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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bisou Bake Shop at KLCC plus Sheauwen's Birthday

Last Sunday was college bestie Sheauwen's birthday! 
good thing that she had a day off and we can finally meet!
Traveled around Bukit Bintang area and also KLCC
I don't have much photos, I'll add in when I get it from WeiNa.
Anyways, we had a great time. Went to our favorite Korean restaurant. Shopped around, well in my case, I window shopped only. The birthday girl was the BIG SPENDER of the day lol oh miss weina also satisfied her branded goods cravings haha

We walked to KLCC from Pavillion
and decided that we should get a cake for the birthday girl
went to cute Bisou Bake shop and the beautiful rainbow cake caught our eye!
Thanks to weina who bought the cake.

Rainbow Cake - RM12
Look at the color!!!!
Don't you think it really does look like a slice of rainbow with a little bit of cloud and sky on top of it haha
honestly it look so nice that I just wanna look at it and not eat it.
then I had a bite, well i thought it's gonna be like something very very sweet, but it's just a very light texture and soft butter cake taste. Love the mild butter scent. 

Flat White Coffee - RM7
yes I cannot just eat sweet stuff without coffee.
Coffee was okay, smooth and creamy. Love the foam on top. 

Bisou Bake Shop
Suria KLCC
Lot K-35, Level 3,
Suria KLCC,
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2166 5525

Go to Bisou's website for the location of other outlets

Happy Birthday dear! 

Honestly, I had more photos to put in...
can't believe we've been through so much
from the first day of college until now.
For some reason I shall be grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful friend like you.
I remember the day we met, I was thinking of who should I talk to first? who can be my lunch mate? who can be my crazy companion. Somehow the moment I look at you i knew I had to talk to you. I'm not usually the super friendly type but somehow I just had the courage to step up and talk to you. and voila...we've never been far from each other eversince. 

Thanks for always helping out whenever I ask for a favor, even if it's something hard, you will still help me. Thanks for always waiting for me(because i take forever to keep my stuffs in the bag) and walk with me to KL Sentral.
Thanks for being the crazy funny girl that I can be crazy with, sing and dance Girl's Generation song in the middle of the class. I think I'm at my top-crazy mode whenever I'm with you. 
Thanks for belanja me, or lend me money without asking why. 
and of course most importantly, Thanks for accepting me for who I am eventhough I have so many flaws and weakness and may not have been the best friend in the world. 

May you dreams all come true!!!
be a super cool midwife and maybe own a mickey mouse themed hospital haha....

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Teapot Cafe @ SS2


oops, almost a week without any updates, well to be plain honest I really have nothing much to talk about even though I desperately wanted to. I've been spending my week watching movies, English Movies, just to pick up more new words, improve my vocab. I find watching movies a better way to remember new words, better than reading, yes Bookworm-potential was never in me. Did I tell you the first time I finish a storybook is when I was fifth-teen? yea it really took me that long.

Anyways, just last Friday, my mother had decided to bring me to The Teapot Cafe in SS2. Like finally, coz I had been begging her to do so. I missed this place so badly. I remember my mom brought me here when I was form 1 only. I was pleased to see how the shops still looks the same until now, the beautiful display of a variety of teapots, the teatime snacks at the shelves, the nostalgic paintings and of course the ladyboss lol. Still the same!

Just as before, we ordered our favorites. 

Rose with French Vanilla by Dilmah - RM8.90
our usual pick will be English Rose, but it wasn't available. This is the closest thing we can get I suppose. But really didn't regret choosing this one, this is the first tea that has a better scent than its taste. Total pleasure to my nose. It has a really sweet scent and mild tint of floral scent, probably due to the vanilla.
It has a light taste, nothing bitter. I prefer it without sugar added.  
it's refillable btw.

and this is exactly what we ordered a few years back

Left : Mini Chicken Pies - RM1.90 each
Middle : Scones - RM3.90 for one pair
Right : Mushroom and Onion Quiche - RM5.90
Chicken pie was okay, with crunchy filling inside. 
Mushroom and Onion Quiche is the best!! 
Is like my favorites all in one.
Onions, sweet CRUNCHY onions, mushrooms, cheese
plus the delicious pie crust
seriously nothing can be better. 

another reason for me to comeback
the scones!!
I wont say I had tried many types of scones, but I reckon this is the best I've ever had so far.
It's crunchy on the outside, while inside is has a more spongy texture. Others were just too dense and too greasy. This one is just fine and the strawberry jam and cream is perfect!
Usually the jam would be swept clean by us lol, this time was no exception too. 

Had a great time over there.
Chat with my parents and just enjoyed the ambience.
Most of the time I was staring at those teapots.
Love them, so adorable. 

sorry photo quite LQ
just to show you abit of the interior
see those teapots on top?? and all the beautiful photoframes down there.
very English don't you think?

to be honest I'm quite surprised by the price
well I told you I hadn't come for years (and I wasn't so price-sensitive back then), so I didn't really know how much it costs to have a teatime here. I thought it will cost at least around RM15 per person. But no, it was just RM10 per person. and Daddy says they didn't really raise the price of their food, even though everything else is growing. I thought it's quite worth it, the tea is refillable, the food was good, and also filling, great ambience. Can't wait to bring my girl friends here some day.

The Teapot Cafe
169, Jalan SS 2/24, 
47300 Petaling Jaya, 
(same street as durian stalls, behind the police station)

Monday, September 03, 2012

Happy Day : Teatime at TWG Tea Salon and Boutique

yay finally had time to meet up with the high school buddies
my highschool bestie Fiona asked me to attend a Launch Party by La Senza lol
well I'm not a La Senza customer, but it's a bra launching party, and on the invitation it says no men allowed
and yes i'm just too curious so I didn't think much haha
she said she knew I would say yes, and yea you do know me bestie!!

so while I was waiting for Fiona in Pavillion
the most "cheh" thing happened lol
So I heard someone saying my name behind me
well I know my name is common but still my brain worked too fast and I just instinctively turned around
not expecting anything
but surprisingly the two girls who mentioned my name were my highschool buddies Audrey and Miu
and they weren't calling my name coz they didn't see me at all, they were just mentioning my name.
homg I wished I know better english to describe how strange and weird and scary and surprising the incident was. 
I bet they were shocked too's all written on their faces LOL
haha luckily they weren't talking bad about me LOL
imagine if they didn't mention my name, they could've just walk past me w/o anyone of us knowing it. 
so yea, dun talk about other people while you're in a mall hehe...

anyways....met up with Fiona and went to La Senza for the Show Off Launch Party
I guess the party was conducted in few sessions
so I guess we missed the first one
coz I saw two men walking into the store, thinking that maybe it's over, the store is open to public again...
then we had our second visit, where the store was closed by curtains
there was sweet treats outside the store
walked though the black drapes only to see two male models (the two guys that I saw just now), with greek statue look, topless, and posing with the bras lmao
all the girls are so excited and cant stop taking photos with the models
now i know why the event is a "no men allowed" event, not just because it's a bra business haha...
to be honest I'm quite surprised to see how all the girls get so crazy over the male models 
u see flashlights everywhere and the most funny thing is the female MC was so badly ignored as the girls are too occupied with the male models haha
which gave Fiona (who stood right beside the MC) a chance to win a prize by answering a question from the MC (since no one cares about the MC's words) haha....
anyways, there's a lot of discounts and special promotions on going
great event, great experience LOL

After the event, walked around, chatting with the bestie
lol I guess I was too concentrated on listening to her words
banged into many things haha...yea I know I'm very 粗鲁
anyways, went to TWG Tea Salon and Boutique 
I was told that this Tea Company that originated from Singapore is like the Hit Thing in KL now
so yea the place was like fully occupied
and quite a lot of people waiting outside.
imagine it, so many people came just to have a cup of tea
The tea must be like really good.
TWG is located at the Couture Street
decorated in nostalgic brown and golden with all the vintage features
I'm totally fascinated, it's not even a shop lot yet it gives you a feeling like you've just entered a classic storybook. Isolated from the noisy world. 
You know I'm such a Thunder but that place totally shut off my Thunder Mode. 
There's two sections, just like the name suggests, one is the Tea Boutique selling a wide range of premium teas, unique teapots and tea accessories and also exquisite tea infused sweet treats and desserts
then there's the Tea Salon which serves tea in pots and also delicious desserts.

Michelle and KahHou joined us and we browsed the menu and sort of sampled different tea flavors at the boutique while waiting. I couldn't remember how many types of tea were there...I remember there's a 2 inch thick Teabook at the counter. and the Tea list was already like 6 pages long...
Totally impressed. 
Some of the tea have similar names and similar types but I swear I can never find a second tea that has the same scent as before. Every tea is different, some may be similar, but each have significantly distinct scent.  
some fruity, some woody, some flowery, light, refreshing, rich...all sorts of flavors with different layers to it. 
again...i wished had better english to describe things haizz....

then our table was ready
okay what i'm gonna say next will make u think that I'm such a Kampong Girl lol
the moment i sat down, "fuhyoh super comfy chair" lol
nice menu, nice cups, nice ambience even the table cloth looked nice *kampong girl with an O shaped mouth"
Anyways I ordered Passion Flower Tea - RM18 (non refillable)
well from the Tea Boutique, I thought Earl Grey Teas were great but I changed my mind at the end after looking at the super long tea list, I shall just randomly pick one so that I'll know whether the teas are all nice.
so yea, chose this one and well, it was quite good.
well let me clarify things, I'm not a professional tea expert or have any premium tea tasting experiences...
so forgive me if I don't really know the art of tea tasting
I will just say what I had in mind...

The Passion Flower Tea was actually quite light and has a mild bittery taste then the sweet scent starts flooding in as an aftertaste. 
which I really like hehe....
btw the tea has a rich yet refreshing scent, my nose liked it haha

 Kah Hou and Michelle's Tea-Infused Macaroons
I tried a small bit of the chocolate wan
the texture taste more like real chocolate rather than macaroons
more moisture in it
but still delicious :D 

Had a great time chatting with the friends
I hadn't meet Michelle and KahHou for such a long long time
so glad to see them again
both of them still so friendly, nice and also funny LOL
chatting with the buddies while enjoying great tea in such good ambience.
awesome daoooo
Asked for updates from them haha, and talked about future plans and stuffs
talked about our past as well lol, some funny memories that made us laugh
and these people are good jokers too lol
had fun listening to them
glad that they didn't mind me being a 5 Terra watt lightbulb

lol look closely and you'll see a super big fat 5TerraWatts Light Bulb in the middle...
I know I'm a big light bulb
but I kinda like being with them (not that I wanna be a lightbulb) but just to see how happy they are around each other. That makes me smile. I'm happy for them.
Once again made me realize it's so easy to make myself happy hehe... 

Photo with the girls 
so proud to have two pretty babes next to me hehe
really nice to chat with you guys :D

and million thanks to Fiona and Hayden for paying the bill.
and thanks to Michelle and KahHou for sending me to the LRT station.
today's experience was unforgettable.
Hope to see you people soon :D

TWG Tea Salon and Boutique
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Level 2, Lot P2.16.00 & 2.34.01
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 321429922

Great Ambience, Great Tea, Good for small gatherings with the close friends..

Oh here's a photo of the La Senza Show Off Launch Party
from La Senza's FB

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Updates - August

so I've graduated weee
let's see what happened before the big day
so there was the day where we went back to college for our results
aka doomsday haha
Was super crazyily nervous
I swear I'm not being humble, I really thought I screwed up the exams, never once I thought I can get an A in biology, let alone an A*.
But somehow, I did it. Thank God.
4A* really mean a lot to me...
the moment i saw the slip i couldn't hide how surprised I was
shouted "fuh"(yoh) like really loud in the office
I bet the people in the office wouldn't believe that a girl who shouted so loud got such good results hehe...
was totally happy and called my parents immediately
and guess what they say?

"How come you so good one?" in a doubtful way

honestly i din know how to answer them
in fact quite irritated whenever they asked me this LOL

hehehe....sorry i think i want to be proud about this since it will probably be the last time for me to show off good results :(

Was in a very good mood
went out with Sheauwen after that to chillax abit

 went to Kimchi Mom for lunch AGAIN!!!

 Tea time at Ochado Pavillion

then went to Tong Pak Fu @ KLCC for desserts and snack time

杨枝甘露凉粉 - RM8.80
I thought it was quite good, there's pamelo if i'm not wrong
love the sweet milky texture and sago

Glutinous Rice 糯米饭 - RM4.80
something salty to pair with the desserts
quite yummy, soft but not too sticky, n look at how much spring onions it has!!! like like

Rose Tea - RM6.80
simple, with tasty scent of roses
very light and healthy

Food REvisit to SanTerri Cottage after Korean Class
tried their famous sandwich this time
ordered the sandwich set which includes one wholemeal bread sandwich, coleslaw and a cup of coffee.
All for RM13.90 

there's bacon, eggs and crunchy veggies
great combination
coleslaw was great too!

Then there was rehearsal for our graduation
had lunch with the friends first at Pavillion's Carl's Junior
wasnted to celebrate Jiachee's Bday but Daniel Boon end up buying a cake for me too
to congratulate my 4A* lol
abit "zhadou" coz i never thought this is something to be celebrated
but...still thanks to them hehe...I'm happy :D

 hehe the bday girl

die of diabetes liao lorr....
sweet cakes infront and sweet girl beside

so yea...that's some updates..
for now, I need to prepare for IELTS
i know i know, i'm such a spoiled brat staying at home n not working
i promise i will after i settle things...

Saturday, September 01, 2012


Like finally this is the grand finale of my college life.
excited to meet my college mates
nervous coz my parents will be watching
happy with my achievements
sad because this will probably the last time me and my friends are gathered together as S1103B students
probably the last time for me to see my lecturers
last time to hear encouraging words from Ms Moey our CEO
this is the last time... 

That's the moment

A Big Congrats to all my classmates
for finishing this 1.5 years journey of A-Levels
whether U guys have the results u wanted
I'm sure you guys did your best and fought for the war.
Thanks for being helpful throughout these years...

The Ji Mui's 

With the lecturers:
Mr Tee, our young but genius Physics Lecturer

Ms Charmaine, our funny Biology Lecturer

Mr. Yoshua, the 24/7 joker lecturer of Malaysian Studies and Moral.

There are two more lecturers, who I really really wanna thank them.
Chemistry lecturer Miss Ng and Maths Lecturer Miss Chia
Miss Ng had the most interesting teaching ever, totally ignited my passion in chemistry. while Miss Chia is a real educator that gives you knowledge and ensures that you understand every single thing.

Next the helpful and awesome classmates that not just help me in studies, but also cheer me up whenever I'm stressed. The care and laughter from them really reduced my stress and made me more motivated to study. I love you people. 

The funniest girl I've ever met
Be with her, confirm laughter non stop.

whenever I'm with this girl, I can totally be crazy
like singing GG songs loudly while walking on the street
thanks for always going out with me whenever I asked you out...and also teaching me so many things...
you're always there for me....thank you. 

Group photo

After that, had a small gathering at Times Square

Baskin Robbins time!!
Love Potion and Cotton Candy
there was 31% discount btw
yum yum...

Then dinner at Bar B Q Plaza

I really treasure the moments we had together
feel so happy that day, so much laughter and care from the classmates

I Love you S1103B
you guys have been the most important people in my life during this One Year and a Half a-lvl course.
thanks for all the teaching, helping, cheering and caring. 
from TOTAL strangers to EVERLASTING friends
college life is truly amazing. 


and finally, the people who made the 4 stars appear on my results slip
The Family
thanks for buying me delicious food whenever I say I'm hungry and i need brain fuel.
thanks for giving me Essence of Chicken
thanks for not pushing me too hard, u guys are like the most non-pushing parents that I know
which I think is the big reason behind my achievements.
and thanks for sending me to college(instead of making me take the train) during exam time
u have no idea how did that helped me in my exams LOL
and thanks for spending money on books, stationary and any ridiculous stuff(eg: starbucks and cakes) that I say I need for exams...

too bad i dunno how to photoshop my brother into this
thanks to brother who bought me starbucks hehe....

Love Nuffnang


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