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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sushi Q again....

I love FOOD!

Went to Ou last saturday to post-celebrate Vince's Bday.
Wanted to eat at place like Zanmai and Sakae, but obviously, It's impossible to do that on Saturdays. Zanmai Sushi's queue is like DRAGON....then Sakae one oso, macam snake. Super a lot of people. Obviosuly, Japanese food is always a favorite choice for most people. So what to do??? We were craving for Sushi mannn, so, went to Sushi Q aka the-sushi-bar-in-the-middle-of-the-corridor LOL.

 Lobster Mayo Maki -- RM14.90
Yummiest thing. It's my favorites all-in-one. Inari + Lobster meat in mayonnaise. 

Sushi Set -- RM19.90
Totally Delicious. 
The salmon taste great!!
and the Wasabi Flower LOL

Green Tea -- RM2.50 each

Well in total we spent around 40 bucks, which is like how much I would have spent in Sakae. But actually the amount we ordered today is way way WAY too much. Took us more than an hour to finish everything. Our belly was like really stuffed. 
Anyways, I really like the sushi's and the place as well. It's not that noisy and you can observe people walking on the streets everywhere. XD

closer look...


 Yummy Salmon

Since we were so so stuffed, so we went to after dinner exercise --- Bowling!!!
I sucked but.....still I like XD

obviously is not gonna hit it...masuk longkang saja...

After 2 round of bowling...
Desert Time XD
Vince with her sundae and also showing off her just-bought unique ring from Forever 21

I Heart Oreo McFlurry!!

Anyways, Happy Birthday again Cousin!!
I know I shud have post this long ago.
And officially, you're not a TEEN anymore wuahahahahaha
hehe, all the best in everything kayz... Love You XD

Friday, August 26, 2011

Busy going to Busier

Very Busy 2 weeks, Really couldn't find time to blog.
Well in short, I still played inter cohort games almost every afternoon though Grade 8 piano exam is in one week's time. But I didn't regret la, long time never play basketball edi and it was very fun to play with players from other cohorts. It really is a GAME. But I didn't do well, we only won one match.
 ankle pain like crazy....

Oh then there was MCKL Audition last monday. And surprisingly I passed mannn, and I made it to the top 10. I thought it was gonna be the finals, but turns out they still have another elimination round. which happened yesterday. They only tell us about elimination on this monday. Basically I was in shocked lorrr, yesterday was initially like my Piano Big Day and you tell me I have another Big Thing??? and yea, My Day BURST! I didn't do well in both sides. During Monday to wednesday, I was kind of restless la, when I play Piano, I think of singing, when I'm singing, I think of my piano. So yea, I'm kind of sad. If both things can just DON'T happen on the same day. Even one day later will do. I would have done better. I was very very nervous when I was playing the piano and also singing. Singing "zao yum" summore. It's like totally different from how I practiced. yea, I'm really sad. Some of my friends still paid for the event to come support me. Really feel bad that I didn't show my best. Anyways I love you guys, thanks for showing me so much support!! Jiachee, Brandon, SookChing, Maggie!!!

Plu8 Plus PluS.....Business Club was having Appreciation Week. Which we have to package more than 500 packages with lollipop and chocolates inside. I stayed back to help out, then have to buy ribbons. But of course I shudn't complain about my workload at all. Others were doing much much more, as in they stayed up all night just to finish everybody's gift. I felt really really bad for not helping them. But what am I suppose to do??? That's why I wished if that week could just be, less, LESS, hectic.  

Oh then there's so many people's Bday.... I'm just gonna shout their names here...
18th of August -- My Bestie Cousin, Vince

21st of August -- My awesome-est highschool "ji mui", Sook Ven

23rd of August -- One of my best friends in college, JiaChee

25th of August -- always my sweetest and dearest loupo, Christine Cheah

and the tall and quiet girl/future supermodel who always get annoyed by me in college, Yian Yeen.
 She's the girl on the left. Very tall right....

Happy Birthday Girls! You know I Love you :)

oh oh 22nd of August is also my Aunt Michelle's Bday. Love you!!

Cute Jia Chee's Bday. 
Photo Credits to Maggie Kok at


and today....went to Sunway Lagoon....
Raining summore, I think i'm having a flu edi TT.TT
But it was really really fun. I went on the 360 degree pirate ship. I was scared to hell mannnn, but turns out it's not that scary laaa, but I wont let myself be scared for a second time!!! NEVER.
will post the photos if I have time :D

well, I think I'm gonna blog less. Qualifying Test is coming soon soon soon. Really gotta study, havent start at all.Hope I can do well! Byezzz

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TBowl, Toilet on your dining table. XD

Went to Sunway Pyramid last Saturday Night with Vince
what to do? Shopping larrrr.....
But there's always this problem for us, we spend super a lot of time thinking about WHERE to eat, once we decided where to eat, we'll take super long to look at the menu to decide WHAT to eat, and then we'll take more than one hour to finish all the food plus camwhore-ing. Why spend so much time? Coz we wanna share good food with you now!! :D

Okay but before TBowl, hehe, Ice Cream first, yes, we were doing reverse mode on that day and trust me I don't know why.

We were jalan-jalan-ing at Asian Avenue, then we saw this Ice Cream kiosk in Bright Pink
and it says YOKOMON :D

Vince was craving for Green Tea that day, so she ordered a Green Tea Ice Cream. Well for me, Rum and Raisins!!!! I was soooo excited to see this flavor on the menu mannn, the only place I know that has Rum and Raisins Ice Cream is Baskin Robins, which is like 8 bucks per scoop. 

 This one is pretty yummy too and in fact bigger in size, plus the ice cream is in this sort-of-like-porcupine shape LOL. All this for 5 bucks only!!!
 Cousin's Green Tea Ice Cream
Super yummy too!!! Love the green tea taste.

 See?? The Porcupine shape???
Window shopping while eating ice cream is like my fave combination.

So when it's around dinner time, we went to TBowl!!!
Which Vince recommended to me.
Yeap, "The Toilet Restaurant"
What a cute menu don't you think?? *points at the toothbrush*

Okay I'll introduce the food first before the environment.
Mango a Yellow Bathtub -- RM 5.50
Yea this was suppose to be desert but I dunno why they served it first. anyways, It's Yummy!! Not too sweet, very Refreshing, felt like ordering one more. 
But they very stingy with the mango lorrr
Got 3 small little slice of mangoes only TT.TT
But it's still awesome larr...

Honey Toilet Seat LOL -- RM 3.50
Well I didn't order any drink at first, then I saw this cute cup on the table next to us. So ordered it just for fun. Like what Vince said, "Drink toilet water" LOL
But to my surprise it taste great. Trust me, it's just nice.

Lai Wan Style Porridge in their famous Toilet BOWL -- RM 8.90
also known as 荔湾艇仔粥
Again, delicious!! The portion is quite big, enough for the two of us. It has deep-fried fish fillet, sotong cutlets, fake crab meat and lots of Bonito Flakes!! Love it!!
Then Finally
Here comes the suppose-to-be appetizer
Signature Steam Egg -- RM 5.90
I told you we were on reverse mode, appetizer came last LOL
It took them REALLY REALLY LONG to prepare this, probably they ran out of eggs or maybe ran out of bathtubs.
But it was worth the 30 minutes wait, this dish is also yummy!!
Got mushroom, yummy diced chicken, and also vegeee. The egg is just nice, abit like the japanese steam egg aka chawanmushi. 

Basically, all the food we ordered were yummy-licious. Many people told me that the food doesn't taste nice, but seriously I don't think so. Well I think most of my friends went to the Sungei Wang's branch. This one is really nice. In fact Vince went to Sungei Wang's branch before, but she thinks Sunway's branch is good. :D

anyways, now, the more important thing than the food
 Well of course they made it look like a toilet.
Got Sink-Table, with sponge, toothbrush and the fluffy sponge...
Then some of the seats are actually toilet seats :

 Drinking Toilet Water

 Really Really Really Look Like Toilet don't you think???? Got flush on the right summore...

After eating dinner, continue shopping.
Well I was very happy that day, I bought a Blazer and 2 Shirts for 65 bucks in total.
All from Asian Avenue.
I swear I was gonna buy that whole shop named IFeel. All the clothes there are so sho sho pretty and they are more to korean style which I am really into it now. Wish I had more money. I think I'm gonna go there again this week hehehe....

Actually there's summore food to share
well it's all about the Roti's
will share it in the next post. :D

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sim Sim Sim Sim.....

Just a short post to update what happened in the past few days...
hmm....well intercohort games was going on and I took part in Basketball at the last minute
I didn't know why I said yes, cause I haven't REALLY play basketball for YEARS....
since I left Yuk Chai, basketball was never my main sport anymore...
But somehow, I did kinda okay in the games and my class is the winner of our cohort!!! well I didn't contribute much la, my team mates were awesome players :D
But still, I'm very happy that we won!!
For the boys', well I'm sad that they didn't win, coz they are really good. But of course other cohorts were brilliant as well, I'm sure whoever wins, everyone of the players were awesome.:D

Well before the basketball match, we had Malaysian Studies lectures.
And I swear that was the awesome-est day for Malaysian Studies
Our lecturer asked us to perform a historical sketch in groups. The winning sketch will get 5 marks (as bonus marks for our exams if I'm not wrong). So me and 12 of my classmates formed a group and we performed the story of Dato Maharajalela aka DML. Which was total epic, well at least in my opinion, it is. XD
and we were the only team that got the FULL 5 MARKS!!! :D
Basically, the sketch was super funny, the guys were the main actors and my gosh, they were super hyper duper hilarious. I was gonna pee in my pants because I was laughing so so hard. I wanted to run to the toilet, but I was the narrator, so all I can do is to TAHAN
 The one in red is meeeee :D

Our so call Arm Struggling. EPICNESS hahahaha

 "Dia itu Kurang Ajar!!"

This short clip belongs to Pauline Chen
well it's short coz it's not the whole thing, only parts of it, but it's enough to make me laugh like an idiot and also almost gonna pee in my pants.
Watch this clip at

Anyways, and I was busy playing the sims 2 haha....and also The Sims Social and also The Sims 3 which my friend Annita just lend me a few days ago...Thanks Annita
I'm so SIM-FIED now...

The sims 3 was kinda "pening" for me, coz it's so freaking canggih!!!! Took me some time to get use to it.
But I dunno why I still love using The Sims 2 to build houses and community lots.
And one of my latest design...
The First Station

Kind of inspired by the Train Station's Building
I turned it into a community shopping lot.
With an outdoor restaurant, cafe, indoor diner. The Yellow color part is actually business office LOL

From behind.
The building on the left bottom corner is actually a hall.
Then there's this park right behind the main building.
The fountain park (left) and small outdoor cafe (right).
The small building at the right it's just the kitchen for the outdoor restaurant.

Outdoor restaurant with bar summore LOL

The side mini park with benches, inspired by the train platform of the train stations.

The courtyard.

It took me almost a week to finish it. And the interior is still empty LOL
But I just love how it looks from the outside. What do you think???
Gimme some comments :D

The Sims Social on Facebook
OMG this Bella is so much prettier than the Bella Goth from The Sims LOL
and guess what they name me, Faith Baker
so I changed the surname to Full
so, Hi!! I'm Faith Full XD

Okay gtg, just finished my bio assignment... phewwwwww
Hope we'll do well in the basketball matches!!

Love Nuffnang


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