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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road trip with my broadband

Oh....road trip with my broadband....
This will be on the top of my mid-term-holidays-to-do-list

hmm...let me see....
maybe I'll jusr share about my plan for the hols....

I think I'll be going to Malacca....
I know it's the Nth time I visit that place
but I always forgot to bring my camera with me
and we didn't really visit the tourist attractions other than shopping
so this time I'll definitely bring my cammy and take loads of pretty photos of the buildings, museums, replicas, culture, food, people, the malacca river, the nyonya house.... the list goes on and on

hmm let's see.....
The first place that I'll go would probably be the Revolving Tower

Must have a good view of the placer ma...
No doubt it will make me breathless

then, go to all the Historical Buildings like Stadhuys, A Famosa, Portuguese Square

then I'll definitely visit the Baba and Nyonya Heritage house

I've been dying to see the setting of Little Nyonya
so unique....

Then the really cool museums like Muzium Samudera and Cultural Museum

I remember this place was a hot MTV filming spot in Children Songs MV =)

oh oh oh......The awesome Churches like St. Francis Xavier's Church and St. Peter's Church

I just read about Francis Xavier in Sejarah today
but apparently, I don't remember anything about him already...
must check this place out =)

Not forget to visit our local historic sites such as Hang Li Poh's Well, Hang Tuah Mausoleum

The nighttime ....
Dinner at Ole Sayang, a nyonya cuisine restaurant which serves super good food!!

Then go to Jonker street and take a cruise ride at the Malacca River

For supper, of course Satay Celup la then maybe can go to The Jetty summore

The next day can go to the Taman Mini Asean
and the must do-thing : Shopping at Makhota Parade or Dataran Pahlawan

as you can see, the lower part of the post seems so boring rite??
why?? becoz no photos and nice descriptions....

That's why it would be awesome to post all my pictures and blog about whatever I'm feeling and thinking at the same time.....

It wouldn't be possible without a laptop,
and of course you'll need
a wireless broadband that gives you high speed connectivity wherever you go...
and more important, It doesn't add weight to your backpack stuffed with cameras and clothes...
I adore the tag line!!
yes!! You can even go online and play games while you're waiting for your bus =)
Get your Wiggy Now!!!

oh check out Project Alpha season 2 this week :
It's Niki Cheong!!

apparently, his chinese name is beng beng, so cute rite??

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blog Season Ending Post

hmm.... Yes my blogging season is gonna end now
not that I don't like blogging, I love blogging
I know I shouldn't be blogging now but still...... I want to
anyways, My Mid Term is coming and I haven't study a single subject
I'm real stress but lazy at the same time
my singing comp is coming as well, haiz...
really can't find the time and mood to study.
anyways.... here are some random photos that I want to share

Went to Street Jazz class again after skipping the class for one month!!
Street Jazz is awesome!

This is real random : The round egg that I fried on someday.

Hmm.... this woody looking powder was my life saver...
It's the powder Chinese medicine.
It smells super good but the taste...
I think wood taste better than it.

My picture of Not-Studying-But-Hanging-Around@1u
hehe.... taken at my fave spot to read, MPH
can see all the cars on the road down there...

Went to vocal training @ our judge's taekwondo academy above McD, SS2.
then went to have lunch with my relatives
and then we went to 1u again
haiz.....skipping study AGAIN
I grabbed my fave Say Cheese Donut
and ate it @ Converse while my cousin is trying her sneakers.
Then later I kena scold by the SA summore.

Yea... I wont be blogging until 4th of June.
that's the mission I must accomplish now!

See you by then!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

I'm a girl that loves adventure.....
but I do crave for luxury and pampering during my travel.

And my dream destination with all the
and also Shopping!!

will be KOREA

Argh.... I'm still working hard to earn money for a trip to Korea.
It's not really far now. Since MAS is offering very affordable air tickets.

Okay, Why Korea?
The primary reason will be....
Korea is all in one!!
Unlike Hawaii (where you can only surf)
or Taiwan (where you can only go to the mountains)
or Vietnam (where all you can do is to visit Angkor Wat)
You can do everything in Korea because everything in that place is unique!

For Adventure, you can simply take hike to any of their famous mountains or islands
such as Mt. Namsan, Namhansanseong Provincial Park, or Jeju Island
It must be fun with all the cool breeze and also warm sun.

For History,
I know you must have heard some from Da Jang Geum
Korea's ancient history is very different from other countries such as China and M'sia
But unique at the same time,
as the ancient culture was influenced by both China and Japan.
It's simply exquisite.
Now, there are about 4 or destination that has been stated as the World Heritage Centre.
Such as ChangDeukGong and Jongmyo Shrine

Culture, Korean culture is more than special.
In both ancient and modern culture.
Their ancient culture is influenced by China.
But their Modern culture is influenced by the America.
It's definitely interesting.

Then for leisure and excitement.
I will never miss the performance of the super famous Jump and Nanta show and I will never leave without going to Everland and Lotte World which is the top 10 theme parks in the world.

Korea is very modernized country.
The hotels and accommodation are brilliant and luxurious.
For me, I would love to live in a Seoul hotel where I can just relax and take in the seoul view.

Food. OMG. To me, korean food is the most special part.
Because they are like nothing else. They are super unique.
I'm a big fan of KimChi but I really want to try the real Korean KimChi as it will be 10 times hotter, I suppose.
And they have really strange and weird snacks.

Very cute restaurant at Daehangno, the street of youth and theatres.

And the people in Korea, hmm... I'm sure they are pretty nice.
And I'm sure there must be a lot of lang lui's and leng zhai's.
i'll definitely stalk hot guys with my camera! lol!!

Another Must Do thing is Shopping!!!!!

Yea, I really really love Korea.
It's a country where I can go for a hike at Daytime and go to some lounge to relax at night.
And it's a really inspiring place.
With all the mixture of modern and ancient culture, foreign and local elements.

The distance between My Dream Destination and me is not that far after all.
It's getting closer.

I think MAS is really offering good prices to travel.
and It's the only local airline that has a route to Korea.
Awesome rite??
and their service is brilliant.

If you have a dream destination that you want to fly there right now.

Fly with MAS Right Now!!

Go to :

Plan your dream destination now!!!

Yay, Episodes 4 - 7 of Project Alpha Season 2.
Where they continue their fun at Kuching.
Stay tuned as they give you grooming, blogging and also traveling tips.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I know I shouldn't be blogging now

I know I should bury my head in my books now.
But blogging seems so important to me!!!

Yes.... I must share about some interesting stuff that happened these days...

1st... Our BM Drama!!!
OMG it was such a blast....
the whole class was united and we had so much fun together!!!

The drama was N times better than our rehearsals...
It was nearly perfect...
yea....due to my mistakes for the sound effects part.
But somehow the recording shows that my sound effects wasn't that screw up than it was suppose to be. =)
5 BR Rocks!!!

Hehe... My beloved sound effects CD.
Oh... I must give credits to
They made my life so much more easier.
You can look for all kinds of sound effects over there.

And today,
Was literally my most painful day.
I was cucuk-ed 4 times at my fingers.
My bones were pulled and jerked by the doctor as if I'm a ragged doll.
I heard all the "krak" sound when the bones are being jerked.
Super painful.
But there's a part that I cant explain...
Though it was painful, I wasn't scared at all.
But dunno what in the world happened to my tear ducts.
I cried like crazy.
and I was so embarassed.
anyways... I wanna thank the doctor la...
He's amazing, a Chinese Medication Doctor lerr....
After the poking in my fingers...
My throat was immediately relieved...
As if some magic happened.
Now i feel more confident to face my singing competition! =)

It was like repeating the blood typing experiment for four times.
But at least I expected it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips

When I was 12
I saw the word grooming at a pet shop

and from that time onwards I thought that grooming is meant to be a animal-use verb

after the search in dictionary,

grooming noun ( TIDYING ) /ˈgruː.mɪŋ/ n [U]

the things that you do to make your appearance tidy and pleasant, for example brushing your hair, or the things that you do to keep an animal's hair or fur clean and tidy

yea... so I wasn't half wrong after all....
anways.... I think grooming IS super hyper duper important
why?? bcoz the dictionary says so.
It makes us look pleasant and presentable

sometimes people might take the word grooming a little Over The Top

Well groomed doesn't mean that you have to comb your hair FLAT like Mr. Bean
or Tie your hair into a braided ponytail

To me, well groomed means you don't mess up other people's senses...
which also means that you look, feel and smell good...
(forget about tasting good and hearing good!!)
I would just make sure I'm comfortable under my own skin and others will be pleased by my appearance, that's all.

So Grooming Tips No.1
No Messy Hair
Your hair pretty much tells you how much effort you put to present yourself.

See? Gorgeous rite?
As long as your hair is in place.
Nothing is gonna mess you up.

Grooming Tips No.2
Obey the dress code.

Depending on where and what you are going to.
Wear clothes according to the scene.
Being too outstanding like Lady Gaga doesn't give you extra marks!!

Grooming Tips No. 3
Make sure you smell good all the time.
Okay, maybe I should change it abit.
You don't really need to smell god, but just don't smell bad.
Like I said before, Body Odor is a Super Turn Off no matter how much effort you put in Tips 1 and 2.
Never ever mess with other people's Senses!!!
Just spray on some perfume.
If you want to keep things natural and also long lasting.
Choose Adidas Deodorant

It keeps sweat at bay, leaving you feeling fresh all day.
There are different types of formula to suit your own need.

Yes, that's my primary 3 grooming Tips.
But I think keeping your face clean and putting some make-up might be vital as well, because it actually brightens your look.

Just stick to this main concept : Don't do anything that messes with other people's senses.

I'm sure you'll look good with it.

Yay, Project Alpha Season 2 is up already.
Just watched their 1st episode.
Stay tuned to it ya!!!

This week's project alpha talks about the reunion of season 1 bloggers.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Date Night

Another nice and fun weekend with my cousie....
Went to The Curve at night to watch a movie.
I'd booked Cathay Cine's Tickets for a dozen of times
but last Saturday's movie was the first Cathay movie ticket that I collected over the years....

Anyways, we went to Kim Gary for dinner
that place was f-ing hot
and according to my cousin
the waiters weren't in their best attitude
okay, let's talk about the food :

Mushroom Rice with Chicken/Pork Cutlets
I think it's quite yummy coz I love mushrooms.
The cutlets are crispy and not too hard, so it's kinda okay.
But I just didn't like the corns too much.
But it was okay after all.
I think this dish costs 10 bucks.

My Cousin's Nissin Noodle
I thought it was kinda okay
the noodle was abit hard though, the soup was still okay.
but Vince thought that it was pretty much bad
What can you expect in maggie noodles??
This noodle costs around 8 bucks.

For Drinks we kept it simple
Milk Tea

Yin-Yong (Coffee + Tea)

So in total we spent less than 15 bucks each.
which is pretty good coz we were watching our purses.

Then watched the movie - Date Night in Cathay Cineplex.
I must say, the seats was super comfortable,
and I didn't felt really really cold.
I love that place, and I sort of think of the cinema as my own house
So I laughed like some idiot during the movie
After the movie
a few dudes from the front row turned around and stared at me.
and I felt super super Pai Seh.

The movie wasn't really long, One and a half hours in total.
So we took our time and jalan-jalan-ed around The Street.
I must say the nightlife at The Street was really really hot.
In contrast, the shopping mall was super quiet.
And all the shops were already closed at 10pm.
Hello? It's saturday, can't you extend your business hours??

So we were walking back and forth on the street.
and of course we camwhored lorr....

Movie Review : Date Night

Starring : Steve Carell and Tina Fey
The story talks about a couple who took another couple's dinner reservation,
then they ended up in trouble.

This movie was totally hilarious...
The greatest impact that this movie did to me, is my constant using of the F letter.
The way they say the F word was super funny.
It didn't sound rude or harsh.
But just simply funny and makes you open your big mouth and laugh.
okay anyways
I thought the actors were really really pro in the comedy part.
If i'm not wrong, I guess they don't really have a script.
They were just free-speaking, impromptu style.
yea.... but I thought the story wasn't that coherent after all.
I mean how a boring couple from New Jersey got the guts to find the gang boss and talk to them,
after being aimed by a gun on their face??
If it's me I think I'll be scared till death.
Maybe they're trying to show their courage....
okay anways.... The storyline just didn't make enough sense.
But it was good enough larr...
Since it's just a show to make you laugh =)

"Why can't you just put a F-ing shirt on?? " - Phil Foster, Date Night.

Right - Left
Tina Fey as Claire Foster
Steve Carell as Phil Foster
Mark Wahlberg as Holbrooke Grant, the only client that Claire remember, probably bcoz this guy likes to be topless.

No Strings Attached

When I saw this three words.....

It reminds me of N'snyc's songs in their No Strings Attached Album
My faves will be Bye Bye Bye and It's gonna be me....
anyways.... as you can see their album concept was related to Puppet Shows
The cute and sweet looking toy with strings attached so humans can control their movement....
I think the first puppet I'd seen was Pinocchio

And I know how Pinocchio hate it when his hands and legs were tied with strings by Mister Geppetto...

Nobody likes to be entangled and controlled by someone....
let alone long and irritating wires??

Let's imagine, If Pinocchio is Facebook-ing

do you think he will like it when thick, long, dangerous and messy connecting wires are tangled and wrapped around his computer and himself?

Imagine Pinocchio is using You-Tube, watching Susan Boyle

do you think he will like it when the video is so laggy because the connecting wires are going on and off, and messy... and It's very potong lorr

Then One Day....

Pinocchio sees this image on some newspaper

"Are you saying that this is a WIRE-less modem?"

Yes, of course it is....

I'm sure Pinocchio will take Mister Geppetto's knife and cut off the wires around him
and he will start telling his friends about how awesome this product is

and of course his nose won't turn longer

Because he's not lying, It's dead true.
You get high speed connectivity without a single wire....
That's P1 Wimax's Wiggy Wireless USB Modem

And after that, Pinocchio goes online with No Strings Attached and live happily ever after.

Yes..... Project Alpha Season 2 was launched and the premiere is getting closer and closer....
so don't miss the 1st episode on 19th of April yea!!

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Monday, April 05, 2010

My Favorite Sport

There are many sports which are my faves
such as Table Tennis, Swimming, Basketball, Netball etc etc...
I also think that Shopping is a wonderful sport...
But let us talk about something more official :

My fave sport will definitely be Badminton!!!!

Not that I'm ever pro in badminton but this sport seems to be the one with most fun and excitement
and what makes it a perfect sport
It makes you sweat!!!

You don't need to get 10 out of 10 smashes to make yourself sweat
Picking up the shuttlecock is already the best sweating exercise ever!!

Therefore, it simply keeps us fit and helps in reducing weight.
And now I really need to call up my class' Chinese gang aka the badminton gang for badminton session edi...

Losing weight is not only the reason I love badminton
basically all sports make you lose weight, it's just the matter of fast or slow
Playing badminton gives you more than that

In Malaysia, Badminton is like the most known and popular game among the citizens of all ages
probably bcoz of Dato Lee Chong Wei

If you don't know how to play badminton, I don't think you can call yourself a Malaysian
I mean, badminton is like the easiest and most popular game
the rules are like kacang putih

My point is, badminton is something that everyone knows how to play
so it definitely is the game for everyone to strengthen their relationship
My class for instance,
3 quarter of the class goes to Taman Megah's badminton court every friday
And that was when we all started to get along
Every friday, the Taman Megah's court will be dominated by Seapark-ians.
and most of us don't pay for the court so the tauke will be staring at us with flaming eyes and sometimes even shouted at us to "halau" us.
Most of them are the form 5's
I know most of them are pros but there's also lousy people like me that jumps around with my racket
and here's what we do
"We play with everyone"
and yea....that's the rule
when you see there's and empty spot, just go in and don't care who's beside you
and you'll have lots of fun....
even if u sucked!!
Sometimes one court will be occupied with more than 4 persons
but we still play like crazy....
and we just get to know everyone....
having a match is another whole lot of fun
we will start playing dirty and scold and tease each other and bla bla bla
but at the end, what we received was just leisure and excitement...

Playing badminton can be really fun and also sweaty
sweating might makes u look sexy but you don't want the smell to spread all over the place, right?
What if you are playing a mix double game, pairing up with a girl/guy that you like?
BO is definitely a big No-No

Keep yourself fresh with the right tools!
Choose the Adidas shower and deodorant range.

Random pics :
Hehe...the only badminton medal I got.
Actually I don't even know how I got it coz I lost all the matches.

My Badminton Must-Haves

Hey people, The premiere of Project Alpha Season two is getting closer as we step into the month of April
Catch it on 19th of April!
Oh not to forget to remind you, Audition for the featured blogger in season 3 is now open.
Don't hesitate to submit your entries now!

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Love Nuffnang


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