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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Needs Motivation to Play the Piano -- MPYO

Orchestra Buddies :D

Short Update : Went to the MPYO's (Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra) Chamber Concert on Monday with my darling high school buddies!!

This was my second time watching the MPYO's Chamber concert, last time was in 2009. And I remember how crazy I was back then after watching the performance. I played the piano a lot and I passed my exams that year!!
So I knew I had to go to this Concert, I definitely needed some motivation....

And I definitely needed to meet up with my old friends ;)

The performance was great! The pieces were really beautiful and awesome. Especially the ones that involved Piano hehee.... and also Clarinet. I miss playing clarinet man....  Miss those days in the band...
Anyways, here's a list :
Oh erm, this is the 1st time I see a Harp Performance in Orchestra
Harp is just.....beautiful. The melody and the tone is just nice :D
yea as usual, their final piece was something fun.
Travel Notes by R.R Bennett, 
the piece just translate the different situations in different vehicles into music. I can really SEE A PICTURE when they were playing, it's just awesome!!
This one is performed by the NUS Students.
Trust me, Live experience is still the best!!!!

Yea I guess the orchestra really did motivate me, all the musicians who performed were great and looking at them makes me feel that I suck in music. But they will definitely be role models to me. Wish i could be like them :D I played the piano for 2 hours in the morning, I guess that's a good thing right? since usually I can never sit in front of a piano for more than 10 minutes... 

One and a half week of hols gone.....
Seems like I didn't do any thing....
I was working last weekend in Tesco as promoter, selling carnation milk.
My AwesomE supervisor didn't tell me that I had to cook!!
But thanks to mommy's advice, I manage to cook yummy omelets :D
I am really broke now, so I might be working again this coming weekend....
but before that, I guess I have to stick to my piano 1st.... GTG ByE!!

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