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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

JB Cafe Hop: My LIBERICA Specialty Coffee @ Taman Molek

Third station of my cafe hop in JB
My Liberica specialty coffee @ Taman Molek
I would really call this a coffee shop because it seems like a place for coffee-elites to hang out at those high bar stools with beautiful and contemporary wooden and brown furnishings.
We went there in day time, stepping into the shop, it feels like people are there to have their daily dose of caffeine and also just talk in a slow and relaxed manner...
It's really amazing how different coffee shops give off a different feel. 

My Liberica is also known for its specialty in variety of coffee beverage. 
The company also plants its own coffee beans...
anyways, the cafe serves cakes and also teas aside from coffee. 

Hot Mocha -- RM9.00
Heavier and stronger bitter aftertaste 
both from coffee and cocoa
very smooth milky taste as well...

Mulberry Tea -- RM7.80

Iced Caramel Macchiato -- RM10.00
like this! Love the mildly sweet but very rich flavor of caramel

Tiramisu Coffee -- RM9.80
Just as the name suggest, liquid form tiramisu but of course, not cheesy
creamy and rich coffee flavor

Oreo Cheesecake -- RM7.50
nice! creamy texture with sweet crunchy base

Photo from
The first four seats from the left is exactly where we were seated at
To be plain honest, it felt a bit uneasy to sit there LOL
(probably the reason why we didn't take photos haha)
wished I can speak Coffee haha then I guess sitting at the bar would somehow seem cooler as you can actually talk to the barristas about your preferences and even ask for customized coffee

2nd visit:
Original Latte -- RM9.00

Rose Latte -- RM13.00
it's a taste i can never forget and hope I could go back for more.
Sweet and Bitter in both taste and aroma, great combination!

My Liberica
73,Jalan Molek 3/10,
Taman Molek, 


  1. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Hi, how far is this place from ksl mall? It was a great review;)

    1. I'm sorry that I didn't reply your comment earlier.
      I'm not exactly a JB-ian, but I remember the distance is around 10-15 minutes drive.

    2. With good traffic it should take roughly 15-20 minutes from KSL Mall. However, I highly recommend this cafe, it's definitely worth the trip there!


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