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Monday, December 23, 2013

JB Cafe Hop: Just Want Coffee @ Taman Molek

Finally I get to try out one of the most recommended coffee bars in JB
I'd seen people share many photo of their coffee on Instagram and FB
Now my turn to do so hehe...

Just Want Coffee @ Taman Molek
Now known as Be Coffee
the exterior looks like...a place where members of Book Club will have their book sharing session haha
They use a lot of brown tones with warm lightings and also fairylights, wooden tables, comfy couches... looks like a place that belongs to Manhattan LOL
The moment you step into the shop, there's a sense of peacefulness and elegance and I couldn't help but to act-high-class put up my decent-face 
and then there's a sophisticated coffee bar situated right at the center of the shop, facing the main entrance...with lots of stainless steel machines and glass bottles and cups surrounding it. 
We picked a seat right next to a display shelf of different coffee brewing instruments...

Vintage-Newspaper-like menu
The photos in the menu are beautifully shot and there's interesting descriptions for every menu items
besides, it also includes explanations for different coffee blends and brewing methods so that Coffee Illiterate people like me can at least understand a bit of the art and science of Coffee hehe
You just wanna spend a few more minutes to read through the details of the menu

I know at specialty coffee bars like this, we should have tried black coffee with special brewing method but I'll just admit I'm nothing close to a coffee pro, just a girl who loves latte because of the awesome balance of milk and espresso. 

Rose Latte -- RM9.50
something special to me...
The coffee is very smooth with moderate bitterness, very mild acidity
But I'm a bit confused coz I couldn't taste or smell the scent of rose
I don't know whether it is meant to be very very mild
but of course, the rose flakes does give off a mild rose scent that combines well with the coffee aroma when it touches your tongue...
when it come to coffee, the aroma really matters to me, so I wish they could enhance the rose scent

Caramel Macchiato -- RM9.50 
smooth and light with the delicious drop of caramel that enhances the coffee flavor

Iced Matcha Latte -- RM12.00
very strong green tea scent, not too milky but still has a rich taste

Tiramisu -- RM13.90
their signature dessert
which taste very much like... extra-creamy ice cream!
The creamy texture goes well with the strong scent of coffee powder
it melts immediately on your tongue and the awesome flavor or coffee and cheese combines
doesn't feel too heavy, and we finished it in minutes...

Caramel Banana Mille Crepe -- RM9.50
our second dessert, i chose this dessert because I think something fruity will go well with coffee...
Love the smooth and light cream and the crepe layers are actually slightly crunchy

Happy girl enjoying her coffee 

I really love the ambience, it's very suitable for friends to hang out and complaint/talk about their lives after a long hectic day of work or studying.

Photo from

and Photo Credits to Vince :)

2, Jalan Molek 1/5C
Taman Molek 91100
Tel: 07-3503128

Jalan Jaya Putra 3/27 ,
Taman JP Perdana

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