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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Movie Review: Minions

Bello!! Just gonna do a short review here...okay not exactly short 

It's worth sharing coz I really didn't expect the movie to be better than what I imagined.
Well I wanted to watch Jurassic World at first, but it was a rather last minute decision to catch a movie, so there weren't many seats left for JW's (ngeh ngeh wan use my initials haha) showtimes.
There weren't many choices left and Minions seems to be the next best thing on the list of movies. 

To be honest I really wasn't gonna pay to watch minions. One, it's animation, watching it at home should have the same effect. Second, I thought I watched the whole movie already from the trailers. Third, the story will confirm be cliche, the minions would be doing stupid stuffs, singing banana song and running around like idiots. 

Of course it's not totally out of expectation. Yes the story is still cliche haha, but I would say the reason for me to love this movie is really the "acting skills" of the minions. It's quite funny. Trust me, the way they play idiots and goofballs in the movie is really different from your usual comedy by real actors. I thought their signature minion acts in Despicable Me won't make me laugh anymore, but still, they succeeded! Okay spoiler here abit, this movie needs no subtitle!!!! hehe yeap everyone can understand Minion language for sure. Second reason would be the animations, it's really beautiful, all the characters actually have a very realistic feel. The story setting in London is also super real. 

What I don't really like is, the movie seems abit out of the Despicable Me picture despite being a prequel. I know they are making this movie for the sake of making another Minion box office hit. They did explain the minion's villain masters "portfolio", but still they didn't really explain why they like to follow villains. The story just begins with the "they-are-born-to-serve-the-most-despicable-masters and the story goes..." but again, Why????? sorry I can't get over this. At least they did explain why Gru became evil in Despicable Me. Okay la forgive my curiosity, probably not a question that needs to be answered haha. Anyways the movie is still not bad lar, good enough to make me laugh out loud. Owh not to forget, I love Sandra Bullock's voice as Scarlet!! Always a fan of her i'm-the-boss-so-don't-mess-with-me voice. 

Prepare yourself for loads of LOL moments and cuteness from our little yellow friends. Afterall, this is a movie for little kids to learn about courage and realizing dreams. Minions have their despicable dreams, so do us, just go and chase it. Even for adults, finding a cave may shelter you from danger, but you would never know what's outside and you will not get a chance to work hard for things you are passionate with. (unless your passion is sleeping and stay out of the world)

Er I don't think I need to write the Synopsis LOL
Coz you literally know the whole story from the movie trailer
Basically it shows you the story of 3 minions on their quest to find and serve their rightful despicable master and find meaning in their lives once again!

Oh another thing I like, I think it's good that the story centered around 3 minions only. Which makes the story have a better focus and the different characters of the 3 minions shows a great chemistry among them. Love'em

By the way, it was my first time using my phone to buy movie tickets.
I bought the tickets while I'm on my way back to PJ, in the moving LRT!
Just realize how times changed and technology evolved (Okay I know this service existed long time ago) I bought a 8.30pm movie at 6.30pm, just with the touch of my fingertips. Plus I skipped the box office queue summore. Really recommend you guys to download this GSC app, buy tickets at anywhere anytime!

Read more about Minions at:

Gonna update again soon.

Papoy Bananas!!

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