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Monday, May 19, 2008


erm......i noe it's a bit late to say this.......
exam ended last friday so.......yes.....happy.....
but duno y, maybe i really studied in diz exam,
i'm still in exam mood weih,
science questions are always in my mind......
oh god, can i get rid of diz??
i celebrated mother's day, my dad n my brother's bday on friday,
haha....all in one, my dad's bday n mother's day was earlier of course,
but bcoz of exam din get 2 celebrate.........
n my brother's bday is on wednesday. 21st of May!!
we ate japanese food on dat nite n it was so delicious!!
Holidays are coming!!
i'm gonna be out 4 da 1st week
i'm going 2 cameron high with my cousins,
loooooooooooooooooooooong time din go edi,
den i'm gonna follow my cousins to their house, johor bahru,
juz gonna stay there for 4 days i think......
hehe, can go there shopping n eat good food!!
n so sad i cant go 4 chinese society's b.o.d trip!!
they r goin 2 genting for 2 days,
i din ask my mom, coz she sure say tak boleh 1,
plus i hav 2 go to my cousin's house rite.......
n they din really plan da trip's gonna be wasting MONEY,
y nt i jus go 4 a free trip(sponsered by my uncle...haha),
n i went genting for like.....duno how many times edi,
n i think i'm gonna go at least once at d end of the year,
if i'm going wif my cousins again, haha, free trip summore =)
anywayz........hope they will enjoy da trip!!

for those whose birthday is in the month of May

Happy Birthday!

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