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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas coming!!

Went 1u today,
with mom,
shopped around,

there's so many people!!
nice deco in 1u.

quite cute and fantasy wasn't it??
The stairs are made of piano keys!!
haha, went to shop for my aunt's Christmas present,
i cant tell what is it now
in case my cousin sis saw this n tell my aunt.
bought a handbag, it's in blue!! haha.
at least i got something for Christmas,
bought 3 nail colors as well.
At Sasa,
Blue, Black and Red.
Then went to buy sushi,
so delicious!!
i put on weight AGAIN these days!!
really love eating larr.
i wonder y there's so many people that can eat a lot,
but they don't put on weight!!
for example : Esther Lee, and Goh Joyee
they r really slim and tall!!
n Joyee (form 1) is taller than me weih!!
maybe going 1u again,
with my brother,
he says he wants to buy a tie or something,
So, that's all for today. HappY ChrisTMaS!!

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