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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Palladium Cafe @ Eco Spring (EcoWorld) JB

2nd day of my short trip back to JB. The cousins brought me to this pretty place called Eco Spring by Eco World. It's a newly developed residential area with a strong European influence on the architecture of its houses and landscape. The pretty homes with green lawns, calm rivers and blooming flowers around, it does feel like entering into another world. I was lucky to have the chance to join the Eurofest. It's like a mini theme park which allows you to see and experience Italy's many iconic buildings and monuments in one place. Pretty impressed with the effort they put into this, the replicas look beautiful and it's definitely an instrgrammable venue. With Free Admission, I don't see why you will not like this event haha. After strolling around the Eurofest, we visited the much raved Palladium Cafe with its signature glass house that gained immense popularity due to its resemblance to the one in Jay Chou's MV. 

Palladium Cafe @ Eco Spring Show Village, JB

Photo SPAM ahead, the Eurofest is just too good a place for photos hehe...

greeted by PISA leaning tower at the entrance. 

candid shot by Zack 

and that's what I was taking...
this place is just so pretty for any type of photos!

3D walls that look pretty realistic

and that's me, wondering when will I have the money to own one of those houses on the opposite side of the river. 

even the walkway looks good in photos haha

Palladium Cafe is just a short walk away. Different from other Palladium Cafes, this one in Eco Spring has a different layout instead of just a cafe in a glass house. In fact, the glass house you see in the first photo, was just a wall with no doors or whatever.

The cafe counter is behind the glass house-wall
There's air conditioned seating area and outdoor seats on the other side. 

The Cafe has coffee and cakes on its menu
We were just trying to quench our thirst from the hot weather so we ordered only drinks. 
Joining the Eurofest gave us 3 15% discount coupons to be used in Palladium Cafe

Rose Babycino -- RM 9
Love the fact that they used this beaker mug, syncs with their concept of Palladium 
This Rose Babycino was good, thanks to the delicious aroma of Rose syrup. 
We ordered an Iced Hazelnut Latte (RM14) as well, but it was too bitter and I can barely smell or taste any coffee aroma.

Anyways drinks aside, why you should totally visit here... the ambience. Check this out: 
Personally love the outdoor dining area
The surrounding greens, the spacious seats, there's fairylights hung over and Im sure it will look pretty at night 

You can pick one of these cubicles for a more private hang out

The rooftop dining area

I was initially disappointed when I found out that the cafe wasn't really a glass house. But now I really think the outdoor dining area is much more prettier and enjoyable. The coffee may not be superb but the ambience really makes it an awesome chill out place and bet you will update your instagram if you are here. Definitely gonna visit again some day, probably at night. 

Palladium Cafe
@Eco Spring JB
Jalan Jaya Putra 6, 
Taman Daya, 
81100 Tebrau, Johore, Malaysia

Just so you know there are other cafes operated by ECO World which has the same glass house: 
1. Palladium Cafe @ EcoSky, KL
2. Parque Cafe @ Eco Sanctuary, Selangor.
3. LAWN Cafe @ Eco Terraces, Penang

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