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About Me & My Blog

Hey there! I'm Carmen, people also call me Jiawen, Thunder, and 38.

A typical PJ-ian who can't live without speaking rojak language and eating yummy food. Currently studying in Singapore.

Why I blog?
I started blogging since Form 1. Yes I may not update it a lot, but it's still my place, my own space to express and also share my thoughts with others.

It's 2015, almost 10 years of blogging and I decided that my blog should have a main theme/objective/tagline. Took me sometime to think because the things I blog are like really diverse and I'm not like those famous bloggers who pretty much has their own niche:
I don't wear pretty clothes so definitely not fashion.
I love to travel but kinda broke to do that frequently, so travel blog is a NO.
I suck in putting make-up, beauty blog? haha nope!
Politics? I can complain a lot, but no solution. Plus I don't wanna be involve in any kind of online war or something haha...
Hmmmmm FooD! but honestly, I'm more of a follower when it come to food blogging instead of being the pioneer-tasting type of food blogger.

It made me think hard, why on earth did I share all those posts...and well, took me long enough, but I kinda figured out that, I'm trying to share about things that are interesting, less-boring, fun and meaningful, well to me at least heh.
Ok cut the crap, it's really about How I live a less ordinary life. :D

Sometimes I read the celebrity blogs and can't help but to feel slightly envious about the things that they experienced, like traveling, eat a lot of food, posting photos of them with different pretty outfits everyday. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to say that they waste a lot of money (in fact I know many of them did worked hard and invest a lot in their blog content), but sometimes I cant help but to wonder, can't we still have a fun life in a less expensive way?

And yeap, I'm just an ordinary person but I hope to share about fun things in my life and prove to you that, you don't need to be some millionaire to have fun and interesting days. :D


My first language is mandarin and my English is no where close to adequate level haha, but blogging is also my way of training my writing skills. That's why I blog in English...

I mainly blog about food, coz my life's mission is to enjoy food as much as I can. I review about movies and music every now and then. And another thing that I'll definitely share in my blog, places that I GO. It may not be a travel kinda thing, it may be just some museum, or a park, or some building or monument. Just any place that allows me to explore and see beautiful things.

So far I've never been to any other countries other than Malaysia and Singapore, but these two countries are already offering so much for me to see and feel. Hope my travel diaries will help you guys plan a perfect getaway.

 From KL to SG


Love Nuffnang


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