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Monday, November 30, 2009

In 2013 I will Watch 2012 and LAUGH!!!!!!!

Found these Groups in Facebook which I thought was damn funneh!!
This the one that I like MOST!!

The IN 2013 I WILL WATCH 2012 AND LAUGH Facebook Group
Join this If u wanna live pass 2012 =)
Oh, and join the event as well =)

Join this Group

This is another Page that I saw
and OMG it's so lame but funny
and it actually makes sense weih!!

haha.....I love this!!
That's pretty cool isn't it?
Mr Taylor Lautner and Mrs Taylor Lautner
anyways, I hope they'll be happy
and hopefully they will get married lor...

Be A Fan

Etude House Sale is On!!

Oh God, I know I should stop spending money
especially on cosmetics
but I just can't help myself when I pass by the beautiful Etude House with all the SALE tags on!!
and yes they do have real discounts
and I didn't regret =)
They don't give u plastic bags
they give u beautiful paper bags which is also a gift bag
I kept it in my handbag so it's so crumpled up and cacat-ed...

Items that I bought
Peach Beam Blusher in No.3 Peach, RM27.95 (aft 20% Discount)
Very shimmery, can use it as a Highlighter
Surprise Essence Concealer in No.2, RM19.70 (10% Discount)
I love it, It's something like Shiseido's Concealer Correctur that I've been using...
Petite Darling Eyes in YL801 Lemon Yellow, RM7.90 (20% Discount)
I know yellow is not in season, but somehow the color compliments my skin =)
Total : RM55.55
nice number lerr??
Worth it!!

Oh ya, all their brushes have 40% discount
I was so tempted to buy but i din bring enuf money lar
actually I think everything has discounts
but the sad thing is they dun allow u to claim the Beauty Passport Stamp during this sale period
omg, I feel like going back again and buy more stuff.....

Love Etude House =)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Have a Dream for Weddings

It's Sunday
and I did nothing much so i decided to share something random
I have a deep interest in collecting Wedding Invitations and Wedding Party Favors
and I don't know why
I don't have a lot
coz i started collecting since this year
My parents have 2 wedding reception to attend this month
so now I have 6 of them Only....
but I'm always amazed when i Look at Them =)
They are like some message to me, a message of Happiness...

This is the only wedding that I've been to among all these invitations...
This is one is a bit different from usual coz it's a horizontal one
the cute red packet beside is the party favor for the wedding,
It has a Red Dates inside (枣生贵子)

My parents went to this reception last night
This is also pretty cool, combination of vintage and modern design....
The chocolates are still inside the beautiful organza bag =)

Hehe......I kept Malay Wedding Invitation also!!

This one is my Favorite
It's Light Gold in color
not like the traditional ones
simple and elegant
and both the envelope and invitation are like glittery and shining one
Love this =)

This is a pretty simple one....
The envelope looks pretty traditional and vintage...

This is a cute one
it actually has a case and a envelope, but i lost it
like the 2nd one, FYI the brides of these two weddings are sisters =)
They tied the invitation with Ribbons which i thought is really cute
and the small little motif on the cover is so adorable!!

This is a simple and usual one
I love it bcoz it's in Pink =)

Actually i wanted to be a Wedding Planner
and I think I still have this dream in Mind right now
but I just dunno whether I can make it or not
coz I'm not really good in planning, photography, or make-up and bla bla bla
I just love to witness weddings
I will smile like an idiot when I attend weddings
even though I don't know who are the people getting married
It's just and enjoyment to me, watching all these people being tied together
and witness the union of their souls =)
argh......I hadn't attend a wedding since last year!!!!
Oh God, I Pray that The Next Wedding in My Family is Coming Soon.
hehe, U know who you are.....

Paper cut outs....
Just trying to know more
Look at all my effort man......

Isn't it weird to own books like these when you're only sixteen and single??

To all my friends and family and everyone....
If u have a wedding, Please send me an invitation okay?????

Saturday, November 28, 2009

2012......NOT REAL

Went to Tropicana City Mall yesterday
with my buddies,
MewYeong, Zhizheng, KahHou, KarHoong, Kensoon, CheeYung and Joshua
i think of myself as a boy whenever I'm with this gang
especially in school
but it turns out I'm not really a boy coz i don't play DOTA
DOTA was like the magic word of the day
and honestly, I don't know a single thing they were talking about
haha.....but we still had great times yesterday
Watched 2012, at the 2nd front row
Thanks to MewYeong.....
My neck aches!!
Then the guys were playing in the arcade
and I'm always amazed at how guys are so freaking good in car racing.....
so these are some shots that i've taken

This pic is seriously making me laugh!!

Okay anyway, just wanna talk about the movie
honestly i thought the movie was NOT REAL
not that the graphics wasn't real
actually they did a really good job on the graphics
not totally fake
but i thought that the story was too fake
not that I disagree with the so call prediction/prophecy
actually i don't know whether i believe it at all
but anyway, if the end of the world really comes,
and it happens to Jackson Curtis' Family
I don't think there's anyway they can escape it
i don't know, I just don't think they will be that lucky
or maybe I just don't think the way they survived touched me
it's just not clicking into my mind
I think they should show something more logical on surviving
instead of depending on luck
how many times in the world that u can run through a collapsing building?
run over a 5 meter crack?
avoided the hot lava and tephra of volcano eruption?
survived in a rolling hydraulic system?
possibly found two planes and someone who knows how to drive a plane?
I know i'm being picky and impossible
i don't know how, but just show it in a more realistic way plz??
But no matter how,
the message was pretty clear
Humans will only be grateful when Death is rising upon.
So be grateful and don't be selfish......
Everyone deserves a chance..
actually i thought the story will me about punishment and remorse
but it's more to humanity lor....
in conclusion,
It's good but not what I've thought....
Do Watch it =)

Will the world end?
honestly, I don't Know...
I wonder if they really have the arks built already????

Thursday, November 26, 2009

KOSE Warehouse Sale at Dataran Prima

KOSE Warehouse Sale in Dataran Prima
tomorrow's the last day
don't miss it!
I wanna go again!!

when i got the flyer for the sale
i thought my mom wouldn't let me go
but suprisingly she said yes
coz she was a big fan of KOSE products when she was young
yes....i didn't know they existed in my mom's age =)
so we were supposed to go together,
but i went by myself in the end coz my mom's not feeling well
I had never use KOSE before coz their products are seriously expensive to me
but the sale really worth something coz everything was so much cheaper =)

Their products include KOSE's sister companies
like Fasio, Cosme Decorte, and Beaute de Kose(the make-up)
The skin care products are real cheap if u compare to counters' price
but it's still abit pricey for me
i din bother to look at the skin care counter at all
so bought the make-up products at discounted price =)

2 eye shadow palette and 2 lip gloss for RM103,
isn't it worth it??

Cyber Shine Eyes Eye Color Compact
in 002 Precious Jade
I bought it with RM40 only
the sales girl say it's a limited edition product
and its normal price is RM149
I really like the case, simple and nice
and it comes with 4 types of brush
plus the color is suitable for all kinds of occasion and season =)

Rouge Fantasist Plump Shine Lip Color
in PK 800 Kissy Pink
this costs RM94 ($28) online
bought it with RM35
3pcs = RM100
the sales girl say mine was the last piece
really sweet and coral pink color...

Lip Gloss in PK 800 Pink Gem
costs RM61($18) online
bought it with RM 18
2pcs = RM 30
It's also the last piece from the stock
I really like the light pink tint

Fasio's 3D Perfect Eyes
in D-14
costs RM34 ($10) online
bought it with RM 10 instead of USD 10!!!!
2 pcs = RM16
I wanted to buy a silvery-indigo colour
and this is perfect....seriously a steal for this one

Oh, i want to share something stupid when I was shopping in the warehouse sales
okay, i reached there at 5.45 and the flyer says they will close at 6.00
so i was to nervous or sumthin, all this happened.....

before i go into the lift

security guy : er miss, no bags allowed
me : huh?
u can't bring bags up, we'll have to keep your bag in a plastic bag first
oh (i don't feel like putting my bag in)
do you think you're going to buy something?

so i took my purse and cell phone out
and put my bag inside a large red color plastic bag for them to zip it up
then i went upstairs with my purse, cell phone and the large plastic bag in my hands
and when i was looking around and asking for the price for the products

SHIT, i didn't bring money!!!

of coz it was a MONOLOG
so then i text my dad to ask for money
I thought i was damn stupid,
maybe i was too nervous or something
Then i was like an idiot over there
having an empty purse in my hand,
standing and waiting for my bro to bring my money
yea.....must remind myself next time =)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

JCard Day + Asian Food House @ DU

Went to 1u Jusco for their JCard Members' Day
but before that
ate in Asian Food House in Damansara Utama
and It's damn delicious
even my Mom says that she'll come back
quite affordable as well
coz it makes ur stomach FULL
Most of the dishes are taiwanese but there's japanese and korean dish as well
the drinks are a bit pricey though
but delicious too =)
here's what we ordered
Mom : Taiwanese Brine Pork Rice and Ginger Honey Tea
Brother : Taiwanese Beef Noodle (Their Speciality) and Mocha Coffee
Daddy and Me : Japanese Curry Rice(Pork/Chicken) and Vanilla Coffee
and the total bill is RM 66, so in average RM16/person
better than eating Japanese food which will cost 25 bucks/pax rite??

My Japanese Curry Rice
comes with a soup.
Asian Food House Restaurant
Location : No 38, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Utama, 47400 , PJ, Selangor

I really love the teacups for the Ginger Honey Tea

so mini and lovely =)

Asian Food House
No 38, Jalan SS21/58, 
Damansara Utama, 47400 , 
PJ, Selangor.
Okay then went to Jusco 1u
and OMG it's still exactly like the previous members' day
packed, DENSELY packed
everyone were grabbing clothes, buying bedsheets, and trying shoes and all
and they have some Happy Hour thing which kinda like lelong-ing
total madness weih,
I was so afraid that I will block the road or maybe fell so I didn't take my camera out to take down the whole situation
just imagine Jusco turning into a indoor night market with bright lights all around =)
we didn't plan to buy anything
it's just my brother, he needs some working outfits
so I jalan-jalan around and see what can i Grab
and I wandered a lot in the Toys department, haha
but there weren't much discounts in the toys department
yes yes, I love buying toys
and my latest wishlist is The Joker and Batman in The Dark Knight figures and
a Dream bathtub set to complete my Barbie furniture collections
not that I actually play with them, it's just an indulgence in collecting
anyway, it's still freaking expensive after discount
so in the end we didn't buy much
and Thank God they had more cashiers this time
so didn't really need to queue or wait
Pictures of the day....
hehe....Batman with its Sonic-Bat-Shield =)

My Mentally 7 yrs old brother bought this Gundam Model
Halfway done....

How in the world he can put all this tiny pieces together??

If i said my brother is mentally 7
I'm 3 then
haha, bought this Giant Milk Bottle Bank
and it will be the mother of all my Piggy Banks!!
My goal is to fill the whole bottle up with coins =)

And maybe I'll drink it.....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Self-Pampering Sunday... VO5 Hot Oil Hair Treatment and Garnier Body Scrub =)

Didn't go anywhere yesterday since my parents had a wedding reception to attend
plus my mom is not feeling well
hope she'll be fine soon
Then my bro and I ordered McD for dinner!!
and the McDonald's Prosperity Beef Burger is BACK!!!!
and's super-freaking-yummily delicious
Love Onions and Pepper =)
but i realize the burger size in ads and the actual size has a MASSIVE difference!!
yea......they have a custom-made burger for ads shooting
anyways, the curly fries are damn tasty as well =)

Ad Image

Actual Size
The ad one is obviously bigger right??
and my curly fries wasn't t even full!!

Then I had Nothing to do after dinner and it was only 7.00 pm
my brother was using the comp
and The TV shows seriously bored me further, FYI : I don't have Astro
then I was looking into the mirror and I can't bear to see my 4F hair
Frizzy, Fluffy, Freaking and Fly-away
so went into my room to see what I can do
then found this VO5 hot oil that I had used for once only
took one of the tubes and gave myself a second try
and did a body scrub just for fun =)

Dried my hair and all
and Thank God the Hot Oil actually works
not entirely but still it cut off 2F's
It smooths down the frizz
and my hair is kinda straighter and less fluffy
but it's still flying away from each other and it still looked kinda freaky
and I know why it didn't work the last time I use
coz I use too much Shampoo and Conditioner
and i actually washed off all the nutrients
but this time I just washed my scalp with shampoo only
so the results was satisfying =)

Left : VO5 Hot Oil Treatment Tubes
It costs less than 15 bucks for 4 tubes
so each treatment cost you 3-4 bucks only
very worth it if u compare it to a salon treatment =)
Right : Garnier Body Light Brightening Exfoliating Scrub
washes off dead skin cells
and gives smoother and brighter skin
and the first thing I noticed was that I can actually see my bluish veins clearly

hehe.... My Moo Moo Cow Shower Puff
(She's not hanging herself!!)
Mummy bought this for me 3 years ago =)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Departure - One of The Best Movie I had ever seen.

If I ever said any movie is the best
I'm definitely gonna change the statement right now
Just finished watching a Japanese Movie with my family,
Directed by Yojiro Takita
Starring Masahiro Motoki as Daigo Kobayashi and Ryoko Hirosue as Mika Kobayashi
This is a 2008 movie that my brother bought this year.
He watched it long long time ago.
Then tonight we ran out of entertainment from the TV shows
so my bro introduced this film to us
FYI, my brother has a very unique sense in Films and Movies
So we watched and Oh My God....
Really, Thank God for showing me this film.

As you can see from the photos
It's a story about a man,Daigo who lost his job as a cellist
ends up working as a undertaker
actually I'm not sure whether undertaker is the correct word
The job is to conduct encoffinment (placing the dead body into the coffin) procedure only
because of the high salary that his boss pays him
he didn't reject the job and kept it as a secret from his wife
then his wife left him after finding out the truth
coz most people thinks this job is a disgusting profession
but he persisted in his job,
helping lots of dead bodies and also their families at the same time
everyone who witnessed him doing the encoffinment process shows deep respect to him
including his wife
and in the end,
his father who left him when he was a kid was found dead
and he did the encoffinment process and also forgave his father for leaving him and his mother....

Okay, I know I didn't really describe how touching the movie is
but my big fat tears were streaming across my face
Seriously, watch it!!
and you'll find hope in life...
and you'll definitely change the way you look at things
especially if you are afraid of death
death of yourself, and your loved ones.....
It's the inevitable part in life....

A story about Love, Life, Death, Family, Humanity and Forgiving.

Death is like a door.
Death is not the end.
Death it's just a gateway to another part of your life.
And I'm the one who's guarding the door.
"Shōkichi Hirata, Departures"

Bought New Shoes!! Elle and U.R.S

Went to ou with mummy today!!
mummy wanted to buy a pair of shoes
to match her outfit that she'll wear to a wedding reception tomorrow
so we were hunting for shoes
then we went into a shoe shop named U.R.S
Which is a Singapore brand
The shoes over there are something like Charles and Keith
the prices are almost the same as well
so mum actually spotted a really nice pair of silver strappy heels
but there's no size 7
that's the disadvantage of having the most common shoe size
then in the end we spotted this kind-of-a-casual-silver-wedges
which is damn comfortable to walk in
suitable for all occasions
and it was on Best Buy Price =)
Then went to Elle
they are on sale as well
everything inside sells at discounted price
then found this really nice leather heels which looked kinda vintage
but looks very stylish once you wear it
i like the zip design, it's kinda like peep-toe booties
but more comfortable to wear since our weather here is so humid
so bought these two pair of shoes today
yes, now these shoes belongs to me and my mom
hehe....the advantage of having the same shoe size as your mother =)

Left : U.R.S Silver Wedges - RM 59.00 *Steal
Right : Elle Black Leather Heels - RM 128 (normal price RM159) *Splurge
Shoes with Shiny and Classy Fabrics
Perfect for this Fall-Winter Season =)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Majolica Majorca's Chapter 25 Mademoiselle Midnight

I'm just gonna share sumthin I came across yesterday.......
Went to one utama yesterday
Wanted to buy clothes but in the end hang gai oni
coz I'm gonna wait for the year end sale that starts next weekend
Please come faster!!
I wanna shop for some Fall clothes
anyway, my mom asked me to buy mask for her in Watsons
yes, her fave mask, Neutrogena Hydrating Mask
then I bought 2 other masks as well
and they all cost 23 bucks....WHAT????
Okay anyway, saw this new booklet from Majolica Majorca
Their new holiday season collection is coming out this sat
I really liked their products, and also, THEIR BOOKLETS!!
coz it's so beautiful, fancy, and kinda magical
Just like a storybook....
so this holiday season they came out with the 25th Chapter
Mademoiselle Midnight

Checked out what Mademoiselle is
It's actually a French Term.
Ma = My
Demoiselle = Little Lady
So this plus that equals to, My Little Lady

They have this new Midnight Dresser Palette(Rm 65.90) in 2 different shades,
The purple color balm is actually the Secret Lingerie(RM 55.90) body perfume,
Then the red color compact is the All Night Compact(RM65.90) powder.
These are all limited edition products.
Watsons are selling them at reduced price right now.
Really love Majolica Majorca's Concept
Very high-end,fantasy princess theme. =)

Anyways, Watsons is having their Christmas Sale
and the things are seriously cheaper than usual.....
and they have all kinds of special gift
I'll definitely shop for Christmas Gift over there next week =)
the sale starts from19th of November till 3rd of January next year

Can't wait for this biggest annual sale!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Looking Back......They are always the best

I've been having lotza songs from 1995 till 2005 in my playlist these days
the songs that I listened when i was a kid and during the primary school years
and I realize how much I love these songs
and if u ask me,
i would say these songs and singers were hotter at that time than Lady Gaga right now

They were real hot during my primary school years.....
The group that I admire most!!
Coz they always give consistent performance and songs.
Basically every song in their album is awesome.
All Rise
You Make Me Wanna
If You Come Back
Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

I listened to their songs since I was in kindergarten
No joke, my brother and I watch the MV VCD over and over again
we never get sick of it.
Unbeatable vocals and aCapella perfomance!
but now, Bryan actually left the group...
The Whole Coast to Coast Album
Against all Odds (ft.Mariah Carey)
Uptown Girl
Swear it All Over Again
If I Let You Go
Fool Again

Backstreet Boys!!
Westlife was always the slow and sentimental songs type.
Then the backstreet boys dominate the dance, groove and fast pop songs.
All of them can dance really well
and of course the songs are nothing BUT awesome!!!
and now they are back (but without HOT Kevin)
with their latest single, Straight to My Heart.
I Want it That Way
As Long As You Love Me
Shape of My Heart
Get Down
The Call
Larger Than Life

oh my God I really miss this group
their songs are like freaking nice with different attitudes
and their voices are so sweet
beautiful songs just like the 2 of them =)
Pretty Boy
Don't Say You Love Me
Mirror Mirror

The Corrs
An awesome quartet that are all unique and talented
their music are simple but very affecting
I miss them also!
Only When I Sleep
What Can I Do

Celine Dion
This is an important one...
I think i started listening to her songs since I was born
But if u ask me now,
I can't really name all the songs that I used to listen
coz there are too many and I don't really remember since I was still a kid
She has A Powerful yet Beautiful Voice and
most of her songs are simply romantic love songs that you can't really find these days.
Because You Loved Me
It's All Coming Back to Me Now
My Heart Will Go On
Beauty And The Beast

Britney Spears
Her songs and music videos kinda dominated all the music charts that time
and also now of course
but i remember i listened to her songs and watched her MV's every single day
She's the princess of Pop music
but that time her music had the hot and young Britney edge
which is a bit different from her recent songs
She changed a lot....after so many things
and her music shows...
I still love her right now =)
Oops I Did It Again
I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman
Baby baby One More Time

Avril Lavigne
Her Songs was always with me throughout my primary school years
She was still a brunette back then
and she's the one who introduced smokey eyes to girls....
I really love her songs,
Strong Attitude and Full of Emotions and Spirit!!
And there were fun, lively and young songs as well.
I think she's the one that made me listen to pop/rock music
Sk8er Boy

My Happy Ending
I'm With You

Keep Holding On

To me, they are Phenomenal
They can dance hot, sing hot.....
ALL The songs were a blast
best of pop songs
it's real sad there's no N'sync anymore
This I Promise You
Bye Bye Bye
It's Gonna Be Me
I Drive Myself Crazy
Tearin Up My Heart
I Want You Back

S Club 7
another awesome group that beautified my childhood
with their wonderful and lively songs
i want u all back in my life!!!
Never Had A Dream Come True
Don't Stop Moving

There are other songs that I really love at that time and also Now
Hero - Mariah Carey
When You Believe - Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey
Colours of The Wind - Vanessa Williams
There You'll Be - Faith Hill
Right Here Waiting For You - Richard Marx
I Believe I Can Fly - R Kelly
How Do I Live Without You - Leann Rimes
The Tide Is High - Atomic Kitten
Wanna Be - Spice Girls
Because You Live - Jesse McCartney
Genie In a Bottle - Christina Aguilera
I Turn To You - Christina Aguilera
Reflection - Christina Aguilera
So Yesterday - Hilary Duff
When You Say Nothing At All - Ronan Keating
No Matter What - Boyzone

The list goes on and on....
I really miss the 1990's songs...

Backstreet Boys' Everybody Music Video =)
I used to watch this everyday after i come back school during primary school

Love Nuffnang


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