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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

USS Halloween Horror Nights 4

wahhhhh die liao my blog like stagnant water now...
Kay time to release the crocodile and restore the current. :P

Well the reason I wanna do this post now is,
I wanna strike the iron while it's hot heheh
It was such a great experience that I wish people can still go for it even though there's only 2 more days.

Yeap, I'm talking about the annual anticipated highlight in Universal Studios Singapore --
The Halloween Horror Nights 4. 

Thanks to NTU's Igave, we bought tickets at special price of $50 instead of the usual $68 and we had $10 Meal voucher as well. It was a fun-filled night. Fear, thrill, craze, laughter, scream, yummy, everything you can fit into the "unforgettable" picture.

Will just quickly share with you guys how the whole event went and how we manage to make the best our of our trip.

So it was a Thursday night, yes, I was surprised they actually have HHN on a normal Thursday. I guess we were smart to pick Thursday, coz the crowd was really really much less and I would say, compare to other friends who have been to HHN4, we probably had the best---FULL experience since the crowd is significantly less and we had more time to experience all the attractions.

So we reached Vicocity around 6.30pm and walked towards Sentosa and reach around 6.50pm. There were people lining up already. Feeling excited as ever...The gates were opened at around 7.10pm.

Before Dark

At the entrance, and they decided to make a ghost face outta me :(

Opening: The Scaremony by the Minister of Evil
The moment I stepped in, my jaw dropped because the whole Hollywood Boulevard was shadowed in mysterious purple and lit up with gleaming red street lights. It's totally different from my previous visits. We gathered in front of the Hollywood Boulevard stage, and the scene immediately set in. Protesters showing their anger, news reporters with an urgent tone. All the "protesters" are Ang-Mos though. Then after some wait, the Minister of Evil arrives, with his bulky military suit, looking rather human except the way he fearlessly marches to the stage. Then you have the drama coming up, people demanding him to step down. LOL How was he elected into office in the first place? Anyways then some furious assassin shot the Minister in the chest twice. This was quite cool, coz they actually had stunt actors stand-by at the one of the shop lot at Hollywood Boulevard. It did felt like we're part of the protest coz everything is happening right before your eyes instead of just on the stage. The the climax comes, the Minister rose again and set those who go against him on fire, like literally.  That instantly created a surge of fear and excitement among the visitors. Then the Minister shows us his true identity and soars into the air. I suppose he's declaring evilness take-over. I still wonder how he can change immediately from his normal face to the demon face....

So yeap that's the awesome opening ceremony and the entrance to the park was officially opened. To avoid long queue lines, we ran, like really ran. We rushed all the way to Jurassic park, passing by Madagascar and Far Far Away. Before we could catch our breath, we entered the first scare zone -- Scary Tales. 

The sequence of our visits. 

1. Scary Tales
I swear it was freaking scary. Coz we were still trying to steady our breath but the moment we stepped in, we were bombarded with all the scare actors, hiding at the corners. I shouted all the way. And yes, to reach the furthest and also most queued haunted house -- THE L.A.B, we must go through this outdoor haunted house. To be honest I didn't really catch the details of the scare actors, bcoz my senses were super messed up from all the running, sweating, panting and screaming. All I can remember is, there were lots of scare actors, and lots of jump-scare. Which is why I call it an outdoor haunted house. And I realized I missed the deranged Rapunzel, which is the highlight of this scarezone. But I really enjoyed this one, coz it's all in the dark, and being a scare zone, you have more space to move around, so you can't really expect where the jumpscares will come. And outdoor darkness is certainly more frightening. 

2. The L.A.B 
Creepy and gross. Well the effects are quite amazing since there's lots of props and make-up. It's all so weird and gross. Not many jumpscares, but quite a lot of those "creatures" staring and trying to get their hands on you (which of course they cant) The effect was there, but it wasn't psychologically traumatizing since aliens don't really exist and it can hardly haunt your dreams at night. By the way we were quick to reach there, so the wait time was less than 5 minutes, which gave us no time to prepare ourselves before entering haha...  

After going through our first haunted house and first scarezone, I screamed so much and could hardly catch my breath. But brave enough, all of us rushed straight towards the next Haunted house which is just few minutes away from Scary Tales entrance. The entrance leads into the Jurassic Park queue area, and the queue was long!! Now I understand why all the tips from internet suggest us to clear this house first. But it wasnt really long, around 20 minutes wait. The entrance of the haunted house was the best among all. My hair was already standing when I saw the lady ghost, seating quietly outside the military camp, with few victims beneath her. Well inside, it's not as scary as thought. Lots of jumpscares from all the army boys. It's was quite brightly lit so I guess that's why it's not that scary afterall. I think the only part that made me cringe abit was the shooting range with all the fake-dead bodies, blood spattering, the sound effect was good. I ducked my head when I heard all the gunshots. 

4. Canyon of the Cursed. 
Moving on to our last 2 haunted house, we gotta pass by this ancient scarezone. I actually love the setting of this zone. If it's a haunted house I would have freaked out. I guess I have a fear for ancient stuff. At this scarezone, there's lot of scary looking cowboys, bloodshed ladies with ancient gowns. Some demonic creatures and also red indians. Reminds me of how I got scared by Sunway Lagoon's Red Indian mascot, he's not suppose to be scary in the first place. Anyway, yea, there's horse carriages, old tents, with all the deceased inside, either in full shape or in pieces...Very exotic I would say. I was quite scared at first, but we passed through this scarezone for who knows how many times since this is like the central place, got immune to it after all. Anyways, I really like this one!

6. Jing's Revenge
We went for Transformer Ride coz the wait time is only 5 minutes. Then move towards my most anticipated haunted house, Jing's revenge. Yes school's always the best place to tell a scary tale. Waited for around 20 minutes. Love the entrance, it looks like those really old school from my mother's time. But the fear starts the moment we saw Jing's apparition right at the entrance. The moment we enter, she's there as well. Then the whole experience was scary and interesting at the same time coz we felt so familiar with all the scenes. The classroom, the PE room, the lab, the library. All with strange souls wandering, and lots of jumpscares, and they are at close proximity. The best scene, was definitely the toilet. I cursed the moment I saw the toilet coz it look so freaking real and it's the same toilet you will see when you camp in school at night. I think i imagined water dripping sounds when I walked through. The toilet was both gross and haunted. If they added the smell element, I think a lot of people will puke over there haha...Anyway, erm, really like the fact that haunted house is something very close to our memories, gives a twist and our imaginations ran wilder compared to other houses, more fear rooting in our heads. But I hope the story line can be better larrr...maybe at least tell us, how Jing died? and how she was bullied?

7. Demoncracy
The representative scarezone for this year. Since the theme is Minister of Evil. So the scarezone pretty much shows what happens when evil takes over. Maybe the phrase "All hells break loose" says it all. Demons everywhere, destruction, fire, slaughtering, walking dead. We watched the Demoncracy street show in front of the library as well. It's a stunt show with all the acrobatics act. When the street gets crowded, the demons and ghosts are just too busy taking photos with visitors. It would be good if you walk this scarezone during the last hour, when there's less people and it really does feel like some post-apocalyptic scene.   

8. Jack's 3-Dementia
The must-go attraction this year!! The 3-D effects are amazing!! It's not really scary or creepy since the place it's brightly lit, but it really does play a game in your head and messes with your sanity. Totally explained the name of the house. Instead of creepy, it's really giving you the traumatizing sense of going out of your mind, feeling deranged as you see all the surreal and messy images floating in your head and you can't get hold of what's real. The clowns are really beautiful, not many jumpscares actually.It's really the 3-D effects that's doing all the mind-blowing things. Glad that they have this kind of element! Thumbs up for this one. The bridge was the best, I was totally fooled, and couldn't walk straight.

9. Bogeyman
Another outdoor haunted house instead of scarezone. We had to wait for the crew's signal before entering. Wasn't expecting it to be a haunted house so we were pretty much freaked out with the entrance. There's a strange lady at the entrance, then we had to pass through curtains of white dresses and robes that obscure your vision. Then it's a dark and cold alley, with scarecrows and wardrobes everywhere. It had the vintage concept as well. Lots of jumpscares from the wardrobes. The deceased roam around, some without eyes... Really creepy coz this one was more of a quiet type of haunted house compared to others. I like the ending though, there's an uncle that tells you to keep quiet and leave and his like shining the torchlight on his face. Really like the ending to this, coz it feels like the story will continue...


Had our dinner at Loui NY Pizza Parlor which is at New York. Love this place!! It's like those really vintage concept restaurant, with dark maroon and dark green walls and stripes. The best part is, we had a really wholesome meal. It was kinda cool dining over here, coz the Demoncracy scarezone is right outside. It's like dining in a peace heaven while you see the rest of the world burns outside. 
Thanks to the meal voucher, we ordered 2 Family Combo at $59.90 each combo. Each combo consist of a 20-inch pizza, 4 drinks, 2 cheesecakes, and 2 soup which caters to 6 pax. We ordered Hawaian Chicken and Rendang Chicken flavor and they taste awesome mannn, especially in a place like USS. It's good food!


After that we spent our time going to all the main attractions of Universal Studios Singapore. Yeap we were super early and the time left was well spent on all these main attractions.  
1. The Revenge of the Mummy (3 rides)
2. Madagascar, The Crate Adeventure
3. The Shrek 4D
4. Transformers The Ride. (2 rides)
5. Accelerator -- My first time actually coz I thought it's too kiddish, but turns out it's actually very thrilling, super high speed version of teacups!
They are still awesome as ever. Still screamed so bad when I took the frontseat of Mummy Ride. 
Read my previous post if you want to know more. 

We watched the last show of Jack's Nightmare Circus. 
Our friends say this is another MUST-SEE attraction of HHN4. I hate clowns but this one wasn't as creepy as I thought, in fact very funny as well. It's not meant to be scary anyway. Love the dance and drama. Plus all the jaw-dropping stunts. It really is a circus. I was just sitting back and relax, enjoying the amazing show! It's great that they link elements like clowns, circus and terrifying stunts, so that it actually complements the whole idea of HHN4. Thumbs up!

Overall, it was a loads of fun and fear. Well I would say the haunted houses and scare zones are not as scary as I imagined, I define scary as frightening experience that leaves you looking behind every 2 seconds for at least another 2 weeks after the event. I believe it's because we went into the haunted houses in groups, knowing that so many people was with you, you can hardly recall the experience as some paranormal situation since it hardly convince you that those things are real.

But the visual effect was stunning and impressive. The costumes, soundeffect, actors, storyline and props, everything was well coordinated to give you an in-depth and complete experience. And all the out-of-this-world ideas like Demon Streets, Wardrobe Ghost, Military Torture, Dark Tales and Ancient War, experiencing all these in one night, not worth it you tell me?

 Plus we went to other attractions as well, which pretty much worth 3 quarters of the usual USS Day pass!!

So please if you haven't go, please go!! There's 2 more nights.
Or aim to join next year's HHN5!

Some tips for you guys
1. Please run, the moment the scaremony ends. And go to the furthest Haunted houses (The LAB or MATI Camp)
2. It's either you rush for the haunted houses at the first 2 hours, or the last 2 hours, where the queue is significantly less. I prefer the first, and clear all the main attractions at the last 2 hours.
3. Check the showtimes for Jack's Nightmare Circus and Demoncracy's The Exorcism
4. Choose a non-peak day, like Thursday, or at least Friday.

5. If you're NTU student, please keep a lookout for deals. For us, our tickets comes with $10 meal voucher, which really solves the problem of expensive meal in USS. We only paid extra $2 each pax for the Pizza combo.

6. Bring fans coz it's quite hot and you my be sweating more from all the adrenaline rush. 

More photos from our trip:

Awesome memories with this bunch
Glad to have them on board coz they are just too funny. It's great to walk together, scream together and finally joke with each other haha...

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