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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Thinking of Food

In the middle of the class, with no intention to listen and hoping the lecturer doesn't catch me swiping my phone. 
Just a Sudden urge to post food pics. But damnnn this blogger app needs alot of improvement. Can't post large photos and limited tools. Urghhhh
Anyways, here's some yummy treats from my trip to JB in February. Will update on the shop details soon when I get hold of my laptop.

The Brew Orchestra 
Magic, Matcha Latte and Garden Salad

Atlas, Coffee Embassy 
Mocha (with impressive latte art, see the layers?)

Atlas, Coffee Embassy 
Blueberry Waffles

Atlas, Coffee Embassy 
Breakfast set: Sauteed Mushroom is heaven

Chicken Satay with ketupat

Mutton curry with rice

small reunion with cousins at Daiman 云華宫

Signing off with a zz photo 

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