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Sunday, January 22, 2012

went last minute shopping just now, and finally, GOT some CNY Feel edi :D
bought loads of junk food that will be with accompanying me in my house throughout this CNY - a CNY without relatives, without mahjong and cards, without yummy dishes from my aunts....:(
but nvm, i still have my family :D and the tv, and my thick stack of books LOL

i dunno what to say now....all i know is I should study but I dont feel like doing it :(
and the second thing i know is, it's Chinese New Year and I don't feel like it is...
saw beautiful red lights around the neighbourhood....but seriously, no mood....
didn't performed well in my exams, now I can only put my hope on the last 3 papers...
the hardest three papers....
and today, all the special CNY shows started airing, and they are NOT VERY HELPFUL with my studies haha

anyways.....Just wanna wish my friends Happy Dragon New Year, I'll be back to "Excited State" very very soon, after being "knocked out" by exams to a Lower (not Higher) Energy Level.
(okay, this shows how much I cared about my SCREWED UP Physics Unit 2 paper, argh!!!!!)

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