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Taiwan #carmenxtw

Hey guys!! As many of you might have known, I was blessed to have the opportunity to study for one semester in Taiwan as an exchange student!

Yes it's my first trip abroad other than Malaysia and Singapore! Feeling lucky and super grateful. 

It's my 4th week here and I would say Taiwan truly has a lot to explore. Will try to update my blog as much as possible and this page will contain the list of posts of the places I visited in Taiwan.  

National Sun Yat Sen University, Kaohsiung
That's my Uni's academic Campus

Edit on 5 August 2016:
Almost a year since I first went to Taiwan. Many of juniors are now preparing to go for their exchange now and it really makes me miss my 4 months journey over there. Will be adding in more details of my time in Taiwan at the end of this post. 

1. Travelogs:

Tainan 台南 
Exploring the city of Tainan, try out local snacks and tour around the historical sites.

1. Fort Provintia/Chikan Tower 赤坎楼
2. State Temple of the Martial God 祀典武廟 
3. Shennong Street 神农老街

Eat: Danzai Noodles 担仔面, Maoji Black Bean Soy Pudding 茂记黑豆花, Soft Serve Ice Cream 蜷尾家,  HuaYuan Nightmarket 花园夜市

Lively town with its own history. Check out historical monuments, ancient streets and catch the beautiful sunset.

1. Eternal Golden Castle 億載金城 
2. Anping Love Pier 安平定情碼頭-德陽艦園區
3. Sword Lion Square 安平劍獅埕 
4. Anping Battery 安平小炮台 
5. Japanese House 夕遊靜泊行館 (台鹽日式宿舍)
6. Candied fruit store 蜜饯物产馆 
7. Anping Old Fort aka Fort Zeelandia 安平古堡 
8. TheanHou Temple 天后宫
9.  Haishan Hall 海山馆

Eat: 虾仁肉圆 Shrimp Meatballs, 鼎邊趖 (Ding bian so), 芋粿 (Yam cake), 碗粿 (Wa kueh: bowl cake), 虾捲 Shrimp roll, 棺材板 Stuffed Bread, 蚵仔煎 Oyster Omelette, 嫩骨饭 Softbone Rice

Kaohsiung 高雄
A historical fort. Chillax along the coast, zoom across the beach on wheels, taking in the beautiful scenery.

1. CiHou Battery 旗後砲台
2. CiHou Lighthouse 旗後燈塔
3. Cijin Tian Hou Gong 天后宫
4. Cijin Star Tunnel 星空隧道 
5. Shell Museum 旗津贝壳馆
6. Qijin Windmill Park 风车公园

Eat: Seafood Dinner, Grilled Squid 烧烤小卷, Egg Popsicle 鸡蛋冰 

Definitely the must-visit in Kaohsiung. Discover the beauty of the west over here.
旗津 Cijin Island - 西子湾 Sizihwan - 柴山 Chaishan - 博二艺术特区 Pier-2 Art Centre

1. Pier-2 Art Centre 博二艺术特区 
2. British Consulate 打狗领事馆
3. Cijin Island 旗津
4. NSYSU 中山大学
5. Coffee at Chaishan 柴山大碗公咖啡

Eat: Brunch at Wake-up 维克, Tea Renaissance, WanBing Ice Cream 丸浜霜淇淋, Sunnyhills Pineapple Cake 凤梨酥,  "Tasty9 Days" Japanese Grilled Skewers 九日串烧

Fun places to explore in Kaohsiung, the second largest city of Taiwan! 
盐埕 Yancheng - 美丽岛 Formosa Boulevard - 中央公园Central Park - 三多商圈 Sanduo - 狮甲Shijia - 凯旋 Kaisyuan - 巨蛋 Kaohsiung Arena

1. Sinkuchan Shopping District 新崛江商圈
2. Eslite Bookstore 高雄大遠百的诚品书店
3. Dream Mall 梦时代
4. MLD Cinemas 台鋁电影
5. Yanchengpu Shopping District 鹽埕埔商圈
6. Formosa Boulevard Dome of Light 美丽岛光之穹顶
7. Kaohsiung Main Library 高雄市立图书馆
8. RuiFeng Night Market 瑞豊夜市

Eat: 樺達奶茶 HuaDa Milk Tea, 阿婆冰 A-Po Desserts, 米糕 Glutinous rice, 天使鸡排 Angel Fried Chicken and lots more...

More interesting places at the north, away from the busy Kaohsiung City.

1. Buddha Memorial Center 佛陀纪念馆
2. Gangshan Scenic Area 岡山风景区 (Chaoefeng Temple 超峰寺)
3. Moon world Geopark 月世界地质公园
4. E-Da World 義大世界
5. Qiaotou Flowerfest 桥头花海

Chiayi 嘉義
Chiayi City and Alishan 3 days 2 nights weekend trip:
You probably won't think of Chiayi when it comes to food but there's certainly lots of good ones and it's worth the wait, worth the queue!!

Eat: 林聰明沙锅鱼头 Smartfish Fishhead Soup, 郭家鸡肉饭 Guo Jia's Turkey Rice, 源興御香屋 Yu Xiang Wu (Beverages), 嘉義豆奶摊 Chiayi Soy Milk Stall, 干煎虱目鱼 Pan Seared Milk Fish, 国际肉粽 Rice Dumpling and lots more!!!

Beautiful. Beautiful and Beautiful.
Nature that makes you happy!

1. Wenhua Night Market 文化路
2. Cypress Forest Life Village by Hinoki Village 檜意森活村

Kending 垦丁
Kenting 3 days 2 nights weekend trip:
Enjoying the beautiful nature sights of Kending, the southernmost part of Taiwan! The ocean, the mountains, the rocks and the greens!

1. Bai-Sha Bay 白沙湾
2. Maobitou Park 貓鼻頭 
3. Cape Eluanbi 鹅銮鼻  
4. Long Pan Park 龍磐公園 
5. Kending Main Street 垦丁大街

Having fun under the sun at 南湾 South bay while dashing through the sea! Plus more great nature sights of Kending at Day 3

1. South Bay 南湾 
2. Chunfan Rock 船帆石 
3. Southernmost Point 最南点 
4. Jialeshui 佳樂水 

Hualien 花莲 
3 days 2 night Weekend trip:
Food hunting at Hualien City, cycling tour to the beautiful coast of Chihsingtan and everything in between.

1.  将军府 JiangJunFu
2. 七星潭 Chihsingtan
3. 旧铁道行人徒步区 Lane 551 Zhongzheng Road (Former Railway Station)

Eat: 花莲一品香扁食 Hualien Dumplings, 周家包子蒸饺 zhouJia Dumplings and Steamed Buns, 鹅肉 Goose meat

Day well spent at Taroko, appreciating the breathtaking view of rocky mountains and valleys. Spent the night at the super crowded night market with crazy long queue but it's worth it!

Taipei 台北
Who says you can't do much in Taipei with only 8 hours. Time to experience Taipei's ancient heritage, savor in delicious night market food and walk the modern and bustling streets!

1. Lungshan Temple 龙山寺
2. Night markets in Wanhua 艋舺夜市
3. Red House Theater 西门红楼 

Taipei 4 days long weekend trip:
Trip to the coasts and river banks of Taipei city. Danshui is one charming town with lots to see and do.

1. Yehliu Geopark 野柳
2. Tamsui Old Street 淡水老街
3. Aletheia University 真理大学
4. Fishermen's Wharf 渔人码头
5. Lover's Bridge 情人桥

Eat: YongHe Soy Bean 永和豆浆, Shida Night Market 师大夜市

Foggy day at Yangmingshan and open your eyes to the massive collection of historical pieces in Palace Museum.

1. Yangmingshan 阳明山
2. National Palace Museum 国立故宫博物院

Eat: Shilin Night Market, NingXia Night Market

Enjoy nice sunny day with our animal friends, check out Taipei's city skyline at Maokong, snap your head up to admire Taipei's symbol, the 101 tower and food hunting at Raohe Night Market. 

1. Bopiliao 剝皮寮历史街区
2. Taipei Zoo 台北市立动物园
3. Maokong 猫空
4. Taipei101 台北101

Eat: Pork Ribs Noodle 排骨酥面, Raohe Night Market 饶河夜市 

Taipei's unique towns of Shifen and Jiufen. Appreciate the olden days heritage.

1. Shifen Waterfall 十分瀑布
2. Shifen Old Street 十分老街
3. Jiufen Old Street 九份老街

Eat: Taro Balls 阿甘姨芋圆 at Jiufen

Revisiting the charming town of Tamsui with more food finds and great sights.

1. Tamsui Old Street
2. British Consulate at Tamsui 英国领事馆
3. Aletheia University

Eat: Kekou Fishballs 可口鱼丸, AGei 阿给, Cheese Flavored Cake 缘味蛋糕

文青day! Step into the simple and beautiful story world of Giddens. Plus some treats at Ximending.

1. 等一个人咖啡 Cafe Waiting Love
2. 大坪林 Dapinglin

Eat: 爭纖健康涮涮鍋 Zhengxian Steamboat

Taichung 台中
Visited the serene and breathtaking Gaomei Wetlands. Followed the ice cream hype and stepped into the Harry-Potter-like store at Miyahara. Finally, visited the vibrant and energetic Fengchia University area.

1. Gaomei Wetlands 高美湿地
2. Miyahara 宫原眼科
3. FengChia Night Market 逢甲夜市

Eat: 高山拉面 "Highland" Ramen, Black tea Stinky Tofu 红茶臭豆腐

Nantou 南投
Perfect blue skies and bright sunlight awaits, together with lively scenery of vast mountains.

1. 埔里 Puli
2. 青青草原 Evergreen Grassland
3. 瑞士花园 Swiss Garden

Studying at this beautiful campus was fun! Somehow the campus feels more relaxed, laidback and definitely not as fast paced as NTU. Probably because of the pretty red brick buildings, the super spacious corridors and of course the calming view of the ocean nearby. Even though it is less stressful, studies weren't exactly easy though. But great to have classmates who are helpful and friendly.

If you wanna get more interesting itineraries or travel stories in Taiwan, visit this website!!


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