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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reasons of Why all the International Stars chose Singapore as their stage instead of Malaysia

I don't know why
Maybe Singapore is just too good
or Malaysia is just too suck-ish
all the International Stars love to go to Singapore instead of Malaysia which is who-knows-how-many-times the size of SG

Oh My Gosh, Singapore is sooooooooo happening
They are gonna have this F1 rocks concert again! which stars awesome singers like Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert, Daughtry and much much more on the 24,25,26th of Sept....

Then they have the Korean Pop Night Concert which has SNSD, BigBang, FT Island, Shinee etc etc on the 23rd of October

and and AND JayPark is coming tooo!!!!!!!
 and CN Blue came to SG 2 weeks ago.....eeeeesh why can't they just take a 1 hr flight up to M'sia?????
really want to meet them weih!!!

Okay In my Opinion the TOP-4 reasons that International Artists pick Singapore over Malaysia to have concerts and showcase:

let's start from no.4 : Malaysians don't really support Original Albums
This is an obvious fact, most Malaysians prefer to download songs from the internet illegally instead of buying an album to support the sales of the artist. And that's because the albums in Malaysia is soo expensive (to M'sians) and our economy is getting worse, not many people can afford to buy original albums unlike in the past decade. Whereas Singapore has a greater market since the citizens are capable and also supportive to buy original albums.

No.3 : Singapore is a better name....
certainly, Singapore has a really big name in the International stage. There are people who thought that Malaysia is in Singapore lol!! Yea, SG is more well known country to international fans,and it would be easier for them to travel. Imagine if someone asks a foreigner, "Do you want Adam Lambert's concert in Malaysia or Singapore" I know I shouldn't say this on our country's National Day, but "Malaysia" sounds very....."3rd-world-country-ish" to me.....(Ethopia, Indonesia.....Malaysia) in fact we are 3rd world! yea of course they will choose Singapore rite?

No.2 : Singapore is so rich
Another obvious fact, their people certainly has more money to invite all these stars right?? I mean their country's economy is really rising and all the people have high income, the country is also very rich. That's how they have all these money to promote their F1 by inviting International Superstars like Mariah Carey and Adam Lambert. The events organizer will definitely earn a fortune when they have events like Korean Pop Night Concert because certainly the high-income-Singaporeans would pay for this event. Until now 1S$ is equivalent to 650-700 won that's why recently so many K-Pop stars like B2st, CN Blue came to SG

No.1 They don't want to be caught by our police just because they wear low cut/spaghetti strap/mini skirt/hot pants/sleeveless shirt etc etc
I don't think i need to explain this one lol!!

Korean Pop Night Concert In Singapore

Oh My Gee.....
They are coming to Singapore for The Korean Pop Night Concert
It's near....but yet so far
This will 100% be a must-go event for al the K-Pop fans in S.E.A
they invited the best of the best korean artists like SNSD, BigBang, Shinee, FT Island
I don't really know Infinite and D-Na but I guess they aren't bad too!!!

The question mark is actually D-Na which was announce later...
Oh My this is so so cool!!
The Concert will be held on the 23rd of October 2010
organized by Proof Label
The venue is not announced yet...
There's rumors about the VIP ticket price at 298 S$ 
Are you serious? That is kinda cheap, I mean normally these K-Pop concert tickets will be bloody pricey wan...
This concert is definitely worth it, probably better than MTV World Stage!
OMG i really wanna go....can anyone buy the tix for me?? *starts dreaming*

Anyways Join their Official FaceBook page for more Details

Wa I'm very in Love with CN Blue and SNSD these days
probably because after watching YongHwa and SeoHyun's We Got Married
Super Love Them now!!!!
 and OMG Yuri can really really rap!!!!
Always my fave!!

YongSeo's Performance of Run Devil Run and Lovelight
I love their chorus of RDR, so yeng, with the rock and roll edge in it!
And OMG I love how Yonghwa look at SeoHyun when they sing LoveLight
I bet YongHwa is feeling very happy in his heart that Seohyun is singing his song!
OhMyGosh they are so so sweet
I know they might not be as couple-ish as Adam and Khuntoria
but they are just really sweet
Well rumor has it that Adam and Khuntoria chose their partner before the show
that's why both couples are so in love
But for YongSeo they don't know each other at all
so basically they are going through the valentine's stage now
not the marriage phase yet
If you watch from the 1st episode, they started really awkward with each other and as time goes by, they got closer and sweeter to each's just so natural to me <3
Now, though you can't see them hold hands or hug each other but you can see they are always caring for each other and always trying to make each other's just sooooo Natural!!
and both of them are so talented in music
that's why people invited them to perform together!!
OhMy i really love them!!
Sweet Potato Couple rocks!!

But Adam and Khuntoria rocks too!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Puay Chai Campfire Backstage

Photos Photos Photos!!!!
From PuayChai's Campfire
well I must say that night was surprisingly fun...
Maybe it's our first campfire after a 3 yrs lapse, we were surprised by how hyper the crowd was...
The cool thing about the crowd is that there was a combination of Primary school kids and teenagers like us... All the little boy scouts and little girl guides are soooooo cute and they were very very supportive!!
Thanks to PuayChai who made all this happen!

Anyways Good Job! to the committee members of campfire!
The Openeing was really cool and the whole Lord Baden Powell's Sketch thing was very fun.
Danced for the opening and OMG before the music started
I was very nervous and the crowd was SHOUTING "Leng Lui" all the way which was so BLOODY ANNOYING and SCARY TO ME. I seriously didn't know the how hyped the audience are....At that moment, I really didn't know whether I should laugh or cry LOL
But it was a awesome experience afterall =)

Then we taught the audience how to dance Waka-Waka and played the Campfire-Must-Have Games like Nightwalk and Love/FRIENDSHIP Tunnel...
Then went back to the class (a.k.a preparation room) to I don't know what's going after the games until our last dance...
Then practiced for our Pink Panther Dance LOL!

After our closing act, went back to the classroom and started camwhoring LOL!

The Dance Team
Only Sook and WeiNian didn't take their partner shot.....eeesh

Our Uber Pretty Bday Girl!!!!
(FYI : she looks 100 times better in person!)

Jessie : You Bimbo People!!

Despite the fever, i was feeling really good that night. Probably the hot-ness was all radiated during the dance LOL!! Really Thank God that there's campfire from our school in my last year of high school. 

To my dance partners, you guys were AWESOME!! There was so much fun working with you guys. Really hope that we can gather again and do more HOT MOVES together!
Scouts campfire committee, don't give up!! Keep up the good work! and if you guys don't mind, work with the Guides too kay?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

LeeHom's Showcase Aftermaths...

just to shout out some experience on last Sunday

If you don't understand what the eff am I talking about, It's Okay =)

What I really hate about rockzone showcase is that people are so bloody squeezy!!!
I know I kinda jumped queue when I was looking for my friend, but at least i apologized and I gave up and went back, right??
Please be considerate!!!

There was this girl who was initially beside me, she saw there's a gap so she tried to fit herself into that gap which makes her infront of me. But she's apart with her friends, so she kept turning his head back and forth to talk to her friends ....
I was really pissed at that time and I really was gonna say this to her. But I was kinda tired and I don't think it's nice to pick a fight when everyone is so frustrated.

Speaking of hair, there's another girl, she was infront of me when the autograph queue started and everyone was squeezing like mad. Everyone was literally stick together.
She was with her boyfriend and she was really pissed when people pushed forward. Thank God THAT I'M A GIRL IF NOT SHE WOULD HAVE CALLED ME A MOLESTER (coz i'm pretty sure my hand was on her butt at 80% of time since all of us are sticking together.)

Yea I guess I should change my shampoo to Sunsilk....

haiz....that's it.....random random post....

p/s : I'm still very sad about not getting LeeHom's autograph...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Underestimating LeeHom is the biggest mistake in my life!!!!!!!

LeeHom is such an Awesome Artist with Great Voice, Hot Tracks and Charming Personality and on top of that, Breath-taking Look...

How on earth can you find another ZILLION-TALENTED Artist like him?????

Since I'm so crystal-clear about this fact, how could I be so stupid??
So stupid that I only reach 1u at 5pm where the showcase starts at 6??

Yes The Crowd was definitely.......MASSIVE

Yea that was basically what happened on that day...
but I didn't mention about the sweat, the frustrations, the disappointments I felt...but I guess it's all my fault. Probably because of the fever, I forgotten HOW MUCH FANS LEEHOM HAS....

Well actually I wanted to go at 2 something, but my parents didn't let me because they think I need to rest.
Now, I can tell them they are absolutely wrong. The later you reach, the more you wait, the more you sweat, the more you get pissed when u realize you're not getting his autograph...and the more tired I was at the end...

Anyways....there's still things to be happy of : I SAW HIM IN PERSON FOR THE 1ST TIME, isn't that great enough??
Before the Event ----- Anticipated!!!

Royce was the host for the day....
I saw him(in close distance) too after the event =)

Oh gosh it's HIM!!!!

The Shades definitely make him look hotter...hmmm
Anyways, still loved his voice and his song : 你不知道的事
I was totally mesmerized by his voice.....

Well he has a flight to catch to he sang only one song and started the autograph session, which is something that I'm grateful of. Less songs, less squeezing in the crowd...

Well basically at 54% of time, I cant see him at all, thanks to this lady's cam, at least the 54% time wasn't that boring....

He requested to go toilet LOL!! I bet the people who saw him in the hotel must have gone crazy =)

Yea they stopped the queue at 8.45 something, so I quickly pulled myself out of the crowd and I waited at the exit lane where his van was parked over there. Loads of people were waiting beside the lane already.  Thanks to this security guard who didn't mind letting me to wait on the lane. Standing at the lane was excruciating too bcoz everyone who came out with his autograph has a big smile on their face and I didn't get a thing. So I was thinking maybe I should try one last time to see if I could get his autograph while he boards his van. (The album I have is actually my brother's friend's, which I had promised to help her to get the autograph) Yea and finally he walked down the stage and OMG he really did passed by me (he was smiling -- so sweet) and he was seriously close to me. I didnt think much so I just shot myself forward and shouted "please sign" and the next second, the security guard pushed me back....
At that moment, I felt disappointment, guilt and also ..........idiotic at the same time...
Because I realize how Idiotic I must have looked when I ran towards him, argh, he must have thought that I'm a psycho or something. But I'm sure I'm not the 1st encounter LOL
Anyways my brother got the autograph coz he's a HOMANIAC

Photo Credits : 
I WAS PLANNING TO HANG THIS ON HIS(or our) PSP (since he said my pink color strap is so girlish)


p/s : Love LeeHom forever!! OMG he's been my role model for 11 years already!!!! LOL!

An Awesome song that you don't wanna miss!!!
Don't forget to watch Love in Disguise!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Random Photos Uploads.... PappaRich and Murni Discovery Food Review

Here's some "haven't-see-the-day-light" photos that I took 2 weeks ago
I was too bz last week...
but actually I'm still bz this week
Campfire is on Saturday and will be dancing at the beginning and the end
anyways...back to photos =)

Went to The Curve's Papparich for Dinner
I can't tell you how relieved I was to see Papparich at The Streets
I thought I was gonna slice my purse into pieces just for a dinner at The Curve...
Curry Laksa with Foo Chok
The Papparich's Signature Dish
Wa, they give damn a lot of "si-ham"! Love IT!!
Love the laksa's scent too!!
But a bit over-spicy for me
Sorry, I think my spicy tolerance is kinda low...

Cousie's Dry Curry Mee
The Curry taste is pretty much the same but it's not that spicy compare to laksa...
but no "si-ham", too bad...
but it's nice afterall...

Cham a.k.a Yin Yong for HK
I don't know why but it tasted abit weird....
probably not suitable to drink while eating laksa...

Ice Lemon Tea
This drink is like the all time favorite la...
Goes well with any food =)

The lighting in Papparich was really really cool
see what we did to the table!!

Go to Papparich's Website to see the list of Papparich Outlets

Hang Gai around The Street...

Thanks to a man who volunteered to take a photo for us....
He came to me and asked me whether we want to take a photo
so I didn't think much and gave him the camera
and the next second I froze there and realize I'M GIVING HIM MY BROTHER'S DSLR
but the next second, this really cute and "guai-zai" look boy was beside him and I assume he's his son...
right then only I let go my hand....LOL!!

Oh My Goodness, this place is eff-ing crowded!!
Exactly like SS2's Murni, It's just the Deco of the restaurant is abit more "high-class"

I don't know what the heck happened that day?
The Maggie Goreng was like Tsunami Disaster
I don't know how much salt they put
or maybe they put 2 packets of the seasoning onto it...
but what can you expect when you're having a maggie goreng that costs 3 bucks which is eff-ing cheap?
That's the awesome thing about Murni, CHEAP, CHEAP AND SO SO CHEAP!

3 Layered Tea
OhMyGosh it's my favorite drink, but the last time I drank it was in JB
I'm gonna go to Murni more often just to drink this LOL!!

Teh O Limau
another all-time favorite
and ohmygoodness this huge glass of teh o limau costs 2 bucks oni??


We tried other food like their Fried Rice and Chicken Chop etc etc
It's nice but the portion is so big that we can't finish it!!

Murni Discovery
Jalan PJU 1/3B
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Random Photo :
Went to the Subang's Airport to fetch my mom back from JB
It was my first time there (yes this girl never had her ass on a plane before)...
According to Daddy it's MAS and Firefly's domestic flights terminal
but OMG this place is so much better than LCCT
Sometimes it's hard to believe LCCT is an airport after seeing KLIA and Subang Airport
I mean, LCCT looks, i don't know, "low class" maybe?
yea it's low cost airline right? what the hell am I crapping about?
See how amazed my dad is, watching at the screen which shows where the air buses are...

OKay, Lame Post for the Day
Campfire's coming.....gotta build up some confidence!!!
See Ya!

Monday, August 16, 2010


I had the one of the best days in Form 5 last Saturday
hehe..... It's 联欢会 baybeh!!!!!! Apparently known as Chinese Society's Installation....LOL
Okay maybe I should use Chinese in this post, but I changed my mind after I was stuck with the 1st sentence for 10 seconds....
Yes, it was the best 联欢会 ever!!! Had loads of fun, and this year is more memorable bcoz we - the seniors a.k.a the old ones - are stepping down...
I thought the event was just gonna be like any other year, but the fact is, it was more emotional and things are crazier...

before I start : My lovely Juniors, I love you you you!!!!

1 & 3. The opening ceremony of the event...
instead of cutting ribbons, they let all the guests poke a balloon and TA-DAH!!!
2. Our beloved President, Jin Chuen 郑谨谦's speech, I know the 蜘蛛精 very annoying...
4. Modern dance by Ori-Ori Crew (forgive me if the group name is wrong)

There was games and other performances by our awesome Singing Competition Winners like Wey Yinn and WeiShuen...but we had to prepare our dance so we left after the games....
The games were, pretty much CHEATING-BASED games...
had loads of fun cheating... LOL!

hehe...Backstage Poser Moments....I was insanely a POSER that day and so does others! Yes, the guys invaded the girls' performer's room...LOL

Before The performance, My hands were shaking, I mean really really shaking. I've never been that nervous before, not even when I sing. We were calming each other down but yet feeling so gan-jiong at the same time. We even sang, just to calm our nerves LOL, then I realize all these happened because this performance is something important to us. It's our effort, our teamwork, and our friendship. It's for our beloved juniors, our awesome seniors and also our teachers. This is the last day we call ourselves b.o.d's. Yea, I seriously didn''t want to screw this moment. 
But, still i made I few mistakes LOL, you'll know what i meant when the video's up... =)

And next, we had presents-exchange ceremony between the new b.o.d and outgoing b.o.d. and the juniors sang a song for us, 你们是我的星光。

Throughout the whole song, memories were flooding in my head. 
All the times we sat down and think about our activities, 
All the times when we accidentally LAUGHED TOO LOUD during a meeting and others started shoo-ing us...
All the crazy talks during b.o.d meeting...
All the moments when we suddenly burst into a random song or a laughter...
I really didn't know how much I love Chinese Society's B.O.D until the moment they sing this song.

Sorry for the LD-ness...

Helped the juniors to clean up after the event.
Well at first we were reluctant to clean up coz we've done enough of all these in the past few years and in fact we retired. But after all the things the junior did for us.....we were super-super helpful LOL!!

The Presents from the juniors
They are seriously trying to make me fatter. Hello? Buy more for yourselves la kay? You guys are all so SKINNY!!!!! Eat more Chocolates PLEASE??


That's the song that we sang for the juniors at the end of the day LOL!!

Thanks for everything you guys did...
联欢会 was the best gift you guys can ever make for us!! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Starbucks have the lamest story for you at Facebook!!!!

Just came back from Sunway University College after submitting my A-levels Scholarship Form
My dad thought I would take a long time so he went to get a parking but actually I was already done before her got out of the car. Then it turned out that we have to pay the parking ticket at the Autopay Station.

Bloody Hell, it costs 2 bucks!!! What the hell? don't you have Grace Period or something?? LOL

Anyways, there's nothing much for today
so I would just share this lame story from Starbucks :

The Starbucks Coffee Jelly Summer Adventure :

I joined the Starbucks Malaysia page and then I saw this Promo thingy for the New Coffee Jelly. So i thought they are having some test-drinking session like last time. So I clicked and they asked questions like :

Where's your fave place in Malaysia?

What's your 2 best friend's name?
Fiona, Sook Ven

Where's your Favourite Starbucks Store
SS2 (I wanted to answer 1u but it's not there)

Which is your fave drink?

What's your fave number?

there's more but i forgot...

anyways the next thing I was looking at was the lamest story I've ever read LOL!!!

I do hope that I could clear a line with that way! OMG I really want Starbucks now. Fiona and Sook, where are you?? Let's go Starbucks together!!!

Anyways, like Starbucks Malaysia!!!

Love Nuffnang


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