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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Sugar Pantry @ Taman Molek, JB

Bon Appetit!
Yoohoo....back to after exam cafehop
Okay not exactly cafehop this time compared to last years'
Lil cousin brother is now in the states :( No one to drive us around for cafehop edi
Miss him...
Anyhow I was only back in JB for one night, just wanted to pay a visit to the elders and of course my cousins.

The Sugar Pantry 菓之堂 @Taman Molek, JB

Met up with the cousins and they decided to take me to a bakery/dessert cafe nearby their house, the ever bustling Taman Molek....This bakery serves French desserts and pastries that are rather unique and rare compared to usual coffee shops and neighbourhood bakery out there. Have been reading reviews about their first outlet in Permas Jaya. With the recent bursts of hipster cafes that majors in specialty coffee, it's been a while since we heard people rave about sweet desserts....unless it's extraordinary of course. I would say the plus point of The Sugar Pantry is their beautiful, special and delicious desserts.

When I first stepped in, it's hard to not have your eyes glued on the display counter. Well there weren't much choices (which I think is because they have just opened recently) as compared to the ones I'd seen from reviews of the Permas Jaya outlet, but the desserts are certainly beautifully decorated with much creativity and precision. Too bad I couldn't try all of them despite my ignorance to diabetes, and to be honest the price is not exactly affordable.  
The ground floor is the bakery while the first floor has seats for dine-in customers
We chose a seat right next to the window. 
The interior of the shop doesn't really look like French bakery though, more like Japanese bakery with a lot of light wood tones (like those in Pavillion Tokyo street)

I guess this outlet has a different concept to the one in Permas Jaya which is more western and has a signboard that looks like Tifanny and Co's 

La Pomme -- RM 11.90 (Left)
Instead of a cake, it's more like a bar of fruity sweetness
Pomme is actually apple and this treat has a very fruity taste with slight acidity from the apple which balances the sweet tasting cream...The layers are sort of like mousse with different texture
This something rather unique in my opinion
Paris Brest -- RM11.90 (Right)
This is yummy!!! It's something like fluffy and crunchy croissants stuffed with fresh and smooth chocolate cream!
Love the mild sugarry flavor and the blend of texture
Like Like

Latte -- RM9.50

Flatwhite -- RM9.50
Taste okay, smooth and milky...the coffee used don't really have a bitter aftertaste. 

Specialty Tea: Violet -- RM7.50
This is surprisingly nice...
The tea actually taste sweet and nope there's no sugar provided. Just an aromatic tea with sweet floral notes. But sorry I'm not expert enough to tell what flowers are used in the tea.

LOL what's dat face

The cafe has a lot of earth tones and check out the ceiling covered with draping cloths
the ground floor bakery is really spacious. There weren't much bread and pastries on display on that day... hope there will be more next time. 

In conclusion, I think The Sugar Pantry is a great place to have delicious, music-on-your-tongue kind of dessert. The cafe has a very calm and serene ambience unlike those hipster cafe nowadays, probably a more unique afternoon tea experience. 

The Sugar Pantry 菓之堂
47, Jalan Molek 1/9, 
Taman Molek
Johor Bahru

Check out more updates and location of the outlets on their FB page:

After having our afternoon tea, cousin brother had swimming class and we decided why not following him and become 陪游
Of course I don't mean follow him into the waters la...
Instead we just hang out and wander around the atas-looking clubhouse
and did some photoshoot haha...

Pretty right my cousin
No filter de lerrr

with the sister...
I had a badskin day emooo

The little cousin/dolphin

Macam yes...

So dats pretty much part 1 for my short stay at JB
Went dinner with the granma and aunt at night where they took us to the musical fountain that I mentioned in previous post...
Went back home, enjoyed TV in granma's room
and went to bed at 12am... 12 A.M I can't believe it haha....I forgot when was the last time I slept so early
Thanks to cousin brother's comfy bed, I had a really good sleep and it's like heaven really...
Grateful for this short escape.

Anyways small 插曲 here...skip this paragraph if you just wanna read about the food haha...
I left rather early in the morning, thinking I could reach earlier and spend more time at cousins home :Yes watching TV and lying down on a comfy bed in cousin's house is like heaven to me haha
So I took the bus, eager to cross the border. But FML I left my MY SIMcard in my room... well I was still in Pioneer when I realize it and I thought it wouldn't kill too much time to go back and grab it coz usually it takes at most half an hour for me to reach my room from Pioneer MRT. Staying positive, I took the bus back and as usual, I went down at the Hall 1 busstop, where I will walk from there instead of taking the bus for one whole loop to reach my hall's bus stop. and the moment I came down, FML it started raining, oops sorry POURING! So heavily raining that you really just can't walk through it plus the last thing I want is to fall sick while I'm at JB. Well the positive me told myself no worries, there should be a covered walkway to reach my hall. So I started walking and when I'm halfway through, FML again, the covered walkway was closed as there was renovations going on. Desperate to find a solution I was lucky to meet a friend and he too was heading out. I asked to borrow an umbrella from him but he can't lend me as he needs to go to his exam as well. haizzzz sadd....I tried to look around and see if I have any friends staying around the area but well with the limited amt of friends i have haha....luck is not on my side. What to do, FML I walked all the way back to the busstop and went through the stations in a loop to reach my hall. "fuhhh finally reach my hall, ok it's over...", My positive me reminded myself, and the moment I said this, FML the rain got smaller, like much MUCH SMALLER. Small enough for me to walk through it without any fuss... Yep all this...wasted around 2 hours of my life...But at least, some lessons learnt haha
Haizzz if I hasn't be so cheapskate to alight at the first bus stop but chose to stay in the bus until it reaches my hall.... I would have saved all the time and would have remained barely soaked. Alright I think the main lesson is....when luck is not on your side, things can get worse than you could ever expect. But hey, you just gotta stay positive coz there will always be an end to it. When it's over, you gonna think to yourself I actually survived it and it's not a big deal after all despite the constant urge to curse during the whole process. 

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