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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wedding Photography by Nikon D60

fuh....another weekend gone...just like that
okay, it's not really just like that la
It was after all My Cousin's Wedding!!!
yea I sound like as if I never been to a wedding before
well in fact I've never been to a close relative's wedding before...
and yea so the "Raja Sehari" was my cousin and of course his beautiful bride, now known as "Biu Sou"
yea this is like my only opportunity to try Shooting Wedding Photos without feeling like a weird stranger/stalker
So here's of the photos...

Let's start with the Sepia photos which I really like =)

My Cousin Sister-in-law veeeeerrrry pretty right??

Yea, I had fun being the quarterhalf-pro Wedding Photographer of the day...
As you can see, there was real photographers and videographers over there, I felt kinda "paiseh"
I really really like to do this....
so...If you're going to marry someday, must hire me to be your wedding photographer kay??

Will upload more photos on fb...

I just wanna wish my cousin and his wife, Happy Newlywed!!
May your Love for each other and love for life last for eternity.
May your lives be filled with Happiness and Joy and Peace!!
and and and....don't forget to give me the "double angpow" lerr!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finally, I can call myself a Straight A Student....

Sorry for keeping my blog in the fridge for 2 weeks....
I was kind of busy with college applications and piano and other stuffs and and shopping
Anyways, I went to collect my SPM results on wed
Yea, after waiting for so long, after so much worries, after all those crazy K书 days....
hehe, the results are somehow better than expected...

Yay!! Straight A's!!
Damn Happy!!
Never expect this because for UPSR and PMR, I was always 1A away from straight A's....
And My Brother will sing the song "差一点" which made me so "geram"
"Brother, you can never sing that song to me..hahaha", that was what I said to him on wed.

For Now, 
I just wanna shoutout to some people who made this happened
Firstly, Thanks to my Tuition Teachers.
They are the ones who made Straight A's possible for me.
BM -- Mr Goey@Pusat Tuisyen Jaya Diri
BC -- 王老师@Yee's Tuition
Physics -- Mr Yeoh@Edusmart
Add Maths -- Mr.Terry Tee@Pusat Tuisyen Teliti

These teachers were awesome!!
Without them, I can't imagine which alphabet will appear on my results slip.
I use to suck in Physics.
But after going to Physics tuition in form 5, it was A that came right away.
Mr Yeoh is a really good tutor.
For BC, I never got an A in my exams, NEVER.
but I believe after our teacher revised so many times with us, we somehow improved step by step in answering for BC exam questions.
As for BM and Add Maths
I started having these tuition since form 1 and form 4.
That's why I was never left out when it comes to Add Maths.
Add Maths was my strongest subject in school, yes i did better in add maths than mod maths. 
Honestly, I neverNEVER pay attention to add maths class in school.
Having Terry's tuition is already more then enough. 
BM tuition had always been fun, Mr Goey always prepared lots of photos and videos which made learning and memorizing so much easier. 
Thanks a lot tutors, you guys proved that I didn't waste money on you guys!!

Next, My School Teachers.
Especially subjects like Maths, English and Bio which I don't have tuition.
Thanks for working so hard to educate us, to mark our books, to explain things when we don't understand.
Thanks for your patience. Thanks for your punishment on us.
and erm....because of you guys, I didn't have to spend extra money on tuition LOL =)
and Thanks for being so happy for us when we received out results.

Nextnext, my friends and classmates of course.
Especially 5BR!!
I was really glad that I was studying in 5BR's environment.
Everyone was very encouraging, helpful, hardworking and smart!
I really learned a lot from them.
Thanks to my friends who studied with me, went to the library with me, explain crazy theories to me.
And also thanks to some of my friends who shared those last minute "TIPS AND TRICKS" with me.
Trust me, those tips really did helped!!
Finally, My Family of course!!
the same old line --- "Thanks for giving me moral support"
and also financial support larr (tuition and reference books)...
I hate my parents' nagging, but I guess I should say thanks to those nagging, or else I would have been a super lazy worm....and not know what is important for me

Actually I have more people to thank
like my seniors and juniors, my cousin, my relatives....
They gave alot of support and help as well, really thank you guys!!

Oh oh, I wanna say thanks to my late Grandfather.
I asked for 10A's infront of my Grandfather's grave last year, right after spm.
And yes, he did gave me. 
I miss you a lot, thanks for taking care of me. 

And lastly, Thank God for everything.
Thanks for giving me good teachers, good friends and my awesome family.
Thanks for always guiding me even though I was tired and stress. 
Thanks for giving me a healthy body and brain.
Thanks for always reminding me that I have to work hard to get what I want.

so...*speaks in a humble way* I'm a Straight A student!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gasoline @ Sunway Pyramid Food Review

Went to Sunway Pyramid Last Saturday
went to this Pirate-Ship Teamed Restaurant called Gasoline
Located at the Asian Avenue in SP
First time visiting this cute restaurant since I seldom go Sunway Pyramid =)
The place is cute and the food is good!!

There's an interior part and exterior part of the restaurant.
At the interior part, you have to sit on this cushion, something like Japanese Style

Photo Credits to
Here's how it looks like from the outside
A Pirate Ship =)

The only thing that separates you from other tables is this White Color Drape =)

Kay Now, The Food =)
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet Rice -- RM 7.90

Breaded Scallops -- RM4.90
Tempura Squid Rings -- RM 5.90

Black Tea Latte -- RM5.00

Lychee Rose Tea Latte -- RM 5.50
This is damn awesome!! 
It's nothing similar to Bubble Tea
It really is Milk Tea with Lychee and Rose Flavor =)
Really nice...

The food were great too, yummy and filling =)


Cute Wall Art

Let me out!!!!

Really like this place =)
The food was awesome, the place is cute and one thing that I like most, they play the best music. All the music that you want to listen....hehe

Friday, March 11, 2011

Before and After.....

whoopsie.....sorry for the short term MIA =)
Really malas these days....
anyways, the day I've been waiting for came!!
Yes, finally did hair rebonding.....after so many years of waiting and begging my mom
well if you know me or you have seen my photos
My hair was never in good shape....
frizzy, coarse, puffy, brittle
My mom kept complaining about how terrible I look when I leave my hair down....
She calls me "lion head"

So went to this salon at Taman Megah, SS24, V Dream 
The first few question that my stylist, Joyce, asked was :
When was the last time you cut your hair??
Did you ever cut your hair??
Have you always been having serious hair loss?? etc etc etc.
I'm grateful that she didn't say things like "Your hair looks like a broomstick" or "Do you even own a shampoo and a comb?"

Turns out that my scalp has more problem than my hair...
she did a scanning for me
Gosh, my scalp was RED, some parts have clogged pores
and I never noticed that...
According to her, I have Very Sensitive Scalp, my hair was too long and too puffy for me to cleanse my scalp thoroughly, that's why the center part of my scalp have serious scalp problems and needs to be deeply cleaned and cleared.
So other than rebonding, did a scalp treatment as well....

In total, I stayed in the salon for more than 4 hours.

See the difference??

Bought a scalp shampoo and a smooth conditioner.
Haha....finally I own something from Schwarzkopf (I never know how to pronounce this)

Yea....I'm still trying to get use to this new look...
never see my hair this smooth
My mom said I look totally different, even my mom needs to get use to my new straight-smooth-silky-tidy look. 

I still like the change anyway...
Never dreamed that I will look this way =)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weird.....'s so so weird....
I think I still can't adapt myself to this....
I've been waiting for this for who-knows-how-many years
but after this, hmm....dunno, I really liked it but still.....

kaykay.....will post about it tomorrow =)

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City

Went to TC mall last tuesday with my long-time-no-see friends....
For lunch, we had it at this Sushi Tei which was packed with people during lunch hour.
It's been a long time since the last time I saw them, so, that day we makan-ed "kau kau"
Super loaded....
At first, We almost ordered everything we saw on the menu
Japanese food is soooo awesome!

haha, It was real good to meet them and talk to them again....
gosh, I miss everyone in High School =)

Anyways, here's what we ordered :

Unagi Rice ( I don't remember what's the actual name for this)

My Japanese Curry Rice with Chicken Cutlets
Japanese Curry is AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!

Chawanmushi aka Japanese Steam Egg

Inari Sushi which 3 of us LOVE!

12 pcs Sushi Set

hmm, afterall, the food is okay larr...
Nothing special, I guess I was too hungry so everything seemed to be so delicious....
If you're just craving for some Sushi or Japanese Bento
This is the Right Place to go!!

Sushi Tei
LotG-16, Ground Floor, Tropicana City, Jalan SS20/27, PJ.

Friday, March 04, 2011

My Scheming Mask!!

I'm having a CRAZE over this facial mask brand!!!
My Scheming Mask
Gosh can't get enough of all the cute, special and EFFECTIVE masks...

Okay here's some that I used recently :
 Sakura Whitening Mask

Pearl Extract Mask
Yeap both masks are awesome...
I can't really say that the Sakura Mask helped in Whitening
but what I know is both masks helps in giving a more radiant complexion.
And of course, it was really relaxing...
Unlike other masks (which I don't know what they use to make the mask sheet),
the material of the mask sheet is very soft, and it won't give you a over-cooled feeling while you apply it. 
I hate it when the too-cold mask sheet touches my face and sting my face like dunno how...
So, if you want to relax, and have your skin moisturized and more radiant. 
All these masks from My Scheming Mask are awesome!!!
Get them in Watsons, at around RM6.90, ONLY IN WATSONS!! 

Another Brand from Watsons :
It's under the Japanese Imported Beauty Products Section of Watsons
The price is almost the same as My Scheming Mask
I tried The Whitening One (Blue Packaging)
The essence can easily be absorbed and doesn't leave your skin sticky.
But one thing that I didn't like, the opening (hole) at the mouth is like super small man....
The mask covered my mouth too, yea because the opening/hole is not big enough for my big mouth....
I wonder if all Japanese girls have SMALL MOUTH, THIN LIPS??

I will use the scissors to widen the mouth opening next time!!

Food Review : 甜品哥哥 Desert House @ ss2

Food Food and Food again...
I think I really like talking about food these days....
That explains why I'm growing sideways recently

Anyway, last Sun, went to SS2's 甜品哥哥 (Cant : Tim Ban Go Go)
Wanted to go 2 KTZ wan, but KTZ wasn't open T.T
since I've never tried this 甜品哥哥 before (despite being at the same road as KTZ)
We went in, only to find out why KTZ's business is still so good despite having a Huge Competitor on the same street...

Anyways, here's some of the things we ordered...

Red Bean Cake

Red Bean Soup + Black Sesame Soup

hmmm can't really remember what's this, the bottom part is actually red beans...

Almond soup

I ordered this :
Black Sesame and Almond Soup -- The Black and White

Glutinous Rice Balls coated with peanuts
It's something like MoChi

Green Bean Soup

As you can see, everything we ordered was SWEET.
We really did felt like leaving after looking through the menu coz everything is sweet.
Unlike KTZ. there's nothing savoury or any yummy snacks.
Eating all this sweet stuff only was very very......sick....
Really needed something salty and maybe HongKong Dim Sum
Yea, that's why afterall KTZ is still doing very good.

Went to WongKok too during the same weekend
I know I've done review at WongKok but I tried something new last week that I really want to share :
Energy Booster and Super Temptation (both RM8.50)
Nice Name Right??
Energy booster is a mixture of bananas and strawberry...
and Sweet Temptation, Yam and Chocolate and Vanilla!!!! (All my favourites in one!!!)

Cream Spaghetti with Bacon -- RM11.90
Sorry, the photo doesn't look very nice
But It's super yummy I tell You!! Got my fave veggies and bacon!! Gosh I love cream spaghetti!!

Random Photo : Love LoVE LOVE Starbucks!!!

kay, that was a random upload.... hehe
will have more food photos coming up actually :P

Love Nuffnang


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