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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fullhouse @ Sunway Pyramid Review.....

Oh Gosh that place is just so pretty!!

Went Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid on Sat
well we wanted to have Sushi Zanmai for dinner but let me tell you it's impossible to get a seat without waiting for more than half an hour.
So went to Fullhouse and OMG that place looked so welcoming!!
It's a really pretty place to have a meal with your besties or your loved ones.

The interior is really really sweet and heartwarming.
It's basically all white in color, with those pretty chandeliers and warm lamps around.
Yea i think they are following the home-sweet-home concept.
Check out their Facebook page to have a better look!

Anyways let's talk about food now...
well I didn't know what's their special dish so I just ordered the basic - Pasta
oh I should mention their menu as well, it's like a mini magazine and it's just sooo adorable.
You can have a look on their facebook page.

Honeydew Drink - RM 7.90
Vince ordered this, nothing special.
Taste exactly like the RM3 bubble tea.
It's just the jug and the spoon (the wineglass one) that was cute.
But of course it's in a bigger quantity compared to RM3 bubble tea.
Took us more than an hour just to finish the drinks.

Passion fruit Green Tea - RM 4.90
I totally love this!! 
I really love green tea and this drink added a bit of twist to my fave drink and it tastes so much better. 
And it goes well with my spaghetti!
Really recommend this!!!!

My "Al-Funghi Spaghetti" - RM 14.90
It's mushrooms spaghetti la. Love mushrooms so I totally love this dish. It's butter based so the scent and flavor is pretty heavy.The smell of oyster mushroom was super strong and they added black pepper and chopped green chillies, so it's slightly spicy. <3 <3 <3
Vince's "Rosella Spaghetti" - RM 16.90
Tomato based. It tastes like seafood chowder to me. The spaghetti wasn't too hard or too soft, very nice to chew lol!! And there's sweet and yummy prawns too!! Love it!
One thing that I really like about this place is that you don't really have to wait long for the food but the food still taste nice. I know the price is slightly higher but honestly, who won't pay to eat yummy food in this beautiful and sweet environment. And it's like the best place to chit chat with your friends so we spent more than an hour just sitting there and chat and finish up our drink.

And another good thing - Awesome place to camwhore
with all the pretty settings and romantic lighting around...

Even the napkin is adorable!!

Sunway is not the only branch,
go to their website for the list of Fullhouse Cafe's

Went shopping later. I think I really love Sunway Pyramid now!!
 Bought these interesting stuffs at SaSa
Orange pads and Cucumber pads at RM4.90 each
Tried the orange pad on my cheeks and cucumber pads on my eyes. 
I was gonna put them in my mouth coz they look so adorable!!
Well, i think there isn't much effect on me, but my cheeks are slightly smoother  =)
On last friday....
Photo with our Guides' Teacher Advisors
Went back to school to have a short lunch with the Guides. 
Yea it's our last meeting in that year. Really hope that the girls will do much better next year. Gambatte!!!


  1. ooh i love the jar that they give the drink in! cool blog~

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