Hokkien Association.
well the talk was kinda boring..... I really didn't pay much attention to anything but my PSP

Hehe My Biore mirror and WoonYing's W395
so matching right??? 
I know, I was so lifeless that I took random photo

Next, went to Centro Mall Klang for Brunch
which is in walking distance from the seminar venue
41300 KLANG
Photo Credits to
Heh went to a Fusion Restaurant :
it's a Pork-Free restaurant anyway... 
The food was just....SO-SO
but I guess we were eating the environment, it's air-cond-ed, with wi-fi, and the interior is abit like the modern nyonya style....etc etc
Heh I just found out that they have facebook! Check it out!

After having our lunch went back to school and then
Went to Starbucks with Jessie, WeiNian, Sook and ChewYee
to study my form 5 Sejarah Cheapter 8  play lame board games like Snakes & Ladders and Airplane Chess
Yea I totally failed at studying thanks to my awesome friends =)

Had a Grande Latte, as usual =)
OhMyGosh.....Snakes and Ladders was real fun..... NO JOKE

We had a punishment for the person at the last position after 2 person finish the game, which is :
to say "Hi" to a someone at the tables around us
and Thank God I was the first to finish the game.....=)
and ChewYee got punished lol!!

Haha had loads of fun and laughed like crazy when we were constantly going back and forth across the board. I started as the last from the begining lerr....
yea then later PSP-ed again and talked alot
Thanks guys, you all were awesome, had so much fun with u all!!

Anyways, In conclusion I studied 2 and a half chapter sub-topic
guess I'm gonna eff screw my exams....haiz

I totally adore my Biore compact mirror and I don't know why =)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Please Tell me, Is being Natural Beautiful or being Beuatiful is Natural to you?

It was Merdeka!!!
My cousin's family came to KL to send my cousin back
had an awesome meal at Overseas Restaurant, Jalan Imbi
we finished dinner early, so we were thinking of shopping after dinner
and Pavillion was the 1st thing that came into my mind since I haven't been there b4
The last time I visit Mid-Valley Megamall was at least 5 years ago
and Let me tell you, I've never been to The Gardens
Yes....Despite my raging window-shopping potential, I'm stuck in PJ only =)

Anyways, turns out that Pavillion was the wrong place to go.....took us so long just to walk along that bloody couture street which sells nothing cheaper than RM888 and then we went Parkson and other stores like MNG Levi's etc etc.....but I dunno why, there's just nothing that caught my eye...hmmm
so decided to go to the 3-Bowls to take photos as a proof that WE ACTUALLY HAD OUT FOOTPRINTS ON PAVILLION lol!!!

Cousin's family

It was Merdeka Day so there was this really big message board outside the mall....

but I certainly like this!! Imagine Lady gaga speaks BM and says "Jangan panggil namaku, Alejandro"

Yea went home after that and we decided that Pavillion is not a place for us
My dad was pretty pissed at the Parking Rate -- RM8.00 for less than an hour

Oh My Gosh I know I really should start studying but, the comp is such a huge temptation!!!!
If you put my comp and RM1000 in front of me
I'll definitely choose the RM1000 just to buy another comp...
anyways.....I just wanna share some thoughts of mine today

Strictly No Offense to any party
Well I received this msg within an hour after I upload an album of photos on fb
So today, I was wondering, how far would you do to hide what you did??
and on top of that, many questions came into my head....
I don't know why am I so.....EMO+CONFUSED+CONFLICTED with myself today
So The question of the day is :
Is being NATURAL BeautifuL or being BEAUTIFUL is Natural to you??

I don't know, I always thought that being yourself is the best but turns out that I still care a lot about what others think. I know, I know, I'm such a shallow girl
Beauty is definitely not about the surface

Hehe let me share some photos that I-COULDN'T-BELIEVE-I-TOOK
I know, this is so retarded. I took this photo when I was trying a bright red lip stick. I hated this photo at 1st and I was gonna delete it. But when I look again
I thought it was totally myself LOL!!
and Now I Love this photo!!!

Yea another I-can't-believe-this-is-me photo
haha.......this is soooooo not me man....
but when I look back into my photo albums
wtf 30% of my photos are in this category lol!!

anyways, I was really struggling to keep things natural or continue hiding my flaws
and finally, this song told me everything :
Magic Power's 我是谁 我是谁 我是谁
I was trying to look for an eng subbed version but there's none.
So If you don't understand, try to feel the song through the melody.
The song is basically about modern day's individuals struggling to be themselves because of what others think, speak and seek.
and yea, it's very inspiring because this song taught me to stay strong and don't think that being youself is impossible.and of course they told me that all of us are The Most Beautiful <3

Okay another random sharing
CN BLUE!!!!!

Just a short intro if you guys don't know them.
Lead Vocals = Yonghwa, 21
Lead Guitar = JongHyun, 20
Bassist = JongShin, 18
Drums = MinHyuk, 19

Bloody hell, they are so young right?? But yet they are soooooo talented. Yonghwa is AWESOME in singing. Though he gets unstable at times, but he has a unique voice and very strong vocals. CN Blue is now pretty hot in Korea and often invited to perform covers and also cross stage with other Artists. They seriously rock man. And their personalities are just sooooo cute!! Yonghwa is very funny, Jongshin is the friendly type, MinHyuk is the cutest and JongHyun is the Charismatic one.aaaaah.....SeoHyun is sooo lucky to have Yonghwa. Yonghwa is also very lucky to have Seohyun LOL!!
This is the BEST one!!
TaeYeon and Yonghwa's vocals ROCKS THE HOUSE MAN!!!! is coming REAL SOON, can't wait to paint my nails now LOL!! Byez

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hil's Bday!!!

Well her Bday was on last friday....
Our Miss Hilary Ng <3
Subject of the day
Our beloved leader Hilary Ng Hwei Leng

Basketball was our main entertainment on that day

I don't know what are they trying to do with the money

Yoga was sub entertainment LOL!
OmG I look like a beast here!!

Nightwalk-ed somemore, pretty pic rite???

Here comes the cake!!
*Count Count Count* 1 + 7 candle =)

Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Thanks Hilary, for being an awesome*10000 friend!
I know I'm not a good friend, I'm not a good committee member too, I know I always give you a lot of MAFAN, really sorry. Thanks for always forgiving me and teaching me and guiding me to new things and new experience. I really appreciate all the wonderful memories we have together since form 1!! OMG time is passing so fast....there's so much that we've been through and I realize the Girl Guides committee are closer to each other as time goes by. We learned to face problems together and laugh together. Anyways, Love ya and I'll really really miss you!!!!

Bday Girl's Present....
I wasn't sure what to buy and then I saw Etude House was having sale so I just went in an picked these nail colors
I was quite disappointed with the purple(hilary's fave color) shades they have...
Probably bcoz purple is not in season
It's hard to leave a shop with your hands empty when you see there's sale....
Thank God I didn't bring that much of money
or else I would have bought more than this
Code B Strong Eyes Cream Liner
Baby Pink Nail Color (baby pink is a must have for every girl)
Powder Blue Eyeshadow
Nail Art Stickers
All these at less than 40 bucks........*winks*

I bought the Biore Cleansing Oil from Jusco where I have a RM10 voucher
it retails at RM22.90
Really love this make-up remover
has a very apple-ish scent, which is my fave fruit lol!
But it's abit uncomfortable to the eyes if you apply it in the wrong way.

Love Nuffnang


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