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Thursday, June 21, 2007

2day morning......we had marching.....
it was super super hot!!
i meant the sun!!
the form twos were like taking pics.....
and we din really talk to da form ones......
but at least i belanja them some mentos......=)
then i went home.
took a bath and i'm rushing for my sejarah notes.
but i'm still watching princess hours.
then i went to school.
we had a briefing for the aerospace exhibition.
we didn't really listen to it.
then, they had saingan.
The whole class was like sticking to the windows.
well, i didn't see any purple house member won.
sad =(
but i'm really impressed with my friend-Han Rui
she took part in 1500m,
and she's like running so fast,
her stamina damn 'geng' man.
When it was almost the end,
she slowed down,
and one girl catched up, we were like 'go faster hanrui!!'
but in the end we only know the girl was slower than her 1 lap.
we thought hanrui is gonna lose.
Then, they had other saingan........
well, tomorrow i have marching practice again.
i didn't practice my piano these days.
sure gonna die.
bless me!!

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