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Friday, May 27, 2011

Now the ice is melting.....

Thanks to them, College Life is SWE-EET!!

Yay Sem Break is here!!! Time to take a short break, I mean real short!! Coz exams will be right after sem break T.T's some precious moments to share :

Cynthia Lau, our A Star student + sweet girl, is leaving..... T.T
Had a short farewell session for her. 
Basically most of the S1103B people were there to farewell her....hehe Our Beta Spirit was BURNING!!!

Choco Swiss cake from Cake Sense
Looks good and taste yummy!! =)

Cute Friends.....Awesome companion!! :D

I know it's a bit late, but still...
Wish you all the best Cynthia, may God Bless You and Your studies!! You've been a really awesome friend in the short 2 months time. Chem lab will be so different without you T.T Surely, you are someone that I will never forget. Friends Forever <3

I shall stop saying college life is sien la...If it is SIEN, I wouldn't have been ignoring my blog for sooo long....
Now I'm trying to think in a POSITIVE WAY -- Busy is Lively
Whenever people ask me how's college? I use to answer in a pathetic tone, "Super a lot of work, damn tiring, seriously can die!" But now, i should add something : "I have super a lot of work, damn tiring, seriously can die, but still I SURVIVED!!! :D " And honestly I find myself having a good time when I'm telling people about what happened in my college, people in my college, projects in's been only 2 months but I felt like I can talk for years about the experiences in this period of time =)
Yea, I LOVE THIS LIFE, and the idea that this college life will end in one year simply makes me sad....
anyways....I will treasure every moment, every people and every homework from now on :D

Helpful Lab Partners

Fun Experiments

 Community Service....
College has a lot to offer after all.... :D

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