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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Papajohn's Pizza @ Tropicana City Mall

Pizza time!! Where's PapaJohn????

Papajohn's @ Tropicana City Mall

Cheese, thincrust, tomatoes, meat loaf and black olives!! had a super duper full pizza dinner. Don't be surprised, 3 girls finished all the food below. There's no trace left at all!!! Hehe..we were kinda late that day, so the restaurant was kind of crowded due to the buka puasa hour. Do come earlier if you do not wish to wait.

So Daphney has a BCard voucher which allows you to buy two 9 inch pizzas with only RM22. Kind of like half price larr...(Original price of 9" pizza -- RM22.90) So we ordered two and decided to make it four halves hehe...So we tried four flavors of pizza!! Syok nehhh

Top/Left -- Super Papa
The classic combination of meat and also veggies like olive, mushroom and pepper
Everything is so crunchy!!
Bottom/Right -- All The Meats
just like the name suggests, all kinds of meats!!
it's our favorite among the four
The superb taste of sausages, beef strips, pepperoni...different texture with different taste but they all taste so good together with cheese! Like!!

Left : BBQ Chicken and Beef
the bbq sauce is abit distracting haha, can't taste anything else...
but I love the thin crust and cheesy texture..
Right : Pepperoni
The all time favorite larr....nothing can go wrong with those little round slice of meat hehe...
Their wan is like super crispy on the edge, it's like some kind of keropok haha..

Cheesesticks -- RM7.50
Thumbs up, it's like cheesy version of garlic bread. Very crispy on the sides while the center is very chewy. When you chew it, the cheese  and bread's aroma slowly comes out. Very nice!
Too bad they didn't have their sauce on that day :(

Chicken Alfredo Pasta -- RM12.90
Very creamy, but not the cheesy type and not as sticky as carbonara. Very mild taste of mushrooms and chicken. Okay lorr, nothing special...

By the way, we ordered a Jug of Mountain Dew which is only RM6.90
quite cheap lerrr!!

Feasting muahahahha

Ping Pong Bats after we cleared everything hehe...

and some selcas :D

I would recommend their All the Meat Pizza with Thin Crust!! and their Cheesesticks is a MUST TRY!

Papa John's 
Lot G-07, Tropicana City Mall,
No, 3 Jalan SS20/27,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03 - 7727 7272

Business Hours
Mon - Sun
10:00am - 10:00pm

Go to Papa John's website to see the full list of outlets :

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