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Saturday, September 24, 2011


o-o-opsie....didn't really update
Well, nothing much happened this week, we had our short film filming on tuesday and friday which made me realize what a sucker I am in acting....NG-ed like crazy and I was laughing in all scenes LOL...Then there was Captain Ball club on thursday!! Which was the best thing mann!! Sweat and had fun with my classmates. Loads of funny stuff happened LOL. Yea, Trials will start in 3 weeks time and I haven't start studying TT.TT My gosh....I dunno what's wrong with me, I wanna study but I just can't. (I hope you understand what I'm trying to say...) and yea, our lecturers are rushing to finish the syllabus, really don't know if I can do well. :(
I think I'll blog less less often until trials are over....

Anyways, I was thinking of sharing some songs that I'm listening recently...

This song is really really recent, just yesterday LOL
My friend, JinYun kept telling me she really loved this song so I searched for it. And turns out I actually heard it before, it's just that I didn't know the title LOL Christina's song's are hard to forget once you heard it. And this one, You'll Remember Forever!! What a meaningful and touching song and also inspiring. 
I cried most of the time whenever I'm listening to this. 

Very sweet song. Really, sweet!
I hadn't listen to it for a long time until I suddenly feel like listening to it again, and I loved this song more. Why? Because this song reminds me of a couple in my class (JiaChee and Brandon) who were really really sweet. It seems that I understand the lyrics MORE after knowing both of them and looked at how caring and how much they appreciate each other.

I just adore the flow of the song! It's touching! But not in those like sad-song way. I think it's because how the singer expressed the song and the lyrics are very straight-forward, as if it's telling a true story, a real experience. 

I don't understand why some people dislike this song, but I truly liked it.
Why? Because this is a song that made me feel the emotions of something that I've never experienced in my life before, which in this case, it's a Break-Up. I don't know anything about break up but this song just made me feel sad to the core man... From the emotional and powerful vocal and also the meaningful lyrics, you just can't help but to feel as if you've really just suffered a break-up. And the MV, some people think is inappropriate, but it has a very positive message to people who went through breakups.  
"Sometimes you think you can die just because the person you really really love left, but the truth is, You'll still live."

hehe....hmmm I just love the tune and also the singers, that's all XD

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sweet from the bottom of my heart :D

I always have this dream of owning a cafe. A cafe that people, friends, family, colleagues can just hang out and have a good time and also eat something yummy at the same time :D Well that's because I love places like that. Nothing is better than having a cup of nice coffee and also a sweet cupcake.

Well anyways, It's been a while since I baked and I realize I haven't used the electric mixer that my parents bought me as a gift 2 years ago. So yea, QT is over and last Friday was a public holiday, hehe, my kiddish side is out and ready to do damage to the kitchen muahahahahahaha. So I wanted to try using the mixer larrr, but I wasn't ready to bake something that I've never done before, so my plan was to bake muffins but this time, with buttercream icing made by the electric mixer. WooHoo!!!

And actually, I'm also trying out the new oven which is a gift from my aunt.

Shopped for all these at Bake With Yen at Taman Megah!!!
let me see, there's flour, icing sugar, castor sugar, unsalted butter, choc chips, cocoa powder, full cream milk, vanilla essence, baking powder and soda, the rainbow deco-sugar and also the piping bag!!!
Love the shopping feeling!!! Shiok aaaa!!!

The dry ingredients for the muffin XD

My Awesome Philips Cucina Electric Mixer :D
Used it to make the ButterCream Icing which consist of Icing Sugar and Butter in the ratio of 5 : 3
then just add in cocoa powder (mixed with abit of water) or vanilla essence.

Decorating was the best part mannn
I always wanted to use the piping bag. and finally I get to use it muahahahaha
Even went on Youtube to search for tutorials to use this thing LOL

Done :D

This one is specially made for my brother. Which he requested for this pattern. Can't believe he brought his lameness into food...

The second day, I baked again hehehehehe
since there's quite a lot of ingredients I was thinking of baking it for my born-in-sept and oct classmates as a small early bday present.
Mummy suggested to buy smaller and cuter cups for the muffins
so went back to Bake With Yen again, and found this cute lil' pink muffin cup :D

For some reasons, I like how they burst with all the cracks.

This time, used Vanilla Icing. Which suits choco muffin better :D
I really like the Boy and Girl muffin haha


Apparently, mommy-who hates butter and sweet stuff- likes it. In fact she was asking for more, brother liked it too. hmmm, i guess i shall bake again??? I LOVEEEEEE BAKING :D

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Other Truth

Can't believe I can be so truly, madly, deeply addicted to a TVB series. I watched it before QT where I was suppose to study. In fact study about science, but at the end of the day, I'll spend my night watching something about Law LOL!!

I don't know what's wrong with me larrrr, whenever my exams are coming, I just feel like watching TVB shows. I don't watch any of them when there's no exam, But strangely, I Must watch them no matter what even though I'm suppose to study. So according to my 1st Principle, Work Hard Play Hard. I studied in the day and then 12am -3am is my "THE OTHER TRUTH" time!!! :D

Yes, this is the series that made me sacrifice my sleep time.
Once you watch the first episode, there's no way you'll stop. Coz this show is just so freaking awesome!!! :D

The Cast : (All my fave actors)
 from top left :
Ruco Chan as Keith Lau
Tavia Yeung as Mavis Hong
Raymond Wong as Wallace Cheuk
Louis Yuen as James Wai
Natalie Tong as Cecilia Poon
Chris Lai as Danny Mo

Synopsis by me :
Basically the series is about Law. Not lawyers, but Law.
This series has a total of 25 episodes, talking about the story of Mavis Hong, Keith Lau and James Wai who are barristers in the same chamber, with different crime cases and how to defend for justice. Just like the series' title, it tells the story of how these lawyers help their client and how they look for the truth in their own (lawyer) way without the help of others like the police.

The reason I like it so much, it's because all the cases are very interesting.
It's not like suspense-investigating films that keeps you guessing, instead they are more realistic when it comes to helping the victims and also the innocent ones. What they did was to use what they already have, like the proof, evidence, witnesses' statements and try to look for doubtful and questionable points, and also loopholes. They are not exactly investigating the case, they are just clarifying it, so that the judge and the jury know what is to be concerned.

Unlike other lawyers-themed series, which only talks about how-lawyers-help-the-innocent, these one talks about different aspects of the legalization body. There was one case that tells the role of the juries in a case which I really like. Now that I know the juries actually play a very important part and the way they consider and decide the outcome is very very important in a case. Other than that, there's also spotlights on the judges, the different types of lawyers like the solicitor and the barrister, and also on how to appeal for cases.

Well crime cases are actually the main topics, but what keeps the series interesting is also the characters of the series. All the lawyers are super super cool mannnn..... There was one moment where I just want to become a lawyer and be cool like them LOL They are all professional and defends for justice. I love it whenever 2 or more lawyers work together to solve a case. At the same time, the series reveals a lot of problems that lawyers face, not just problems with their clients, but also problems with their point of view on things, their perspective to the truth. And sometimes find it difficult to stand firm on justice while they are constantly being blackmailed and no one seems to believe in the truth. 

One of the best thing about this particular series -- Ruco Chan XD
I've watched him act several years ago in a series called Love In a Miracle (爱在有情天)where he's the 2nd male lead and he sang the title song of the show which I really really loved!
I really really liked him since that show, there's something really "yeng" 型 about him. But after that I seldom watch his series coz he was in ATV. Then when he got back to TVB, well he's acting is very good but he was always doing the minor characters. and NOW finally!!!! He's the lead of the series!! and gosh, he showed off his acting skills mannnn. I'm in LOVE with Keith!! 
Keith is like this really good lawyer that does everything to help his clients. So yea, to achieve that, he often break some rules, but or course, justice is on his side. Keith is a very cool and also fun guy who is very helpful and cheerful but at the same time, he can get very emotional when he's dealing with things that he doesn't wish to see.  Especially things that hurts people around him. Yea, Ruco Chan did well in portraying his sometimes cheerful-sometimes emo character. Love it laaaa....

The relationship between the characters are very interesting as well. They are all very very good friends and works together to fight for justice. I just love their chemistry la...
The cast are awesome don't you think??? Tavia Yeung is like the best actress you can find. Seriously! She can be anything, and I love her character as Mavis, a smart and professional lawyer, and also a confident and independent woman. Many guys in the show were running after her LOL Then there's also Raymond Wong as Wallace, a born-rich solicitor which have his own firm but has no experience in court. But as the events come along, he learned from his failure and starts to be a REAL lawyer and finally turned into a barrister. Louis Yuen, haiz, of course the Joker in the series larrr....

There's also love relationships, for example Alex (Kenneth Ma) and Cecilia (Natalie Tong)...
Sad case, Cecilia died TT.TT

And of course, the sort-of triangle relationship between Mavis, Keith and Wallace.
It's kind-of complicated, one man knows her best, the other saved her life. One teaches her new things in life, one treated her well. 
Though Mavis didn't make a choice at the end, but I'm sure there will be a Sequel to this series.... Can't wait, can't wait!!! hehe...

Wuaaaa, didn't realize i crapped so much...
In Conclusion, all I want to say is GO WATCH THIS SERIES!!!

wanna know more, go to The Other Truth Official Site

The theme song which perfectly suit the story. *ThumbsUp*

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Walk-Walk at StarHill

This was last Saturday where my QT just ended. Wanted to hang out with my dearest "hang gai-shopping" buddy -- Audrey San. Surprisingly, we didn't shop at all LOL Though we were very VERY tempted to. Sales were EVERYWHERE!!! Guess our resistance to shopping is pretty strong :D
Well our plan was to JALAN-JALAN, and yea, LITERALLY!! So we met up at Times Square and really started walking in random directions, passed by Plaza Berjaya, we walked through LowYat, then passed by BB plaza, then somehow we reached Jalan Bukit Bintang and started going into the Malls like Lot 10, Fahrenheit and of course, Pavillion. 

At Lot 10
 The National Geography Box LOL

OMG where are we???

erm, right in front of a Pyramid backdrop...

 Audrey San XD Always great to lepak with you!! :D

This was after we got out of Sephora....
It was raining and we didn't know where to go, so just randomly walked through an entrance which we thought is Pavillion's 
Then things around us were like, 5-Star Classy-ness things, the place, the chairs, the coffee bar, and trust me, they were shining. Then we saw this Louis Vuitton shop and start to wonder where on earth are we???
Turns out we went into Ritz Carlton HOMG

I don't know why, that place was sort-of terrifying to me. It felt like I would probably do something stupid like break a one million dollar porcelain vase or just simply tripped over a tourist or something LOL I just feel like I don't belong to that place. Escaped that place ASAP... and went across the road to Pavillion.

Well it's a Saturday, just as expected, quite a lot of people lorr...
then we started walking around at the 5th and 6th floor which, "People over there are more like us." Walked along the Tokyo Street, saw tonnes of yummy Japanese food and tried free Ice Cream summore...

well saw something interesting along the way....
 Smurfette and Clumsy

 Papa Smurf!!

Everyone was trying to take photos with'em!
How could I miss it???
hehe.....Smurf-ed XD

Actually it was UOB Bank doing some promotion with the Smurfs.
and it was really nice of them to let us take photos with the Smurfs for free :D
I swear the crowd was very very huge!
and it took me really long to just wait for my queue to take the photo while everyone else is cutting the queue.
Anyways, the one who help us to take the photo is one of staff of the event. Thank you so much!!!

Then then, meet up with another two High School buddies, Florence and Christal, who were doing their shopping in KL as well LOL
Really happy to see them!! so yea we went chit chatting at Food Republic without purchasing any food or drink from there. XD It was really nice to chat with them, I missed them so so much, well hope to see them soon, I love listening to people's college stories :D

And yea according to them, we MUST take photos first before we forget LOL

Went back around 5 something and before that, PHOTO XD

That goes my Walk-Walk at StarHill Day :D

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0 Movie Review + Snowflake


Went to Pavillion KL with on Last Friday with my collegemates. QT was over!! Plus I actually passed my Grade 8 Piano. Too happy edi, really wanted to just go out and relax and laugh all I want :D And yes we picked the perfect movie to do so!

Thanks to JiaChee who booked the tix! We don't have to go through those long queue over there...

There's still some time before the movie start, so we decided to go chillax at Snowflake
I heard many people talking about it but never really tried it before, so yea it's my first time there.
Basically it's a desert bar that sells Taiwanese Deserts and Drinks
We've heard a lot about Taiwan Bubble Tea, but Taiwan Taroballs? How about a desert where you can choose toppings of sweet potato, barley, black glutinous rice, green bean, red bean?
Sounds good?? Go have a try at Snowflake

Jiachee, Brandon, Russell, Daniel, Samuel, Andrew and Irene plus Maggie who joined us later.

The place is pretty small, but it was CROWDED! No empty seats, let alone have a table that has 8 seats for us. And basically every single one of the customers ordered at least one bowl, instead or sharing with others. So I guess it's too yummy to share with others LOL

So after grabbing a seat, we went to order. And I was puzzled when the cashier gave me this brown-color-round-thick-disc LOL I didn't know what it is, so I just take, go back and put it on our table.Then when it started beeping, I didn't notice and my friend somehow thought it was his and took it away. Then my friends started telling me how it works la, basically it's just an alarm to tell u when your food is ready. So Canggih right??? This one is definitely better than calling numbers. There's no way anyone can steal your food unless u gave the disc thing away.

Beeping UFO

Milky Red Bean Ice -- RM5.50
All I know this is equivalent to Ice Kacang Merah aka 红豆冰
Though this Ice Kacang is abit more expensive than usual. 
bUT it taste good!! I'm not a big fan of red beans but somehow, the red bean taste awesome weih. It's really sweet and soft but also abit crunchy at the same time. And when you eat the beans with some Shaved Ice...My goodness it taste awesome!!

What others ordered :
(Left) Taroballs with Sweet Potato, Barley and Pearl Toppings -- RM6.50
(Right) Lemon Jade Jelly Ice -- RM5.50
Taroball is like their specialty, so I guess it's a MUST TRY. 
and by judging on how fast the guys munched down these yummy toppings... (look below)
I guess it, really, is, DELICIOUS.

This is like less than 5 minutes after they started eating....

I know it's so yummy that you wanna finish every single trace of it, but don't eat the spoon plz... LOL

Snowflake has other outlets
go to their website to see the list
So after Snowflake session, time to taste some COCONUT RICE, NO I MEAN NASI LEMAK!! XD

Title : Nasi Lemak 2.0
In Three Words : Walao, Wahbiang, ChioSiNang(laugh till die)!!!
Genre : Comedy, Patriotic(LOL)
Casts : NameWee, Karen Kong, Adibah Noor, Afdlin Shauki, Kenny and Chee, Dato David Amurugam

Synopsis :
Young Chef Huang (Namewee) struggles to get his restaurant business going because he cannot adapt to the 'localized' cooking his patrons are looking for. However, contradict to his unpopular cuisine, he is also well-known as 'Hero Huang' in the local neighborhood where he carries out good deed in helping the community until he met Xiao K (Karen Kong) who got him into deep trouble. In order to get his life and the restaurant business back on track, Chef Huang must now seek help from a mysterious hawker stall lady (Adibah Noor), who summons him to embark on the extraordinary journey of his life. During this self-enlightening experience, he will also meet many 'local heroes' each lending their support to help him re-discover his roots and the real hidden message of 'Nasi Lemak'.

My View:
Laugh till I die mannnn!!!
It's funny not because it's funny, it's funny because of how LOCAL this show is LOL...
It's just so good to see a movie that really tells the story and characters and also the unique colors of our country! Well for me, the story is just okay la. Basically the spotlight of the movie is not on the story, but the characters, the chemistry between them, the local culture and also the creative elements that incorporates different elements from different races of the nation. Through the characters and the special culture they have, the movie emphasize on how to create a nation in harmony and also how to live a happy life with the people around you. And of course, Namewee showed off his unique music talents by writing songs with meaningful yet straight-to-the-point lyrics, and also gave English song and Indian song a Chinese Twist LOL!!! The Bollywood style Mandarin song was EPIC!!! This simply tells you it is possible to mix different things and create harmony!! After watching this film, you will start to think that Malaysia is really an awesome country.  

Then of course, non-stop laughter!
Basically all the characters are already funny. It's Adibah Noor and Afdlin Shauki mannn, don't expect any thing but funny!! And like i said just now, the unique mix of songs just makes you laugh and feel impressed at the same time! Then there's this Kenny and Chee who act as the Baba and Nyonya. According to my dad, they were really really popular back then. And now I know why. The way they speak is just so natural and cute and you can't help but to laugh at how "harmonized" when they speak. Then it was really funny when they disguised as ghosts to scare Namewee and KarenKong. Plus the way they speak, BM + Hokkien + etc etc...It's just impressive and i really love them. Then there's also funny scenes of Namewee having stupid-funny day dreams, especially the one about Cheng Ho. Plus erm, a bit of funny P***tical insults. In short, there's no Not-Laughing moment when you watch the film. 

and erm one very special thing that you can only find in this film, is the Malaysian-Style Rojak Language, Malaysia-Chainiss punya "broken english" and also the Malaysia Local CHAINISS mandarin, with all the hokkien, hakka, hainam dialect plus all the phrases like WALAO, SONG-AH, WAHBIANG, and also HAO-LIAN (SHOW-OFF) lol!! My dad always say I like to HAO-LIAN and I always asked where on earth this word came from and wondered if it really exist. I'm so glad to hear that word in the movie LOL!!

Well, the main point of the story is to realize how awesome the people of our country is. And learn to appreciate and also live in harmony. 
This is a show that all Malaysians should watch!
1 Malaysia!!! XD

Rating : 7/10

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lagoon!!! ChinDian United LOL


This was two weeks ago when our raya hols/study leave just started
Hehe I'm glad that I chose this over books...coz that day was one my most memorable days I've ever had in my life!!! With my awesome-est friends... :D

So yea we went to Sunway Lagoon...
It was suppose to be a class trip, but end up only 7 of us going...
SheauWen Daniel Jiachee Brandon Praba and Vasan 
But I really did have loads of fun with them!!!
Went to Sunway Lagoon by Bus and reach there around 10.30 something

There was soooooo many people outside the entrance, waiting edi......
Seriously shouldn't underestimate Sunway Lagoon....

This wristband, haiz, I always thought that it's my watch....LOL
Then when I look at it, "why no time wan??"

Anyways, we started playing in the Water Park 1st, well there weren't much photos for the time we're in the wet park and amusement park, coz My Camera Can't Swim...
Yea, basically we played things like these (photo below for reference) : 
the Water Slides (Congo Challenge and Cameroon Climb), 
then most of the rides at Dry Park including the 360 degrees Pirate Ship which was terrifying first then very fun next, 
then swim at the Surf Beach which is super freaking fun, 
and just sit at the Wave Pool and wait for the barrel of water to splash down HARD on us LOL.

Then it was drizzling larrr, so it was kinda COLD coz we were all wet, but I really love that kind of feeling.... And we don't have to be burnt by the sun XD

I LOVE CONGO CHALLENGE!! (bottom-right)
I was really afraid at 1st, then everyone was like "Just try laaa". So after the 1st ride, ONE MORE TIME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! XD

 Still manage to snap some photos XD
At the Slow River


Our awesome-est Indians LOL Praba aka Blackaran and Vasan aka Ela

For some reason I actually like this photo LOL

Princess Sheau

Then then then, Lunch

Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken for RM10
that's like the cheapest food I can find over there.
Though it's like much more expensive than usual, but it taste good weih, to my surprise!!
Wanted to have another one LOL

Cute JiaChee and Brandon

Oh My Daniel

Then we're moving towards the Wildlife Park...

The Girls...

And The Guys

wuaaa so scared....

So went to Wildlife Park, well, to my surprise, it's not that-THAT boring larr....
Many cutie and interesting animals LOL
Time to update the animal dictionary in my brain. 


Friendly Sunway Lagoon Staff who helped us to take photo

The Selcas

The suspension bridge right behind us :D


Kesian this fella, trying so hard to escape....

So yea, we pretty much finished everything, so went to shower after that....

The lockers....
RM5 for one time usage.

On the way back....
Started Photo-time LOL
Pirate Ship was crazy...
I was too scared at 1st, but actually is nothing much la, it's just that my head hurts like crazy whenever we're upside down... XD But I'm still happy that we had the courage to try this LOL

I don't think I'll ever pay to scare myself...

Then went to Cha Time at Sunway Pyramid after that to get some rest...
There were a lot of people mannnn, good thing that we manage to get a seat...We were so tired mannn, really needed some rest and yummy drinks

Here's what we have :
Chocolate Hazel Milk Tea -- RM 4.90

Caramel Milk Tea with Pearls -- RM5.90

Pearl Milk Tea -- RM 5.90

Basically it taste good, nothing much to complain....
well, I'll try the special ones next time and give a better review about the drinks...
 The place it's also quite a nice place to chat larrr, though it's kind of small. But the chairs are comfy LOL A good place to sitdown, rest, yumcha, and "gong wa" (talk), just like the name suggest, It's ChaTime! 

For our studies and friendship!!

After regaining some energy, took the rapid bus back and we're like Strawberries --- stuck in the Jam, for like an hour. 

My Fave Photo That I Shot on That Day

Love Swans 
at the Wildlife Park
So Ngam that they were facing each other!!!

So yea, had a great time at Sunway Lagoon!!
1. Basically it's a really nice place to just have fun in the sun (though it was raining that day), get yourself wet and scream all you want!! 
2.  The place looks awesome with all those Western Style Buildings and also African Themed Water Playground. 
3. Fun Atmosphere! There's all these performers that will go around to entertain you with some unique ethnic music and also some cool dance moves. 
4. The staffs are very helpful and polite as well.
5. The facilities are really good too, got f&b outlets, lockers, speed-showering tunnel (at the surf beach), and plenty of chairs for you to sit down. LOL 
6. All the toilets and shower room are clean and there's a lot of them so you don't really have to queue up. 

Feel like going there again, the rides are really special and u can't really compare it with Genting because their rides are just so so so different. Both places are awesome.

Okay, the next place that I wanna GO is MALACCA
Yes, not to study history, but just to FEEL the History...

Love Nuffnang


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