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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Went back to hometown for my grandfather's (sort-of) memorial...
as usual, had to deal with loads of smoke from the incense sticks
but at least it's the last time =)
and my cousins officially BUKA PUASA edi - okay, not buka puasa, "buka vegetarian" would be the right word - after 7x7 = 49 days of vegetarian lifestyle
yea....ate loads of good food, gonna be super super fat....

Well 28th of OCT was my little cousin sister's bday
and there was Chocolate Cake -- FAT

Happy Bday dear!!!

Then the next night, went to this uber cool Chinese Restaurant call Peking Restaurant
The food was like super nice
we ate Peking Duck, some kind of Pork Ribs, Tofu and lotz's just super delicious....and and...FAT
Some random photos that simply proves that we're cousins lol!!
This is Baby Milo gang

This is Black and White gang, (we both have striped pants LOL!!)

Bunny Gang

Mentally retarded bunny

Discovered something in my cousin's house
The New Xperia X10 Mini!!!!!
Which is endorsed by CN BLUE!!!!
it's sooooo damn cute weih
sorry, blur image

My Breakfast on the Last Day!!
Mantau and Curry Chicken and Teh C *Thumbs up

My cousin gave me tonnes of chocolates
as if I'm not fat enough...
Had Kinder Bueno, Kit Kat, Smarties, Ferero Rocher, and some kinda of chocolate potato chips....
I think I'm super duper FAT now.....

anyways, random post =)

owh owh
had a pretty nice bday yesterday,
many friends wished me in person (which I'm very happy of)
Thank You soooo much LOL!!

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