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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Our Graduation Adventure 五个女人的毕业之旅 #allgirlstrip #carmenxjapan

If you follow my instagram, I suppose you will realize that I haven't been posting any group photos of my grad trip. Well these photos deserve a special debut on my blog hehe.

Four years of university was one hell of a ride. To be honest, I'm really not hardworking haha but I'd still like to call my university life a WORK HARD PLAY HARDER one. And the journey was a joyful and memorable one thanks to many awesome people whom I can call true friends and these four are part of them. We've probably spent tonnes of hours seeing each other doze off during lectures, complain (or compliment *winkwink*) certain professors, dread about upcoming deadlines and dripping sweat to rush for an assignment. Well of course there's hours of lunch time at the same canteen, occasional dinner dates with yummy food, every now and then karaoke sessions to destress, but I guess it's time for us to really just purely enjoy and to celebrate surviving university, from the beginning till the end, TOGETHER. 一直都觉得,毕业旅行,就是要和从开始到终点都不曾离开的那几个死党去,才有意义。

This post is just to briefly share where we've been to and the memories we've made. And of course must showcase yixia my pretty ladies' photos. Personally I really do think Tokyo is a great place for an all-girls trip. Hope this post will give you guys some ideas on your next BFF trip. (will post detailed itineraries in later posts)

No.1: Immerse ourselves in nature and get some fresh air that is entirely different from that lecture theater's
一,沉浸于大自然, 吹吹舒服的微风

Location: Shibazakura Festival at Lake Kawaguchiko 富士芝樱祭 @河口湖

too bad it was too cloudy, Mt. Fuji was nowhere to be seen. But oh well, the fog gave a mystic atmosphere to the beautiful scenery. 

No.2: Stroll the bright streets and walk through crowds together

Location: Shinjuku Area (Kabukicho) 新宿区-歌舞伎厅

No.3: Be a child again, or at least be princesses together

Location: Tokyo Disneyland 东京迪士尼乐园

Happiest place on earth

No. 4: Find something and somewhere ancient, feel someone's beauty and glory in the past. 

Location: Kawagoe Town 川越镇

Get a glimpse of Japan's Edo era

Dozo lahhhh


No. 5: Conversation over coffee and sweets 

Location: Chilulu Coffee, Yokohama 横滨

Cozy cafe with a super friendly owner. They run a backpackers hostel as well. 

personally really like sipping coffee and just chilling out 

waseh this 眼神还不迷死你

No.6: Putting all our hopes and wishes into every one of our prayers

Location: Major temples and shrines in Tokyo -- Ueno Park, Meiji Shrine, Sensoji Temple (明治神宫,浅草寺)

Tying away the bad fortune 

Writing down wishes

No.7: Squad outfits and be a star for one day :D

Location: Sensoji, Asakusa 浅草寺

They sure make convincing Jap girls

I swear wearing kimonos and being treated like some tourist attraction was the weirdest experience but it is also fun because we were together haha

No.8: Late night supper and chat at cozy Izakaya

Location: Any Izakaya
They are basically everywhere. We went to the one right below our Bnb and they serve Horse meat. Honestly I thought almost everything served taste good! Will do a detailed introduction in the upcoming posts.


No.9: Indulge in food therapy

Location: Anytime Anywhere 

No. 10: Shop till everyone drop of course

Location: Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku 原宿,涉谷区,新宿区

甲: 要不要买ler?
乙: 买罢了

I have to say I am very very happy to be traveling with this bunch. It was exactly the kind of grad trip I wanted. I'm not looking for some thrilling adventure, some out of the box thing to do. Just want to wake up in the morning, dress up nicely, look into the mirror together, eat our breakfast and head out for a day of enjoyment, filled with random chats and laughter, come home at night complaining about our tired feet and go to sleep with anticipation of the next day. Grateful that we could discover beautiful sights together, eat delicious food together, find a train platform together, stare at good-looking guys together and walk through the rain together. Thank you girls for making this happen and all the effort in planning the trip :D

From the first day of university till the end of our graduation trip was a total of 32, 952 hours. Being away from home, God knows how many hours I have spent with the four of them and how much support they have given me to remind myself that I am not alone. We may not see each other everyday, we have different priorities in life, but I'm grateful whenever my Fb chat rings, whenever I see stickers flood the chat, whenever they mention my name in the conversation. I know I'm not a good friend so thanks for putting up with my attitude. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you girls will be blessed with good things and great people in the future.

They say it doesn't matter where you go, as long as you are with the right people. 再无聊的地方,有了对的人,就是一段值得回忆的旅程。If you can, just go for a trip with your closest friend and I guarantee you will know each other so much better. You might even know yourself better too. Don't wait liao, go travel ba!

Love Nuffnang


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