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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Studying @ Starbucks

Went to Starbucks @ 1u Old wing to study on Sunday
Just gonna share some photos that we took on that day =)

Caramel Macchiato rocks!!
 Caramel Latte (on the left) is nice too!

Went there to study sejarah. Things were going well at first but I started yawning after less than 2 hours. The sofa was like saying "sleep on me" and I really was gonna "fall for it".
Retarded photo

Cousie reading Cleo magazine
Thanks for sitting down with me for more than 4 hours....

The wi-fi in starbucks is actually pretty useful when you're studying lol!

Mentos in SourMix is something to keep you awake when your eye lids are heavy...

Despite the awesome environment, I think I wont be able to study in Starbucks that often.
Afterall I'm just a student, no point spending money on a cup of coffee that can actually buy you 2 model papers. =)

Random update =)

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