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Monday, March 29, 2010

March out of March!!

March is coming to an end
And it was one of my busiest months
I would just do a short recap of everything that happened...

5th of March : Our school's Hamper Day! "It's better to give than receiving."

8th of March : There was Canteen Day, which I had a super-stress pre-event trauma

13th of March : Interact visits Joyhaven
It was my first time visiting a old folks' home without my parents...
And I had really learned so much about life
All these gong gong and po po's are so nice and they've always been optimistic about life.
We cleaned the place for them, played music for them, talked with them.
They shared so many things with us
we even talked about Mahjong skills (something that u must ask from the elder ones!)

My dear granpa's and grandma's, I'll miss you...

The thought of them leaving the world makes me cry now
and it made me realize that My Parents and My Granparents are so important to me.
I love you all!!

The eldest lady in Joyhaven
She's over a hundred years old now and she's still able to talk to us!

hmm.... random photo :
The baby tiger outfit that I bought for my Piano teacher's newborn baby.
I think I really indulge in buying baby clothes...
Hope I'll have a nephew or niece soon!!

14th of March : Facon Education Fair @ KLCC
Went to KLCC with my girlfriends to check out the Edu Fair
I know we're still too early to attend this event but this edu fair really is HUGE!!
Asked for all kinds of courses since I still don't know what I want to study in the future....
Argh.... I'm so lost!!
Anyways, we jalan-jalan-ed abit in KLCC after that
had loads of fun!!

See? Audrey indulging in the awesome taste of some blue mocktail
served by the Berjaya University College booth.

15th of March : CF Camp @ Peacehaven
School Holidays started!
It's SMKTS's Christian Fellowship Camp
It was my first time attending this camp and I didn't regret it at all.
I'd learned so many things about life and how to live a happy one with God's presence.
I teared a lot during this camp, every word and every melody seems to touch me.
And I felt that I was being brought back to God again after my faith had loosen up.
I really really realized that God had given me so many things
He gave me my loving and wonderful parents, he gave me so many awesome and helpful friends.
And I'd learned to appreciate my friends more, because I know they are doing the same too.

Thank You God, for bringing me to this Peace Heaven.

Friends that are forever...

20th of March : Granma's Bday
Went back to my dad's hometown on sat to celebrate my grandma's Bday
After the dinner, our whole family went to a Karaoke session for the first time!!
I must talk about this place coz it's so cool.
Kay, we went to Malacca's The Jetty
That place stretched from the seaside to the middle of the sea.
And it was an entertainment hot spot.
Got Arena Night Club (which was densely packed that night), then got Snooker and Pool Arena, Cyber Cafe, Snack Bars and Restaurants (including their sate celup!!) and of course The Go-Go Karaoke!!!!
Had loads of fun singing with my all-so-geng cousins!!

The Arena Night Club

Inside the KBox, Through my window
I can see the super beautiful sea view and the town centre of Malacca!

Hehe..My really cute and chubby cousin, Han Han.

That KBox was really huge.
It's 1.5 times of my class' size.

A better view of The Jetty, Malacca.

26th of March : Kem Muafakat
yes....the camp that we GG gang had been stressing about....
That camp was really awesome....
So much better than I thought!
I had loads of fun.
But jungle trekking was dying,
and I feel so proud now when I think back coz i managed to finish the whole course! (and got a leech bite)
I thought team spirit was filling the whole camp.
The form 6 seniors really helped a lot!!
Can't believe we actually pulled the camp together, yay!!
And my Malam Kebudayaan was kinda success....
happy. happy. Happy!!

Kem Muafakat
finally over....
can you see the smudges on the name tag
imagine how extreme it was!!

I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!!

Wow, it's another week
last week was a really hectic one
and I just came back from Kem Muafakat
anyways, It's Monday!!
Time for another Project Alpha Talk...

The Statements :
I love sharing my thoughts
I love blogging
I deeply think that blogging is something I can't live without everyday

hmm.... "What if now I tell you that you can be a star by doing what you like?"

I had always hoped that Genie or some really cute Angels will ask me that question.

okay, I don't mean that I want to be some very-very popular super-super star
But I thought having yourself known by the crowd, especially being popular in something that you love and committed simply means you've got some value isn't it??

I don't try really hard to make my blog post super interesting to attract others
but I hope to let others know what's going through my head
and I hope others will understand or maybe give me some comment about it...
that's why I find the words "Blogging" and "Blogger" are really cool!!

hmmm.... If I'm going to Audition as one of the featured bloggers in Project Alpha Show
I would never hesitate to showcase my interests or talents...
such as Photography, Dancing, Beauty
and also Singing!!
I thought singing would be one of my brightest talent to showcase
I tried really really hard to upload my singing videos on YouTube but somehow never once I succeeded....
I really want to share all my singing videos and listen to everyone's comment
especially now coz I'll be taking part in my school's singing competition...
which is going to happen next friday
and I don't really know what song to sing yet
I'll try to upload my video very soon
or maybe the audio recording at least
I really want to hear from you...

Next, Photography,
I don't think I'm talented but I really have the interest
One of the things that I'm grieving about these days is
I'll never get to enter the contest...
The dateline for the Nikon Photography Contest is this wed
and I haven't even print my photos yet
I guess there's no more hope

but I'll never stop taking photos coz it's really my passion

Hehe, My gadget babies...
Nikon D60
Canon IXUS 75
Sony Handycam DCR-SX40

hmm....guess I haven't posted anything about it yet....
well that's my new interest
I really love dancing now
and I'm attending Street Jazz class in Shall We Dance Studio
I guess me and my friends are gonna start our practices soon for Teachers' Day's performance.
I will try to share all the videos if I could

okay, that's something I can't stop talking about
I really have some kind of passion in cosmetics and skin care products
but of course I always watch my pocket when I buy these things...
so in the following months, beauty post might be reducing coz I don't have pennies to spend on beauty products
but I'll try to review a Mask every week since my cousin and I have this weekly mask routine =)

well that was what I thought that might attract readers' attention to read my blog
and make me a blog star

In conclusion, I'm just an ordinary girl living a filled and happy life, check out my blog to see the happenings in a teenager's life.

I will definitely try my best to fill my blog and achieve a higher "blog density" (posts per week)
and I will definitely work hard for the coming Audition for Project Alpha 3's featured blogger.

Again I want to remind you to catch the premiere of Project Alpha Season 2 on the 19th of April
Stay tuned people!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat

No Sweat

Clearly, Everybody wants it....


1. When you sweat, you'll look pathetic

2. It's definitely not a fashion trend to have dark tone prints at your underarm area.

3. Nobody wants to have "close and sticky relationship" with our clothes...

4. We simply do not want to be any of them in this picture!!

I know it's pretty hot and sexy to you when C.Ronaldo or Maria Sharapova is sweating...

But that's only what you see, isn't it??
Our nose is also a sensory organ right on our face.
And your nasal chemical receptors simply tells you to turn you head away right away after processing the "complex and unique" air chemical....

Sweating is definitely not a bad thing,
as it release the excess mineral salts, uric acid and excess water in your body (learned this from Bio class!!)
Makes your body healthier as all the toxic waste are being excreted....
If you're doing exercise, the more you sweat the better it seems (and you actually look hot when you sweat during exercise!)
But, I don't think anyone on earth wants our toxic waste to be pumped out during
1. A date with the guy/girl you like
2. A gathering with all your friends

3. A formal dinner

4. A job interview

etc etc...

It's not just about how you'll look, but also how you'll feel.....
Sweating during a date makes you wholly uncomfortable coz you'll be feeling the stickiness and the heat releasing from your body....
When you look uncomfortable, everyone else beside you might feel the same way too...

Basically I'm one of the sweat victim...
I sweat a lot, I mean really a lot,
like I had mention in Week 2's topic, I had too much waste in my body
so when I sweat, I feel really really weird,
I didn't want to walk closer to anyone and I was praying that no one will touch me, Especially My Back!
Nobody likes the sticky touch....

There was once,
I was told to enter a dodge ball tournament at the last minute,
so I didn't bring my PJK shirt (I'll never wear any T-shirt which is not black or white)
and of course I didn't bring my deodorant
Then my friend found me a t-shirt which is grey in color from one of my male classmate (I still don't know who owned the t-shirt)...
I immediately thought of the sweat I will stain on the shirt...
I was reluctant to wear that shirt
but our team will be disqualified if we don't have enough people
so I had no choice but to wear that grey shirt and play dodge ball
And yes, I didn't regret in participating the tournament, coz it was simply fun!!!!

And we manage to make it into the semi finals on the next day
But after the game... I felt really self-conscious....
You can see the wide, big and ugly dark patches....

It was everywhere....
And I was imagining what the guys will think if they see me... pai seh!!

Not even girls can bear the sight of it, let alone boys!!!
so yea....
right now....if I'm not mistaken
the shirt is still lying somewhere in my house (after washing it with extra detergent and softener)
I felt sorry for the owner and I don't have the guts to give it back to him...

Yea, It doesn't matter either a guy or a girl....
sweating is not a wholly-pleasant thing no matter where you are....
but now, you have good and efficient(like a sweatband) deodorants like Adidas

why should you let sweat ruin your perfect, free and fresh day??
Stay fresh all day with Adidas!

No Sweat, No Dread!!

Oh again....
Don't forget to watch the premiere of Project Alpha Season 2 on the 19th of April
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I know you guys must be waiting....

Oh I just know that they will be auditioning for season 3's featured blogger....
Don't hesitate to express yourself
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

CN Society.... Gardening

Short Post

I didn't blog for a week...
so I will just blog in short posts and let the photos tell you what happened....

Chinese Society organized a gardening meeting...
where all the members will help replanting the plants in our school compound...
Boys Gardening??

This was the funniest photo I captured on that day....

Stalked the volleyball boys after the meeting...
They were having the final game
and Red House won.... T.T
"Saya orang Ungu la"

My Favorite Surfing Spot

OMG..... I was bored till death without blogging for a week....
I know it's already friday but I still want to blog about the given topic by Project Alpha

So..... My Favorite Surfing Spot?

haha.. we're talking about net surfing...

Hmm..... The first image that flashed over my head is my house...

But when I think deeply, I wished it was somewhere else....

But in the end.... I think my home is still the best spot to Surfffff The net...

For convenience and comfort, I will choose my home...
Well I'm currently using a PC
so it's pretty much a put-off to share computers with others...
but I thought blogging in my home seems more "peaceful"

it gives me more space to think
and FYI, I have expressions on my face while I blog
1. I smile like an Idiot when I'm blogging happy stuff/memories

2. I laugh like some moron when I'm sharing a lame joke
3. I will cry abit when the new year is here (bcoz it means I'm older)
4. I will cry pretty much when I'm writing an emo post
5. I pout my lips when I didn't know what to blog about

yea... so if I were to blog in public....
The people around will be wondering
"Why in the world is this girl smiling to her own laptop?"
yea...very pai seh
and er.... I like to read others blog or check out others' facebook and I do watch a lot of videos from youtube....
and I would just simply laugh when I see something funny,
or I'll throw out bad words when I'm stunned or upset by some news, etc.
Imagine I'm surfing in McD....
whoa... I can't tahan to see my face....
It's gonna be ugly.....
haiya.... just very pai seh lorr....
so I will like it really much if no one is watching me =)

Blogging at my home is more comfortable as you have air cond, comfy chair, my fave drink, my delicious snack, my over-a-thousand-songs Music Library

and guess what? You don't need to pay for all these.... least not pay too much for all these...
and not all wi-fi shops can give you high speed surfing.... right??
Think about how much you spend if you are using wi-fi in Old Town White Coffee??
How much you will spend if you're surfing in Starbucks??

How much will you spend if you're surfing in Internet Cafe??
yea...basically you just pay for your IP and use it unlimited-ly!

but blogging at my home has one ultimate drawback....
my broadband line was giving me lotza trouble....
As u can see I didn't blog for almost a week....
and it's just because my Internet Provider was lousy....
I'm planning to change my IP to P1 Wimax....
I've heard pretty much positive reviews and no doubt on its high speed connection...
and It's wi-fi enable.... that means I can actually use my PSP to online when someone else is dominating the PC!!!!

One Really Good Thing about Wireless....
It's Wireless...
See how my comp wires are doing now??
"They are soooo close to each other!"

Oh.... I can't wait....
have to call my nearest P1 Wimax Authorised Reseller =)

The portable wireless USB modem
allows you to surf in everywhere....

For more details, check out P1 Wimax's Official Website

Oh.... Project Alpha's Season Premiere is getting closer....
Catch the first episode on Project Alpha's Website on the 19th of April

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Asian View of Cultural Differences

This is a poem that I read during today's English lesson
And I really want to share it coz it's dead true....

An Asian View of Cultural Differences
by Dr Mai Van Trang

We = East ; You = West

Line 2 -
We are always at rest You are always on the move

Line 5 -
We accept the world as it is You try to change it according to your blueprint.

Lines 8, 9 -
We delight to think about the meaning of life You delight in Physics
We believe in the freedom of silence You believe in the freedom of speech.

Lines 11 - 15
We marry first then love You love first then marry
Our marriage is the beginning of a love affair Your marriage is the happy end of romance
(Ours)It is an indissoluble bond (Yours)It is a contract
Our love is mute Your love is vocal
We try to conceal it from the world You delight in showing it to the world

Line 17
We are taught to cradle to want less and less You are urged each day to want more and more

Line 20, 21
In the sunset years of life
We renounce the world and prepare for the thereafter You retire to enjoy the fruits of your labour

I thought all these are so damn true....
This poem is definitely not offending anyone
It's quite objective
I doesn't mean any of us did anything wrong....
It's just our different way of walking through the journey of life

What do you think??

Love Nuffnang


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