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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Month of December, The End of The Year

Merry Christmas!!
It's December. The last month of the year. It seems like time just rushed infront of my eyes. There's no way to stop it. What i'm happy about this month is, Christmas is coming!!!!! Yay!! Though i'm nt a Christian, but i still love this special day!! Lotza fun!! The Christmas songs, Presents, Deco, Candle Light, Games and Food!! So sad there's no Snow!! Can't wait to get Christmas presents. Dont know wat will my parents gimme for this year since they didn't gimme present last year. My Christmas wishlist has a length of ??? metres. So many things to own. Well, to me. As long as it is a present. It would be enough. Hehe. Still planning what to do during Christmas. Probaly going to somebody's showcase. Maybe going back to cousin's hse as well. A lot to do. I hope there will be a Perfect Christmas for me this year. Hey people out There!! Happy Christmas!! **

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